Chapter 13

Thunderous roars filled the air around Lwanda. A majestic yet incredibly terrifying echo followed closely behind. Lwanda felt it, he felt it all. Whatever was coming wasn’t some half assed beast he could just brush through, a decisive battle was about to break out and only one would be left standing.

Lwanda’s legs shook, he was terrified beyond his mind. That roar he heard before, it seemed to do more than just cause a little inconvenience to his ears, it's like his psyche was broken into and a deep dread was left within. He couldn’t stop his legs from shaking, he couldn’t move one bit.


Loud footsteps were heard from directly opposite Lwanda, the beast was here. The once surreal environment seemed to have turned all so gloomy in an instant.


Lwanda's heart beat. He was way out of it now.

“What is this? What am I feeling? Is this fear?"

“No that isn't it? This feels different”

Lwanda thought to himself, he was feeling off, something wasn’t right. He'd know true horror in his life, mostly because of this place, this new world, but this felt different, it felt forced.

“Wait, that roar earlier, could it have?”

Lwanda thought back to the roar he heard earlier, the deafening roar. He thought back to how it made him feel, how he felt his sanity on the brink of collapse after hearing it.

“Could the roar do more than just intimidate?”

“Could it also be some kind of psyche attack?”

Lwanda thought to himself, in a world where lightning shot out of a crystal the idea was probably feasible. 'What weird creatures they have here’ Lwanda thought.


Lwanda gave himself a jolting slap, the pain quickly spread through his cheeks causing a wave of discomfort but it wasn’t enough. That wouldn’t do, he needed more pain in order to break out of that state of mind.


Lwanda gave himself more hearty slaps, with each excruciating slap he felt a little bit of his psyche break free, he could feel himself gaining his control back.

Lwanda clenched his staff, with his now stable legs he assumed a defensive stance. Whatever was about to pop out of the bushes before him was indeed terrifying he could feel it, but however he was already on this journey and he couldn’t stop now, he wasn’t going to let himself die now, not just yet.

“Come on, come at me !!”

Lwanda yelled.


The footsteps got closer by the second until they finally stopped. An uncomfortable silence broke through the entire place. The tension in the area rose, Lwanda could feel the fear raiding his body, he could taste it.


A growling sound could be heard, like a predator sizing up its pray.

“Damn it, I'm just food in your eyes, aren't I?”

Lwanda felt a wave of frustration overwhelm him, he felt pissed off that all his life and everything he’d amount to was reduced to just a stinking snack for some unknown creature. The rage slowly piled up until Lwanda couldn’t take it anymore.

“Well if you’re not going to attack, don’t mind me then"

“God rays !!!”

Lwanda unleashed one of his killer attacks. It was a large AOE attack, one that channeled the lighting from the crystal into the air before letting it drop like rays of sunlight covering a large area.

This move was perfect for his current situation, he couldn’t quit trace the exact location of the beast so this AOE move would definitely flash it out and if it happened to take damage during it then that’d a bonus.

Beams of lightning rained down on the entire place, leaving destruction in their wake, tree trunks were charred, the ground dented, brunches blasted off. The scent of burning wood filled the air as the attack continued to rampage.


Over the endless barrage a loud and terrifying roar was heard, it was the beast it had taken a direct hit from the god rays. This was it, Lwanda had finally flashed it out.

Lwanda pointed his staff towards the direction of the roar. He clenched his staff tightly and shouted …

“Lightning beam!!”

A fast and narrow beam of electricity shot out the crystal. The beam as narrow as a fist split through everything it touched, leaving only a perfect hole in the middle. This was another one of Lwanda’s attack moves, it involved condensing a lot of electric energy into a thin beam and unleashing it with extraordinary speed, the destructive power and speed it had wouldn’t leave much room for an opponent to react.



As the beam tore through the last bit of bushes before Lwanda, a large impact sound was heard followed by a devastating roar. His attack had landed. Lwanda felt relieved, he’d managed to land a blow, even though he knew that wasn’t enough to finish off the beast he was glad at least it would be injured started off the fight.

Lwanda looked dead on at the bushes before him waiting for a reaction, one second passed then ten.

“Wait, is it dea..”


A gust of wind blew towards Lwanda, he couldn’t make out the shape within but he felt something coming.

“Damn it, so fast can I even respond?”

Lwanda thought to himself.

“God ra..



A massive blow landed on Lwanda sending him flying meters back, he felt torturous as he crushed against trunk after trunk.


Lwanda coughed up blood, he could feel a sharp piercing pain from his left arm, he was pretty sure it was broken.


Lwanda finally landed on a trunk hard enough to stop his momentum. He slid down the trunk and sat by its base.




“Finally decided to grace me with your presence huh?”

Lwanda said as he looked at the beast before him. It was massive at least 15 feet tall, with black fur. It had bright red eyes with a set of pupils in each eye. The pupils seemed to move independent of each other, indicating that at any point the beast could cover four different angles. Its two upper canines had grown passed its lower jaw giving it the appearance of a sabre tooth cat from the stone age.


As the beast took a step towards Lwanda, he noticed its weird claws, the beast had a set of claws in each foot, one normal and the other like a set of sharp daggers implanted in. The second set of claws was massive and curved and they gave out a bright red radiant color, they looked dangerous, Lwanda could feel it.

It took him a while but he finally recognized the creature before him.

“You're a pan...”


Before Lwanda could finish his trail of thought the beast pounced towards him. Lwanda instinctively responded by diving out of the way.


The tree that he was leaning on was sliced cleanly into two.

Lwanda stared at this with his mouth wide agape, he'd severely underestimated the situation he was in, a fact he was beginning to regret.


The beast growled as it looked at Lwanda, ready for its next strike.

“You clearly have no intentions to joke around do you?”

Lwanda said as he took on an attack stance, holding his staff up with his one good arm. His aura changed, he was getting serious, the show was about to begin and he was finally taking up the mantle. With a fierce glow in his eyes Lwanda yelled out.

“Well come at me, you damn cat !!!!”


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