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Sorry for vanishing off the face of the earth, I'm swamped with studies, and only recently did I get a motivational urge to write

Joe pov

I sat up, a wave of cold running down my spine as I looked around frantically.


"Hey, it's ok." David's voice was next to me as I felt him hug me." it's ok." I relaxed, knowing I was safe and hugged him back.


I let out a shaky breath." what happened?" I asked, resting my head on his shoulder as we shifted positions so we were comfier on the couch.


"You passed out.." he mumbled as he played with my hair, running his fingers through it, a small hum of satisfaction came from me as I snuggled into his chest.


"Wait, did you carry me from the door to the couch?" I asked as I lifted my head to look at him.


"You're rather light so it wasn't a problem," David replied as he kissed my head as I smiled.

"Can we stay like this?" I asked as I snuggled into his chest.

He hummed as I relaxed fully and drifted back to sleep


Cameron Pov.

I couldn't sleep, I was physically unable to sleep. My brain was buzzing, wondering if I'd ever be able to someday not live in fear. My phone vibrated in my pocket, pulling it out I saw that Joe had messaged me, opening the message I saw a photo of him and David smiling together.


Smiling I put my headphones on and put some music on.

Apparently I had sad music prepped for some reason so now that was blasting through my ears.


Feeling unsatisfied just laying on the bed in the coffee shop, I decided to go for a walk. Taking my things I left throught the back door, the clouds a haze of red and purple.

My legs seemed to be on autopilot as I walked in the directions of Rins house, my feet stopping at the front door, the song coming to an end.


Glancing to the side I saw the white bench on whic we had our many talks, my brain seeming to now be on autopilot, Shuffling my feet over to the bench I law down and closed my eyes.


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