Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

Copy, Paste: The Misadventures of Milo Two

by treebark

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Milo, 30, has everything going for him—with the exception of a paying job, girlfriend, or anything resembling an active social life.  None of that is about to change, but he will be transported—copied?—to another dimension where the rules are pretty different, so that’s…something. 

Join Milo as he bids farewell to his sister’s spare bedroom and says hello to the magical world of Altabar, where he’ll encounter scary monsters with lame names, meet new friends, and learn where not to pee. 

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Table of Contents
54 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: An Ordinary Day ago
Chapter 2: Welcome to Altabar ago
Chapter 3: Sorting Through Crap ago
Chapter 4: Explore ago
Chapter 5: Experiment ago
Chapter 6: A Curious Find ago
Chapter 7: Moving ago
Chapter 8: Down ago
Chapter 9: Oops ago
Chapter 10: Decision ago
Chapter 11: Meeting New People ago
Chapter 12: Testing ago
Chapter 13: Introductions ago
Chapter 14: Odd ago
Chapter 15: The Tunnels ago
Chapter 16: Fight ago
Chapter 17: More Fight ago
Chapter 18: Potion ago
Chapter 19: Gone ago
Chapter 20: Skill ago
Chapter 21: I Believe I Can Fly ago
Chapter 22: Cliffhanger ago
Chapter 23: Africa? ago
Chapter 24: Birderer ago
Chapter 25: How To Not Die ago
Chapter 26: Lots of Nope ago
Chapter 27: Chapter 27 ago
Chapter 28: Man on a Mission ago
Chapter 29: Flight ago
Chapter 30: Failure ago
Chapter 31: Reunion ago
Chapter 32: Information, Please ago
Chapter 33: Real Talk ago
Chapter 34: Sleepy Time ago
Chapter 35: Skill Abuse ago
Chapter 36: Chapter 36 ago
Chapter 37: Scouting Ahead ago
Chapter 38: Juji ago
Chapter 39: Boss Fight ago
Chapter 40: Boss Fight Part II ago
Chapter 41: Peek-a-boo ago
Chapter 42: The Right(?) Choice ago
Chapter 43: Traveling ago
Chapter 44: More Traveling! ago
Chapter 45: People ago
Chapter 46: Foraging ago
Chapter 47: Milo Gets Crabs ago
Not a chapter! ago
2nd not-chapter in a row! ago
Final Not-Chapter ago
Chapter 48: Water ago
Chapter 49: Domestic Bliss ago
Chapter 50: Hunting ago
Goodbye Forever ago

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Misery's End

Thanks for all the fish, but it's a pass from me.

Reviewed at: Chapter 13: Introductions

Sadly I cant get past the author's attempt at humor. The novel's MC starts out on a typical isekai, moves on to exploration of his new system menus and his new environment. And then. Finds a cave. It all starts going down hill with a dick joke however. From there on it just feels like the MC stumbles from one bad decision to the next. 

The scenes were well written. Few if any errors. And everything was understandable. Just the MC is forced to do the most asinine things in a ways that make no sense at all.

The Vale

Review as of chapter 19:

The main character reads like a child playing a DnD campaign. That same lack of investment or care for the outcome of their action as well as doing random actions for poor or no reason. The one fight scene thus far also has similar problems, with actions conforming more towards a structured encounter rather than taking into account the actual physical limitations of the terrain and participants. I see this as a problem on all counts.

The big point that stands out is a lack of foreplanning.

The fact the MC can't speak the local language at all, only to almost immediately "perfect communication" touch telepathy (I paraphrase, but it is basically that) just a few chapters later, indicates a lack of forethought and an attempt to backpedal on a plot element that would obviously make for a very long term obstruction to plot and character development.

It's not horrible, bt it is mildly aggravating as the mc acts brain damaged with some of his poor decision making if we are to take into account the one making those decisions is present and experiencing the consequences. Hence, again, reading like a person playing DnD with their MC.


"Shut up, brain!" is a phrase the MC tells himself that summarizes the writing pattern in this novel.

The story is standard isekai, but more mature, with a LitRPG system, monsters and dungeons.

The writing style is what turned me down. Mostly the abuse of internal monologues by the MC. They are too constant, too big, and useless to the story. It draws the pacing to a crawl and takes lot of the enjoyment away.

Reading a full chapter of why a skill is better than the other and how it works, the MC grinding and testing each parameter of the skill in a long winded manner is tiresome and takes us away from the tension of the plot. Seeing the previously weak MC suddenly use said skill and a quick summary of why it works would have a far better effect with a surprise and not costing so much.

