No More Respawns

by Pleonastic Name

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content


The first time Allen died, he was forced back into a living hell where death is temporary, and power is all that matters. With evil and depravity as the rule, tragedy becomes comedy and life becomes an act. Only a deal with a shady god can get him back to his old life, but what happens if there’s nothing left to save? Maybe hell isn’t so bad if you have infinite lives… until you don’t. Needless to say, it’s all fun and games until there’s no more respawns.


This story is meant primarily as a dark and nihilistic comedy. It may not be readily apparent in the beginning, but that's what I have planned (I feel the need to emphasize the dark; don’t rage at me if it gets too ‘traumatizing’ or something). I’m going to take my time with this, so it won’t immediately inundate you with doom and gloom. This is also a comedy, remember? On that note, if for some cursed reason you just can't handle either the references or the jokes, I am willing to battle in the comments.

Anyway, I still put a significant amount of effort into the system, so I hope you enjoy that part. It is a little bulky, I'll admit to that, but I wanted to try something new and its more fun when there's more depth to it. Regardless, I still have a lot of fun doing math in the middle of writing a fictional story (/s).

I also want to see if I can keep from messing up the pacing. Many times, I end up going too fast because I'm afraid of the story getting boring, which tends to ironically have the opposite effect. I'm still learning I suppose; we'll see how things go. Lastly, please leave reviews and comments, they really mean a lot to me and (usually) help me improve considerably. I'll be asking for feedback in the polls and I do still check the old ones from time to time.


The story takes a bit of time to develop; give it time if you're here for drama, grimdark, or antihero.

The system is all blue boxes and I'm not half-assing the numbers.

Chapters will be between 1k and 2k words usually.

always use the oxford coma, fight me.

Might drop if rating falls below 4 stars, idk. It depends on how my life is going.

Cover drawn by yours truly in MS paint. (I have skill, I know) 

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Pleonastic Name

Pleonastic Name

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: You Again?! ago
Chapter 2: Sign Here Please ago
Chapter 3: Slime Sauce ago
Chapter 4: Frick Icebreakers ago
Chapter 5: Class Pickin' Time ago
Chapter 6: What About Weapons? ago
Chapter 7: Ogres Have Layers ago
Chapter 8: Operation is a Go ago
Chapter 9: Fast and Quiet ago
Chapter 10: Oh Boy, Here I Go Killing Again ago
Chapter 11: Tactical Retreat ago
Chapter 12: Flawless Escape ago
Chapter 13: The Strategic Type ago
Chapter 14: That's My Knife ago
Chapter 15: That's Debatable ago
Chapter 16: A Gamble ago
Chapter 17: A Job Well Done ago
Chapter 18: Ready for Some Presents ago
Chapter 19: Scrolling Down for a Bit ago
Chapter 20: Perfectly Under Control ago
Chapter 21: Railway Town ago
Chapter 22: Bust Outta Here ago
Chapter 23: Down in a Hole ago
Chapter 24: You Got a Scratch There ago
Chapter 25: Fit the Theme ago
Chapter 26: Barely a Challenge ago
Chapter 27: Hungover and Grumpy ago
Chapter 28: An Ineffective Strategy ago
Chapter 29: Hours Passed ago
Chapter 30: Keep Moving ago
Chapter 31: Deep Down Somewhere ago
Chapter 32: False Shadows ago
Chapter 33: Even More Satisfying ago
Chapter 34: I Hate it When This Happens ago
Chapter 35: A Different Kind of Crazy ago
Chapter 36: Go for the Head ago
Chapter 37: We Got 'Em ago
Chapter 38: Right or Wrong ago
Chapter 39: Under the Hot Shower ago
Chapter 40: Damage Control ago
Chapter 41: Some Sort of Madman ago
Chapter 42: Shopping Run ago
Chapter 43: Instant Gratification ago
Chapter 44: Just an Inspection ago
Chapter 45: Something Bad ago
Chapter 46: Need for Speed ago
Chapter 47: Who am I? ago
Chapter 48: Call a Spade a Spade ago
Chapter 49: Out of Time ago
Chapter 50: Welcome Travelers ago
Chapter 51: I'm Afraid I Cannot Answer That ago
Chapter 52: Just been Vibing ago
Chapter 53: Our Dear Friend ago
Chapter 54: Hardly a Fair Fight ago
Chapter 55: Look at Him, He's Fine ago
Chapter 56: The Final Verdict ago
Floating Appendix ago
Chapter 57: What Now? ago
Chapter 58: The Sounds Had Stopped ago
Chapter 59: Sort of Charming ago
Chapter 60: Open the Gate ago
Chapter 61: No Rest ago
Chapter 62: A Lot of Numbers ago
Chapter 63: Too Much Work ago
Chapter 64: Lengthy Explanation ago
Chapter 65: May It Be Known ago
Chapter 66: Nothing New ago
Chapter 67: Knowing a Guy ago
Chapter 68: Challengers Take Heed ago
Chapter 69: It's a Tank! ago
Chapter 70: Good to be Back ago
Chapter 71: As Expected ago
Chapter 72: Stating the Obvious ago
Chapter 73: Loitering Around ago
Chapter 74: Still Listening ago
Chapter 75: Begin the Attack ago

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Not as clever, dark or funny as advertised

Reviewed at: Chapter 27: Hungover and Grumpy

It is not as bad as the Foreword - interestingly three spelling mistakes to do with the letter r in the middle of the word* - and the shockingly awful first paragraph would suggest, but it all feels fairly uninvolved. Here are people fighting for their lives and a chance to go back to earth but who cares. It is odd; what does seem to come through is the weariness of being in this hole for ten years but rarely much else. Not sure the system works that well, either.

