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"I'll be back in an hour." Emily waves as she left the shop.


I smiled as Elliot came beside me and patted my shoulder.

"You two are so cute."


I smiled at that and headed for the back room.


"Hey, Elliot," I called out from the back room, as I walked into the small door to the side.

"Is this room available for me to use?" I asked as I gestured around,  light blue walls, a bed in the left corner, a small drawer and desk.  With a small window above the bed.



"I think so,"Elliot replies, standing next to me. "Why?"


I stayed silent for a few moments.

Opening my mouth to reply my phone rang, interrupting my answer.


Caller ID: Brother.


I picked up immediately.


 "When are you coming home?" Joe, my younger brother frantically asked, yelling could be heard in the background, I frowned.


"Well hello to you too, everything ok? My shift ends in a few minutes."


"It's getting bad..."Joe mumbled.


"How bad?..." I asked worriedly, leaning against the wall as Elliot looked at me worriedly.


The sound of glass breaking was heard and Joe whimpered.

"Very, Hurry home please.." and he hung up.


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