Doom Guy Isekai

Doom Guy Isekai

by Angry Spider

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

A very familiar soldier, used to battling the 'endless' hordes of Hell, is eventually overrun and dies.

But his war isn't over yet.

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Angry Spider

Angry Spider

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Table of Contents
56 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One: Doom, Doom, and More Doom ago
Chapter Two: Doom to Meet You ago
Chapter Three: A Large, Fluffy Doom ago
Chapter Four: Simple Doom-Building ago
Chapter Five: Creative Doom ago
Chapter Six: That'll Be One Doom To Go ago
Chapter Seven: True Doom ago
Chapter Eight: Doom It Up ago
Chapter Nine: Doom With Two ago
Chapter Ten: Doom & One-Sided Conversation ago
Chapter Eleven: You Are All Doomed ago
Chapter Twelve: Doomprovements ago
Chapter Thirteen: Thinking of Doom ago
Chapter Fourteen: Here Comes the Doom ago
Chapter Fifteen: To Doom or Not To Doom ago
Chapter Sixteen: Truest Doom ago
Chapter Seventeen: Far Away ago
Chapter Eighteen: Doom and Doomer ago
Chapter Nineteen: The Good, The Bad, and The Doom ago
Update ago
Chapter Twenty: For Doom The Bell Tolls ago
Update ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Doomstruction 9K ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Doomed Out ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: On The Topic of Doom ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: You Get Some Doom ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: A Bicycle Built for Doom ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: Doom Hall ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: You Are In Deep Doom ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Stare Into Doom... ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: ...And Doom Stares Back ago
Chapter Thirty: Invited to Doom ago
Chapter Thirty-One: How Doomfortunate ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: Doom of the Party ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Doomed To Succeed ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: Brimstone is Doomed ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Doom Another Day ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Envy Has Been Doomed ago
R.I.P. ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Meeting About Doom ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Doommates ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: How to Doom ago
Chapter Forty: Tunnel O' Doom ago
Chapter Forty-One: Untimely Doomise ago
Chapter Forty-Two: The Answer is Forty-Doom ago
Chapter Forty-Three: Doom and Co. ago
Chapter Forty-Four: Doom Versus Wrath ago
Chapter Forty-Five: Forward Unto Doom ago
Chapter Forty-Six: Sloth's Personal Doom ago
Chapter Forty-Seven: After Doom ago
Chapter Forty-Eight: Coming Ever Closer ago
Chapter Forty-Nine: Doom Doom Pow ago
Chapter Fifty: Forty Thousand Doom ago
crossover part two, i guess ago
Notice ago

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 The only issue with this story is it's based off the idea of Doomguy dying to the hordes of hell.


Read with the doom soundtrack for the full experience.


Granted, this story isn't particularly elucidating, doesn't explore any new concepts, and stars a stupidly powerful protagonist.

This doesn't stop me from thoroughly enjoying every word. This is some of the best crack-fic I have read in a while, and features some genuinely good action scenes.

Give it a read, it's good fun.


Fun story of Doom Guy getting portaled to a new universe, overall really good. I may expand more later once the story progresses more!



Great, sentances flow nicely, overall story feels smooth, and not clunkey



Also great, I didn't spot any mistakes, reads well.



Nicely paced, feels well thought out. Though a bit early to tell much more



Bit early to tell to much, but Doom Guy and his reations seem realistic, as do the demons.




Doom Guy Does Doom Guy Things And More!

Reviewed at: Chapter Thirteen: Thinking of Doom

In Short:



If you like your ultra-violent exploits to have clear plot points and good characters, give this a shot! This is everything you'd want in a Doom fan fiction, and even more.


In Long:


Ultra-gory mayhem is where Doom Guy thrives, and that doesn't change here. There's no grimdark feeling unless you think too hard about it, but grim isn't what this story wants to be. Rather, it's more like you as the reader are watching an fps protagonist do fps protagonist things... which you literally are. This kind of mood wouldn't work in any other genre where moods can be complicated, but Doom Guy is not incredibly complicated when he's fighting demons.

Other than the normal Doom fare, there are a few surprisingly touching moments of self-reflection intermixed among the chaos, and side characters with motivations of their own. These scenes are a nice, refreshing break from the mindless killing.

Ultimately, the killing scenes are entertaining enough to draw you in, and the emotional scenes are enough to keep you interested in the story and characters.



There is some interesting development and world-building that points toward a cohesive plot. This doesn't get in the way of Doom Guy being Doom Guy, but in fact enhances his violence by giving him clear checkpoints on his way to brutally murder all demons. Hell yeah.



Simple and violent during fight scenes, and emotional during self-reflection and companionship scenes. Everything is understandable.



Doom Guy has clear motivations and self-reflects on how lonely it was throughout his stay in Hell. That's more than I expected from a story based around mindless violence, and that it's executed naturally is a very nice bonus. The inclusion of other characters who can be just bloodthirsty as Doom Guy gives our main man even more character and enriches the story overall.



It's a rollercoaster of adrenaline and other emotions inside a clear storyline with good characters. It's everything you'd expect from a Doom fan fiction, and even more. Absolutely give this a shot.


I'm honestly a little unsure how to review this, but I'll do my best. The story itself is rather straightforward. Doom Guy is finally overwhelmed and summoned as an isekai <Hero> in another world's hell, granted a system, and immediately returns to his grisly work. It's a simple premise, but the execution makes it viscerally satisfying. There is no waffling about morality, no subterfuge, or scoping out the situation, he simply gets up and tears into the first demon that he sees and it's great. Absolutely worth the read.

The world is set up as a standard litrpg fantasy world, but the MC jumps off the rails immediately, appearing directly in Hell instead. The juxtaposition between Doom's gleeful slaughter and the classic tropes is played well for comedy, with the system Helper struggling to keep up with the monster that he's paired with. I will say that the litrpg system is somewhat underused, with only a couple of Skills and a handful of perks for dozens of levels. Assuming the level cap is 100, there isn't a ton of room left to slot in more goodies. Not that he really needs them, but they are half the fun of the genre. That said, the progression elements that are already present are satisfying. I have to add, a <Chainsaw/Excute> perk that makes random goodies pop out of monsters would add a bit of sparkle to the situation.

The characters are surprisingly solid. Doom Guy is excellently portrayed as Doom Guy. The new pal is learning the joys of ripping and tearing. The dog is a good boy. The rest are demons, and we all know where things are headed for them. Top marks.

Overall, the story makes for a simple, straightforward riot of violence and gore, supported by an underlying core of comedy despite the brutal content. Even better, the author actually seems to have a roadmap for the future that provides a path for what would otherwise be directionless violence. In short, it's a good time that's well worth diving into, even with just 13 chapters to its name.


Couldn't stop reading, and hope the author makes a ton more dooooooom!


An enjoyable and fun read with some gore, and maybe a giant floof.


I can only anticipate his future interactions with his fellow heroes.


I didn't review right away because I had to spend my day binging this, and trust me changing my plans for today was the greatest descision of my life and you wont be disappointed if you do the same, oh and the top review is the best :)


I just really like this fic and I hope for new updates