I can honestly say I read about 50% of most chapters, just by skipping the internal monologues and system pondering, while not losing any meaningful information.

If I waited for 3 days only to read a full chapter of instrospection, I'd have dropped out sooner.

Now, I can't even score story and characters properly because there wasn't enough of it to evaluate, even 30+ chapters in. Worldbuilding? There's none. Only a forest, a dungeon, and a native dweler in said dungeon that can't communicate with the MC.

Character motivations? goals? only staying alive so far, because barely anything has happened.

The character instrospections weren't useful for anything other than system talks or to justify why he knows how to do x or y, or to tell the character's emotions instead of showing them. In short, all things the author should stay away from.

So, If you decide to go in, I'd advise whenever the MC starts talking to himself, skip the whole thing. The story becomes shorter, but better for it.


Cancelled mid-story which pretty much kills the rating for me. I'll change the rating and re-review if the author picks it back up. Otherwise, it was somewhere around a 3-3.5 with possibilities of moving up depending on how the story developed. Decent, if not overwhelming beginning though there were a number of switched POV chapters that did little for the story. 

Nosam Strebor

Very Bingable, Short at the moment.

Reviewed at: Chapter 22: Cliffhanger

Very good Lit rpg. Very vanilla, but that's a good thing, makes it simpler. Has the protagonist trying to exploit the system every which way, reminding me of delve. Only complaint? not enough yet. I want to read all of this, up to like chapter 200. Unfortunaly at the time of writing there's only 20 some chapters. I hope it stays as good as it is at the moment. Only seen a single other character so far, and he's written well, I just hope writer can keep that up when he gets out of this dungeon. Really cool concepts, good execution, Just KEEP IT UP!


Decent munchining, but generic litRPG.

Reviewed at: Chapter 39: Boss Fight

So it should be said, I enjoyed this story. It's always satisfying when you take a non-standard class and make it combat relevant in an interesting way, which this story does well. However, the only two characters really aren't all that complicated or interesting, which is something of a fatal flaw when a large portion of the story so far has been in a standard litRPG dungeon. The enemies so far are unintelligent so the story lives or dies on the characters. 


I enjoyed reading this at first because I thought the MC was really relatable and the scenarios that he found himself in were interesting. I mean, losing a hand immediately and then having to survive with the stuff from five feet around you is pretty interesting. 

The characters, as few as there are, are also pretty interesting. Backlebutt is an... interesting name, and I can't wait for more to pop up. 

The dungeon itself is pretty interesting, seems to have a lot of cultural taboo and significance. I think it's the make or break part of the story because it will define so much of the characters actions and the world building of the story itself. If you're reading this author, a little light on when they can get out of the Depths or some of Backlebutt's culture would go a long way to fleshing out the story and propping it up for the long haul.

That was all well and good, but the extra special flavor in this story is the Munchkinry, capitol M because there's a difference. My favorite part of D&D and other magic systems is when you can twist the rules into a more awesome outcome, and this author definitely gets it. I came for the survival and stayed for the mischief. Welcome to Munchkinland.


Mr Tibbles

Enjoyable and has a sense of humor

Reviewed at: Chapter 45: People

Pleasant and enjoyable, my only complaint would be a little to much Bracklebutt POV all at once but otherwise a solid story that I only wish I could have more of. The author also seems to give a sense of humor to many different aspects that is subtle enough to be enjoyable but not jarring to the reader.


Solid Lit RPG But A Little Vanilla

Reviewed at: Chapter 26: Lots of Nope

Twenty six chapters in, this seems like a fairly solid entry in the guy gets transported (in this case he thinks copied) to a new world with a system.  So far though, there are no real twists or added elements beyond survival and progression; no quests, no life mission to save anyone or oppose anything.  Milo has discovered no particular purpose or reason for being, although he does seem to be enjoying the opportunity to get stronger.  Similarly, he has no enemy except monsters and his own ignorance, blundering into a dungeon.  After reading so many lit rpgs, the vanilla feel here is real.  The only "twist" is that his best class choice by rarity is not a traditional combat class, but he makes it work with skill choices.  Although fairly vanilla, the story is otherwise well done, easy to read and pleasant, and as such has a solid base to veer in whatever direction as the story continues.  That said, I'm not sure there is any veering coming -- the story seems content to be what it is, a bare bones lit rpg, in which a guy gets tossed into a new world and very soon thereafter into a dungeon.  


An excellent story!

Reviewed at: Fight

If you haven't read this story yet, it's time to start!  This is an excellent addition to the "transported into a video game/alternate reality" genre.  There's exploration, comedy, critical thinking, unfortunate circumstances, and oddly familiarly named enemies.  A must read!