Psychic Magician

by Gomendan

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Betrayed by his most trusted, the most powerful psychic the galaxy has ever seen was banished from his original reality but was sent off course from the destination set by the traitors. Instead, he found himself surrounded by hooded figures and a crying girl.

Follow him as he tries to survive in a world governed not by science, but by the laws of magic and fantasy. He will meet oddballs, magicians, mages, witches, gods, the whole shebang! As stupid as it sounds to him, that was now his reality.


One chapter per week.

Length per chapter: 4k to 7k words 


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The way the MC acts isn't consistent with what is supposedly the requirements for his power.

From what I understand his power requires him to have at least some amount of intelligence and memory, yet from how he acts I'm fairly certain there are goldfish with better memory.

He says he needs to let his neural heat cool down (basically regenerate his power pool) but basically moments after he goes and makes a huge explosion in a relatively small fight he easily could have won silently, while knowing nothing about the power of anyone or anything around.

Disregarding the huge waste of power that explosion was, he could basically also alert everyone capable of boosting their sight, hearing or having other supernatural means of sensing things for who knows how far around. And this is while suspecting that his companions and therefore himself is wanted throughout the land.

Expect inconsistency in the MC's thoughts and actions.

And obviously if you didn't get it already, expect a not just strong but extremely overpowered MC.

All that said, the grammar is decent and if you look past the MC, the story itself seems pretty good this far. Sadly about 60-70% of my interest in stories is in the MCs.


Shows promise early on, quickly becomes cringefest

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

So, this was disappointing.


First off, let's get it out of the way; prose and grammar - it's passable.

Which in RR standards means it's incredible.

And... that's about it. That's the only thing this story has going for it.


It's your standard fare power fantasy truckless isekai. Our MC is not an average joe, though. 

He's an almighty psychic galactic emperor who's betrayed by his most trusted cohorts for... uh, reasons.

He gets thrown into an alternate dimension, the standard medieval magic fantasy world. There he befriends a little girl and her sister, as you do in isekai, and decides to be their friend and guardian for...uh, reasons. Yeah.


It's written in the first person from the MC's POV.

There's way too much introspection. The MC's internal monologues go on for an eternity at a time. At some point, it just drones on and is pretty much uninteresting.

The author tends to over explain things and lacks any sense for subtlety. The author also has the tendency to make the MC an exposition device, robbing other characters the chance for characterization.

Instead of letting the supporting characters tell their backstory, the MC will just tell you what they told him instead.

All info, no personality.


Ohh boy. Where to start.

How about the two leading ladies, eh? Well, there's Yuna and Nina. Younger and older sister, respectively. They're being hunted because of political reasons.

That's about it.

Personality? You wish. They barely talk. Maybe once every few dozen paragraphs, they're allowed to talk.

Everything else is alloted to our protagonist's "internal struggle."

Ah, our MC. An immortal, powerful, galactic psychic emperor. Supposedly a torn soul, because he's done terrible things but doesn't want to.


Wise, conflicted, nuanced? Try irrational, whining, and way too cringey.

I just... can't. It's like watching an angsty teenager pretending to be a wise old soul. It's agonizing to see.

It's such a massive disappointment. The first chapter was intriguing but it steadily went downhill from there. There was promise of epic confrontations of magic and psychic power but all we got was a cringefest. 

It's just sad. 


A deal you cannot refuse

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

Quite frankly I procrastinated this review, for good reason.

Why am I reading this? why do I read in the first place? Why go through reviews to find that one book that not just shows but drags you into a new reality of wonder and adventure. A roller coaster of emotions that make you see the grey in a white and black world. I read for the plot and characters, sure that's the core of any book but books that stand out, when compared to others, have a key quantity that can be anything from writing quality to the mind-blowing plot which you find in few of the top-rated books

This is one of them, The author puts his heart and soul into the book to isekai me into his world, make me feel pain, make me feel wonder, make me cry and laugh, and shows his dedication he puts into the book and how this isn't just a part of him he is portraying but makes it a part of my life. I have been reading for about 8 years now(RR for 1+ year) and this is one of the books that can spark a discussion that lasts of hours if not days, something that I don't have to doubt if what I understand is different from what the author intended for as he has manipulated me with few words over the internet.

It may seem overly dramatic and I will go die of cringe after this but I thought about this for days before making a review and not just the spur of the moment.

