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"I'll be back in an hour." Emily waves as she left the shop.


I smiled as Elliot came beside me and patted my shoulder.

"You two are so cute."


I smiled at that and headed for the back room.


"Hey, Elliot," I called out from the back room, as I walked into the small door to the side.

"Is this room available for me to use?" I asked as I gestured around, light blue walls, a bed in the left corner, a small drawer and desk. With a small window above the bed.



"I think so,"Elliot replies, standing next to me. "Why?"


I stayed silent for a few moments.

Opening my mouth to reply my phone rang, interrupting my answer.


Caller ID: Brother.


I picked up immediately.


"When are you coming home?" Joe, my younger brother frantically asked, yelling could be heard in the background, I frowned.


"Well hello to you too, everything ok? My shift ends in a few minutes."


"It's getting bad..."Joe mumbled.


"How bad?..." I asked worriedly, leaning against the wall as Elliot looked at me worriedly.


The sound of glass breaking was heard and Joe whimpered.

"Very, Hurry home please.." and he hung up.


"Is everything ok?" Elliot asked as I ran out of the back room grabbing my jacket and heading for the door.

I paused and glanced back at Elliot who looked confused.


"Family emergency, don't close till I get back!" And with that I bolted out of the shop and ran towards home, hoping I'd be on time.


I was out of breath by the time I got to the front entrance.


I was too exhausted to go up the stairs, so I used the elevator.

"Open the door." Sending the message to Joe, the elevator stopped on the sixth floor. Stepping out, quietly closing the elevator door, making sure it didn't slam shut.


I took the steps by two and the door to the apartment, opened slightly, the yelling now echoing down the stairway.


I quickly took my shoes off outside before going in, both of us quietly closing the door, before we both hurried to my room, just as the living room door opened and the yelling increased.


With the door closed Joe threw his arms around me and hugged me tightly, I patted his head and hugged him back.


"What was it about this time?" I asked as I stroked his light brown hair.


"Finances or something..." Joe trailed off.


"Are you going to be staying here tonight?" Joe asked, looking up at me, his green eyes trying to blink away the tears.


"Maybe, I found a back room with abed at my place of work so I was thinking of crashing there for the night," I replied.


"What about you?" I asked, as I hugged him again.


"I'll be staying at David's house, he said I could crash there for a few days."


"Does he know... about your situation?" I asked as we both sat on the edge of my bed.


"Nope, I just said that there were some family problems and he didn't push the issue."


"Sounds like a nice person." I muttered.


Joe modded.


My phone buzzed and I pulled it out glancing at the ID before picking up.


"Hey, sorry to call, but when are you getting back? my parents called, said they need me back home."


Joe looked at me confused.

"Work." I mouthed.


"Hey, yea I'll be there in a few minutes." The sound of glass breaking was heard from the kitchen. Me and Joe flinched at the sound.


"Everything ok?" Elliot asked. "I heard something crash."


"Yea everything is ok, I'll drop by the shop in a few minutes."

And I hung up.


The front door could be heard slamming, and then silence.


I got up and opened my bedroom door and peered out.

Joe went to the living room and looked around.

"They went out." Joe stated,relaxing slightly.


"Pack a bag, it's best if you back now so you can leave quickly." I said as I started packing a bag myself, clothes for a few days, my laptop and charger, phone charger, toothbrush, toiletries, wallet and spare chargers, I also put a few books too.

I rummaged through my closet and also packed my flag, just in case. I also took an envelope that I had hidden at the back that contained my cash from my job, I put those in the bag too.


"Here's the spare keys, I managed to get them from the clerk yesterday."


"Thank you," I smiled as I took them and put them in my bag. "How much did it cost?" I asked as I pulled out my wallet.


"Around 15."

I handed him a ten and then a five. "Thanks for running that errand."

He looked stunned.

"You don't have a job yet and that errand was important, of course I'll give you a reward."


He hugged me tightly.

"Thanks, also, Im trying to find a job so I'm hoping I'll be able to make some form of income too."


I smiled and patted his head.

"That's amazing! If you need help with anything just say the word."

He nodded.

"Are you done packing?" I asked as I put my wallet back in my bag and closed it before grabbing a jacket and slinging the bag over my shoulder.


"Yea," Joe replied, smiling. "I'll stay here a bit, have to do a few things and then I'll head off to David's place.


I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and then put my shoes on and opened the door.

"Give me a call of anything happens ok?"

He nodded and I exited the apartment, dashing down the stairs and made my way to the coffee shop.

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