Not Your Ordinary Day in Centralville

by nicolemay537

Original ONGOING Comedy Drama Romance Female Lead Multiple Lead Characters School Life Slice of Life

In a small town called Centralville, two girls with clashing personalities meet once more and an unexpected development occurs between them.

Updates everyday at 2 AM GMT+8:00 until all chapters have caught up with FictionPress.

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Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Life of Changes... ago
More Things Revealed ago
My Sister, The Popular Student ago
Old Memories and New People ago
The School Newspaper ago
Nicole May's Secret ago
Conflicting Perspectives ago
The Past and the Present ago
Life as How I See It ago
A Night with Avegaille ago
Facts and Rumors ago
Dissidence and Resonating Thoughts ago
The Truth Behind Past Conflicts ago
An Unwanted Predicament ago
A Naïve Little Girl ago
A New Rival ago
One Dangerous Plan ago
The Last Straw ago
A Certain Weird Rumor ago
Knowing the Other Side ago
An Unexpected Outcome ago
A Weekend Plan ago
Saturday's Beginnings ago
Midday Events ago
Different Concerns ago
Field Trip Head Start ago
The Other Way Around ago
Something Unique ago
A Complex Sister Affair ago
Past Involvements ago
Curiosity of the Mind ago
A Simple Connection ago
Little Surprise ago
The Day After ago
Endless Possibilities ago
Unforgettable Past ago
A Disturbing Discovery ago
Vital Information ago
Lingering Thoughts ago
Inti Gaming ago
Two Sides ago
Awkward Situation ago
Interception ago
A Strange Feeling ago
A Switch Flipped ago
A Sister’s Concern ago
Burdened with the Past ago

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