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Warning This fiction contains:
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  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

The story of Bazil, a man whose dreams of villainy are repressed by society and is being reincarnated in another world.

Follow him, or rather it, as it found itself being a simple plant. How will it conquer the world? It doesn't know yet, but it has some ideas.


A story where I plan on unleashing the taste for evil MC I have, also a bunch of perverted stuff to come. ;-)

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Good but really not for the faint of heart

Reviewed at: Chapter 09 - Giving a hand.

Reviewed as of chapter 9.

I'm giving this 4.5 stars because overall the story does really well what I suppose the author wants it to do : show some really evil shit in an interesting context. 

The system isn't very developed yet but what we've seen is great.

The world isn't very developed yet but what we've seen is well built.

There is slavery, experimenting completely disregarding ethics, and the mc basically dreams of having people to torture and sexually abuse (not that he's getting that any time soon).

Style is good, the storyline goes in unexpected and interesting directions, the grammar is almost perfectly clean.

Then there are the characters, who are almost all deeply hateable and need to die. And most likely will eventually do so at the hand of the mc who is an hateable prick that needs to die.

Honestly, beyond being very unlikable, in my opinions the characters are a bit too extreme : they feel more like caricatures than actual people.

So yeah, I'd recommend picking up this story if you're ok reading about a really grim world and seeing detailed scenes of its darkest corners.



Uh. I need an extra ten words to hit 200. Guess this should do.



Evil trees are the best- also you should trY BLOOM

Reviewed at: Chapter 01 - Reincarnated as a what?!

HONESTLY.... the thing is this is very reminiscent of Bloom, another "evil tree" but chaotic bit of writing that will come together in the end. It isnt like tree of Aeon where there is intense world building or a plot that spans millenia of civilization - I mean not yet. But yea more similar to bloom. And if you are a fan of bloom and got past the chaotic bits this story is pretty wonderful.


Reviwed as of chapter 11, latest.

As with the title, author seems to have absolutely no idea how to develop the story, what to achieve and what's the overall outline.

The full story seems comic and not at all serious. Author has no idea about any kind of basic botany or basic senses. The system is poorly developed, made to maximise the skills of the MC. Kick being realistic out of the window!

Author is introducing characters left and right without developing the ones which already exists. There was a slave who was introduced who has absolutely no purpose other than to be experimented on. The characters fit stereotypes.

The pace is fast, grammar is ok, story quality is bad.

Overall disappointing.