Now for a proper review of the book

STYLE SCORE 5/5: Emotional yet brilliant. The author prioritized in the best way, an MC needs a goal/drive unless the plot armour is strong but for an OP MC? Who has reached the pinnacle? That's where the author's  ingenuity shines with his plot and character, the style customised for the situations and arc which makes it flexible to do what must be done and not just stick to old rules

STORY SCORE 5/5: Isekai, Fantasy, OP MC, seems like another generic story doesn't it? So what can you do? Anti-hero? Used. Villan? used. Born as non-human? used.....etc. so how are you going to be different using the same genre? Write a story, not an adventure.

GRAMMAR SCORE: 4.5/5: NO COMMENT! I leave this to the experts as I'm not one(Personally? Great)

CHARACTER SCORE: 5/5: I cry when MC cries. The core of why I recommend this book, I feel, Understand and relate with the characters. The author traps you in a pitfall of thoughts to outsmart you with his trope. You might feel like the side characters and unrelatable but That's part of the scheme that the author is scheming, first 10 chapters might as well be a prologue.

Read it. Don't like it? Find a new book. Like it? Tell me if you find a similar book.



An interesting and fun story

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

A fun story about an overly powerful Psychic from a technological universe finding himself in a medieval Magic&Swords world.

The man is overly powerful, but interesting (and not some kind of stupid op adolescent...), and is nearly looking at the story as if he was narrating it, and he is just looking at what happens around him.

Some strange choices (a stone trow itself in his forehead, and he just go with it, don't trying to understand what happened - parasite, powerboost with/without sentience... We don't know anything...).

Overall, an interesting story, and I wait to have more. Followed with pleasure 😊


The story reads as if there is much care put into every word written. As i am only at chapter 3 as I am writing the review, I truely hope the writer keeps on writing. 

Thank you Gomendan for filling my afternoon with magical words, psychic anomalies and bizarre ideas. 



OP mc turning fluffy

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

So we got our MC, king of his world, ruler of the people, most powerful psychic?

But in his way of speaking, and interactions i saw none of it. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Overall i expected more.


Can the wolf become a dog?

Reviewed at: Chapter 8

Now that prologue part of the novel is concluded I think it's time for the review. MC reached the top in his original world before his followers betrayed him. It was quite a surprise to him as he wasn't aware of what his reign lacked. It was the same with emotional scars from his youth.

In my opinion internal monologue and emotional struggle of the MC is this novel's strongest point, fragility of someone supposedly invincible is very well portrayed. After MC's decision to repent for his past by trying find a different route with minimum bloodshed the story finally starts.

I look forward to see how well he'll fare in this new land where his powers might be outmatched by magic and people view him as monster. This brings us back to the question from this review's title: Can the old wolf hide his fangs and become a dog? We'll have to see, the journey has just begun afterall.


It was simply good. There are no reasons to debate, the beginning of this story is glorious. There are some typos here and there but they don't stop you from reading, heck, you nearly don't see them as the sheer quality of the writing is impressive.

The Background of the story felt creative and every description is vivid.

But more than anything...That MC...The entire depiction of his thoughts, I've loved it. Especially all the twists of it. A broken sanity of sorts that draw me in.

This is the kind of shit I come here to read. And one more reason to come back.

Thanks, Author.


INCONSISTENT power level

Reviewed at: Chapter 11

It is good but the mc is a esper who is like a overlord and is the most powerful psychic of a world. But it take a week to regenerate his power from 0 to 100. But he use 50% of his power to kill 300 person. Then he fight a rock and almost destroy the earth as a collateral. Then he get a power up that make him 3 times more powerfull, but still use 20% of his power to do stupid thing. 

If he was the real deal he would have learn year ago to control his power to use it up only when useful. Else he would be death. 

Else it is creepy that he follow two girl and when one don't say the full true to him he treaten her to kill her friend(village chief). I mean no one asked him to follow them.


It's a neat concept, however it has a glaring problem.

The Mc is unstable both mentally and in control of his power.
Basically all the characters are unstable psychopats, often they are so mentally unstable as to barely keep from imploding and their actions only make sense in the context of their own arbitrary delusions.
As a result there are a bunch of characters going around conducting massacres for reasons that are hard to comprehend and follow for the reader.