Enigma - Reborn as a Monster into a World of Heroes

by Maiz

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A man whom commited heinous crimes when he was alive, stands before the Karma Council to receive his punishment. Punishment to fit the crimes he committed. They reincarnate him into another world as a creature whom the people believe to be monsters. A creature hunted by the heroes of this world, to bring peace back to the land. How will he cope in his new life and adapt to the situations surrounding him?

The cover I am using for this is only temporary as it is something I commissioned for another work a while ago. But since I am temporarily dropping that story and working on this one, I've decided to use it here. At least until I can afford to commission a new cover specifically for this story. The tree and the two creatures in it however, do represent the universe in which this novel takes place in. :)

40 chapters have been reached! Therefore I'm going to start only posting three a week in order to build a backlog. They will be available on:

Monday and Friday @ 6 pm CST

Wednesday @ 12 pm CST


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - Karma (rewrite 1) ago
Prologue - Karma ago
Chapter 1 - I Awoke ago
Chapter 2 - Kaishin ago
Chapter 3 - Poison ago
Chapter 4 - Brae ago
Chapter 5 - Monsters, Men and Daemons ago
Chapter 6 - Exodus ago
Chapter 7 - Nyx ago
Chapter 8 - Growing Pains ago
Chapter 9 - Hunter ago
Chapter 10 - Alone ago
Chapter 11 - Long Walker ago
Chapter 12 - The Way Back Where? ago
Chapter 13 - Two Brothers ago
Chapter 14 - The Predator ago
Chapter 15 - Prey ago
Chapter 16 - The Sylvan Tribe ago
Chapter 17 - City ago
Chapter 18 - Dark Alleys ago
Chapter 19 - The Ten ago
Chapter 20 - Street Thieves ago
Chapter 21 - Bandit ago
Chapter 22 - First Winter ago
Chapter 23 - Slaver ago
Chapter 24 - The Other Side ago
Chapter 25 - New World ago
Chapter 26 - Journey ago
Chapter 27 - Malice ago
Chapter 28 - Arrival ago
Chapter 29 - Pits of Demier ago
Chapter 30 - Halter ago
Chapter 31 - Brand ago
Chapter 32 - Solitude ago
Chapter 33 - Saddle ago
Chapter 34 - Riya ago
Chapter 35 - The Way Out ago
Chapter 36 - Mountains ago
Chapter 37 - Finding ago
Chapter 38 - The Seed ago
Chapter 39 - White Feathers. ago
Chapter 40 - Lumere ago
Chapter 41 - Downtrodden ago
Chapter 42 - Black Knight ago
Chapter 43 - A Stupid Thing ago
Chapter 44 - One's that need Saving ago
Chapter 45 - Another Chance ago
Chapter 46 - Another Kind ago
Chapter 47 - City Among Crags ago
Chapter 48 - Mazi ago
Episode 49 - Street Girl ago
Chapter 50 - Awaiting Shadow ago
Chapter 51 - Wraith ago
Chapter 52 - The Dark Side of Magic ago

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First off, Maiz what you have written so far is solid. The grammar is great, your hints of world building are exciting and the pacing is solid. 

For the 21 chapters you have i would recommend others give it a read. 

There are some confusing points.

The MC is weird, his entire thought process just throws me. He is reincarnate because apparently he did some really fd up things in his previous life. That does not come across at all in his mentality. Honestly Grim the presented bad guy seems closer to the kind of guy you are suggesting he was. He also reacts to humans oddly. He has enough serious negative experiences with the species to surely develop some heavy negative emotion with them. I could understand him eventually moving past it but not whilst he's still experiencing them. 

Where is this story headed ? Sure his uncle is doing bad things to humans but why is that his focus? Why not his sisters? What's driving this priority?