Overall it is noticeably better than average but not a must read.

*I also saw a 'perfer' and a 'fouth': why do you hate r's?

Although this is the story about a party of people who are stuck in a rather dire situation, it never feels so. Instead, it feels as if the god Andy is the protagonist, despite only appearing in the initial chapters. We clearly see him break the 4th wall and talk about things that he should not. This wall breaking is done in such a way that it gives a comedic element to the scene, instead of disturbing the flow of the story.
As for the 5 people that are struck with the contract for which they sold their souls, they feel more like paws dancing to the tunes of the god whose intentions seems impure. 
The thing that I like the most about this novel is that it is very self-aware. It knows what its shortcomings are and instead of shying away from them, the author has used his brilliance to turn them into plot points. I mean that author has used shitty personalities of the NPC’s as a plot point. How amazing is that?
The grammar is quite good. I have no complaints. The characters each have their own set personalities and funnily enough, they are given jobs according to their personalities.  The style is easy to read and the story has great potential waiting to be realized. Can’t wait for more!

I like this story.

The meta makes it different to other stories I've read and so far I've only experienced a slight loss of immersion. (I think I'm up to chapter 9 at this stage.)

I actually like the personality main character, the emotional detachment together with the random dramatics suit me just fine. In fact, I think the dramatics are hilarious.   I am also enjoying the references to movies and games.

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. 


First of, the style for me personally is perfect. System? check. Not too much crunch? check. etc etc.

So far most of the characters seem genuine, and I really like the main character and. The MC is a rogue assasin which is fairly unique and something i love too.

Grammar is good with few noticable mistakes.

As there are only 31 chapters at the moment, there isn't much to say about the story itself, though i do like where the story is headed.


All in all, I would definitely recommend this


First off, while not much of the book hasn’t been released as of this review, I have found the book extremely enjoyable and a good way to banish my boredom.


Style: I have enjoyed the style used and how the blue boxes are used to add to the story - instead of being info dumps or used as a crutch.


Story: So far, the story has been an interesting and entertaining read. While the story has not progressed much yet (still early in book), what has been released does make you look forward to how the story will progress.


Grammar: No noticible grammatical errors that I have noticed.


Character: Here’s where things get interesting. The story is from the perspective of one member of a group of five adventurers, and we are learning more and more of how he thinks, feels, acts and desires. 

The unique habits and coping mechanisms of each character and their unique outlook is interesting to read and the lowered emotion in x character is well done (Which is not easy to do and many books which try the same fall flat).

I am looking forward to the author exploring and fleshing our the other main leads - as more of the book is released/finished (still quite early I’m book).


So far, the story has not gotten very dark yet, though it does seem to be getting darker at the moment and am looking forward to this arc(?). I suggest giving the novel a read if you enjoy fantasy rpg adventure/party novels.

I am looking forward to future releases and encourage the author to continue writing (if circumstances allow) as he has written a novel novel.


Grey Cardinal

Promising story, if chapters continue to be posted it will probably end up being on trending soon.

I'm only up to chapter 3 so far, but thought I'd leave a review.

The grammar is brilliant, can't see any errors.
The main character seems a little dull and generic right now, but as I said I am only on chapter 3, so this will probably change. The other character that has been introduced is interesting, I like him/it.
I like the style a lot, everything feels neat and it all just clicks.
The flow could be improved, though I have no idea what I mean by this myself. I just 'feel' something is slightly off, I'm not experienced enough to explain it. Maybe you know what I mean, maybe you don't. I don't even know what I mean myself.

Sorry about how vague this review is. I'm not a writer, so I don't know how to explain my feelings on stories I read very well.

Anyway, from what little I've read, this seems a lot better than many other stories you can find on RoyalRoad right now. Give it a try, I think you will enjoy it. Five stars until I read further.


I guess you can get a chuckle if this is the first time you're reading a comedic story.

The story is just very generic and uninteresting, the MC? Boring, bland, and with the contract that he signed he will continue to be boring and bland. The setting? Boring, bland, with a god character(I really hope neither the MC nor "Andy"[how "funny" let's give the powerful being a funny name] is a self-insert cause that's really cringed) being so pivotal in the story nothing really matters. The writing style is also average in quality, having a bunch of new and random characters introduced themselves to each other with their hobbies for no reason is pretty painful. The dialogue is pretty dull and the italicize thoughts in quotes are annoyingly abundant. The "funny" 4th wall breaks jokes are really funny. So funny that it made me write this review, yay.