Chapter 2.

Lwanda exchanged gazes with the monstrous eagle. He looked at it, deeply, keenly.

You'd think he could see right through it.

** Whoosh* Whoosh**

The giant beast flapped its wings, flying… almost hovering over the falling Lwanda.


The monster dove, its four wings tucked firmly by its side.

Determination in its flaring red crimson eyes. It dove, it drew near. It was coming.

Lwanda felt a cold shiver run down his spine.

“What should I do?”

Bellow him was the dark abyss, its mysteries he really didn’t care to explore.

So then above...? Was it better above?

The thought crossed his mind, better the devil you know and such, but no.

That wasn’t an option either. The beast of doom quickly drawing near him was proof of that.

“One strike, just one strike from that thing and I'm done for.”

The eagle’s thick scaled talons, their girth and what he could only assume to be a proportionate strength, he knew he would surely die if that thing hit him.

“What should I do? I don’t want to die, I can't die.”

“Not like this.”

With those words a flicker of hope filled his eyes, he didn’t know how and frankly he didn’t care.

All he knew was, he was going to make it out of this alive, definitely... maybe...


In one swift move the eagle closed the formerly massive distance between them.

There it was, so close, Lwanda could actually taste the fear raiding his body.

He didn’t think, he couldn’t think. Hesitating in that moment meant death and he couldn't afford to do that.

“Fuuuck Youuuu!!”

He screamed as he dove towards the ground. His arms tucked by his side, his body as streamline as possible.

“You might be a bird but you’re still bigger than me. If we’re talking air resistance, I have the advantage.”

Like a bullet he tore through the sky, gradually increasing the distance between him and what he had now deemed as a living calamity.


He heard the eagle’s scream behind him, he knew exactly what it meant, it was pissed. If it wasn’t serious before, well it sure would be now.

**Bzzzt* Crackle*Bzzzt**

Lwanda heard what sounded like an electric surge behind him.

“What now?”

He whispered under his breath as he rolled over to face the eagle, being extra careful to maintain the diving position.

“What?!! No way!! You've got to be kidding me!!”

The previously half normal eagle had now shattered every ounce of logic and reality he’d resigned to.

Coated with an enormous electric aura the eagle continued to dive after him. Numerous electric currents surged from its aura as if randomly attacking anything within the eagle's radius.


The surges were getting closer.

Lwanda thought of escaping, maybe he should dive faster? No, he still didn’t know what was waiting for him down there. He was already pushing his luck as it was.



A blood-curdling scream filled the air, something had just hit his body.

Anguish, despair, foam dripping from his mouth.

The attack continued.


Electric bombardment from the eagle. It was close, he was in its range.

In all that time he kept thinking, the eagle was only drawing near.

Everything seemed to be turning dark, he was losing consciousness.

“So, this is it huh?”

“This is how I go out?”

Tears trickled down his face, he looked up at the eagle.

Its electric aura was gone, it didn’t need it anymore. It's pray had been stunned and was still seizing right in front of it, maybe it was intelligent enough to understand restraint?

Well, none of that mattered to Lwanda, he was staring death in the face, the worst kind he could think of.

Every fibre in his body was still at it though, still fighting to stay alive. He didn’t want to die. What came after death? Darkness? Nothingness? Or was it heaven as his ancestors believed? Either way he wasn’t willing to find out.

“D... damn, st... stinking, bird.”

He mumbled, pushing every ounce of his will power to undo his stunned state. All he needed was to move, even if by a little. He just wanted to move.

Fighting the excruciating pain, he spread his arms and legs as wide as he could. He wanted to slow down, he needed to slow down. He had an idea, it was a gamble, but there was no other way.

What more could he loose, he was going to die anyway, so why not?

With his descending speed quickly reduced, he found himself side by side with the unexpecting eagle.

It gazed at him, expressing its confusion.

“Sucks when you don’t know what’s happening, doesn’t it?”

Lwanda smirked at the eagle before swiftly tilting his body left. He was heading right for it.

Shocked, it tried to swerve out of the way, but it was too late, he was already exactly where he needed to be.


The impact with the eagle’s wing was excruciating, but he didn’t have time to think about that now.

Fighting through the pain he quickly lodged himself between the eagle's wings.

“I can't match it in strength, but at least I can mess up its rhythm.”

With this, Lwanda clutched onto the two right wings of the eagle and pulled as hard as he could, fighting through the pain and despair he held on tight and pulled.

This was it, this was all he could do, a silent prayer, after this he had nothing else.



The eagle screamed, it was losing balance.

With its right wings out of sync, it desperately tried to compensate with its left but it was futile.

Seeing this, Lwanda’s resolve was steeled, he pulled even harder, this was it.

“Got you now you bastard.”



The excruciating pain was back. Large amounts of electric current surged through his body.

It was torture, he wanted it stop, he clenched his teeth. He refused to give in. He continued to hold on, he wasn’t about to let go, not now. Not when he was so close.

Blood trickled down his nose, his whole body was getting stiff, but still he held on refusing to give in.

“F..fuck *Bzzzt*” *Bzzzt*

He mumbled amid the continuous surges, still holding on, his arms on the verge of breaking.

This was far beyond his limit, but still he held on, he wasn’t going to stop not after all this.


There it was, what he had been waiting for. What he had suffered to see through.

The eagle had finally, completely lost its balance and rolled over.

Propelled by the air currents it continued to roll as it plummeted towards the ground.


It let out a cry but it was too late, there was nothing it could do now, with the wind continuously propelling its spin and Lwanda holding on to its wings, there wasn’t much it could to.

Their fates where tied.

“Let’s go to the abyss together, you asshole.”


Lwanda screamed, steeling his resolve once more, they had passed the top of the trees.

Still falling, still rolling, heading straight for the dark, what lay bellow was unknown.

Was it death? He couldn’t tell, all he knew was he was taking the eagle with him.






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