Chapter 4



“Damn it, did I pass out?”

Lwanda woke to find himself lying flat on the ground.

He felt an uncomfortable wetness everywhere around him, his whole body was soaked.

An uneasy feeling came upon him, he was getting really tired of this feeling, this reaction.

He'd not known a second of peace ever since this whole shit started, he was slowly running out of patience. He was tired of it, tired of having to worry about fatality every time he felt something was off.

He was at his limit, this was it. A sudden burst of rage slowly overtook Lwanda.

Why? why?”

Why did any of this have to happen and why to him, why not anyone else.

As Lwanda clenched the soaked ground, gently punching it, cursing his existence

A silent voice, almost a distant echo rang in his head.

“What do you desire?”

Startled, Lwanda looked around.

“What was that?”

His breathing quickened but he didn’t understand why?

What was this feeling? this unease?

And why did those words sound so familiar?

An overwhelming restlessness befell Lwanda, he couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow it was all connected and somehow all of this was his doing.

But why? Why would he be feeling responsible? And why would be put himself in such a situation? Nothing made sense. Nothing came to mind.

Lwanda lay there with a blank look on his face, distant, lost in thought.


Lwanda quickly pulled himself together, something was coming. Something was heading right for him. Knowing his luck, he was sure it wasn’t anything he’d like.


Lwanda said.

“The shadows, the faint shadows”

“They weren't a dream?”

His eyes widened, there was something else here. Something other than him.

That fact was obvious but still, he'd at least hoped.


“I have to hide”

This wasn’t the time to be laying around, he had to get up.


The sound was getting closer, heading right for him.

Just what could it be, the thought troubled Lwanda, he was barely holding on.

He was in no condition to do anything, especially if it turned out to be hostile.

Just what was coming towards him?

Lwanda desperately looked around, he needed a place to hide. He didn’t know what was coming

but he knew he couldn’t take any chances.

“Fuck everything was leveled”

Lwanda looked at his surrounding, everything had been leveled from the fall, there was no obvious place to hide.


“I'll hide in the eagle”

He marched through the blood-soaked ground. It was ironical that the very thing that once tried to kill him could actually end up saving his life. Well not that it mattered, anything would suffice at this point.

Lwanda lodged himself back between the eagle's wings, he hid himself well, only leaving a little space to peep out of.


The beasts finally emerged from the bushes.

Lwanda stared at them in disbelief.

“Just what is going on here?!”

He couldn’t believe it, he thought he’d seen it all after the eagle but this was something else.

“What is that?!”

He couldn’t quit figure it out, nothing made sense anymore, he could feel his head hurt.

He was having a hard time processing any of this. Just what exactly was going on?

**Squeak* Squeak**

The beasts came closer, sniffing, almost as if they were tracking his scent.

Lwanda looked again, you could see the strain in his eyes as he tried to make sense of it all.

“Isn't that a rat?”

“But what's with the size, and what is that tail?”

He looked at it again, the creature was at least 9feet long, its eyes were pitch-black. Its whiskers moved about as if they were conscious, the creature was weird in every way, but what surprised him the most was its tail. It was long and had spikes growing out of it and the tip was shaped like a massive club.

This was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. He could slowly feel himself losing his sanity the longer he stared at it.

** Squeak* Squeak**

The creatures looked up, they were looking straight at Lwanda.

“Damn, they found me”

** SQUEAK !!**

The rats dashed towards him.

“Damn it!!”

Lwanda tried to free himself from the eagle's wings, he was panicking, the longer he took the closer the rats came.

“Fuck I won't make it”

** Squeak * Squeak * Squeak **

The rats were upon him.

It was too late, he couldn’t get free in time. The eagle’s wings were too heavy and he’d lodged himself far too deep.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Lwanda cursed. He couldn’t accept this.

He couldn’t agree to this. After all he’d been through, after all the suffering.

After surviving the monstrous eagle, he was going to be done in by a rat.

“A fucking rat!!!”

Lwanda screamed, his pain echoed in the forest, he’d put all his soul in that scream.

He just couldn’t believe it, how could it end like this.

He lay there... still, waiting, looking.

The rats came closer, they were upon him.

Lwanda closed his eyes, he knew what was going to happen, but he refused to see it.

He wouldn’t give them that satisfaction.

He grit his teeth, waiting.

Tears trickled down his face, he was furious.

He just couldn’t believe it.

With all the strength he had in him Lwanda let out his final scream





**Bzzzt*Bzzzzt *Crackle*BZZZZZZZZT !!!**


Lwanda heard chilling cries, they sounded like they were in pain.

The foul scent of burning flesh reached his nose.

He quickly opened his eyes.

“Wait what?!”

He couldn’t believe it, the three rats were on the ground, frothing, burning, smoking.

“Another eagle ?!”

He looked around in panic but there was nothing there.

Lwanda climbed out of the eagle's wings, panicked, worried, just what the hell had happened.

There was nothing else around.

“What the hell?”

As he looked around, confused, a golden light caught his attention. It was coming from the eagle’s neck.

Lwanda stared at it, keenly.

“What the hell is that?”


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