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Book 1: Bound and Broken is now live on Amazon!

Book 2: The Witch is now live on Amazon!

A young woman finds herself dead and is given the chance to reincarnate in another world with cheat-like magic powers. She accepts, only to find that this world treats magic users the same way hers did— by hunting them down for heresy.

My name is MELAS?! Like... Salem spelt backwards? Oh my God, and my mother is a Witch. I am SO going to be burned at the stake!

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Book 1: Bound and Broken is now live on Amazon!

Book 2: The Witch is now live on Amazon!

Book 3 (Ongoing): Chapter 77-??

Cover art by Boboplushie

This is a rewrite of the original of the same name. I do not recommend reading the original as the original is discontinued and this version is far superior.

Disclaimer: The "Strong Lead" tag means "Weak-to-Strong", and not immediately strong. If you're looking for an immediate Strong Lead, then this story isn't for you.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Prologue - Murdered ago
Chapter 2: Magic ago
Chapter 3: First Step ago
Chapter 4: Stranger Danger ago
Chapter 5: Monster Attack ago
Read the Rest of Melas Book 1 on Amazon KU! ago
Chapter 39: Adrian - Far From Home ago
Chapter 40: Adrian II - Xander's Academy ago
Chapter 41: Freedom ago
Chapter 42: Alleyway Meeting ago
Chapter 43: The Plague Doctor ago
Chapter 44: The Orphanage ago
Read the Rest of Melas Book 2 on Amazon KU! ago
Chapter 77: Voyage ago
Chapter 78: Stormy Seas part 1 ago
Chapter 78: Stormy Seas Part 2 ago
Chapter 79: Course of Action ago
Chapter 80: Jahar'taw ago
Chapter 81: Sanctuary ago
Chapter 82: Moving Forward ago
Chapter 83: Adrian V - Summer Vacation ago
Chapter 84: Adrian VI - Business ago
Chapter 85: Adrian VII - Curse ago
Chapter 86: Adrian VIII - Heresy ago
Chapter 87: Doing What You Do Best ago
Chapter 88: Addressing the Problem ago
Book One of Melas is now on Amazon! ago
Chapter 89: Volcano Village ago
Chapter 90: Packs of Kobolds ago
Chapter 91: Werebeast ago
Chapter 92: Springs of Recovery ago
Chapter 93: Estia - Demon ago
Chapter 94: Estia II - War ago
Chapter 95: Elara ago
Chapter 96: Library of Taw ago
Chapter 97: Meeting People ago
Not a Chapter - Announcement ago
Chapter 98: Bunker ago
Chapter ???. A Witch and a Demon walk into a... ago
Chapter 99: Dark Meeting ago
Chapter 100: Problems After Problems ago
Book Two of Melas is now on Amazon! ago
Chapter 101: To Catch a Boar ago
Chapter 102: Party ago
Chapter 103: Over ago
Chapter 104: MTC ago
Chapter 105: Mines ago
Chapter 106: Aftershock ago
Chapter 107: Triple Threat ago
Chapter 108: Disruption ago
Chapter 109: Estia III - Motivation ago
Chapter 110: Inventions ago
Chapter 111: The Stand ago
Chapter 112: Cool Tech ago
Chapter 113: Tinker Suit ago
Chapter 114: Vengeance ago
Chapter 115: Vulnerable ago

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Nice story if you can stand the MC.

Reviewed at: Chapter 68 - Infiltration

Melas is a take on the classic Isekai, but in a world where magic is forbidden by the church and technology is powered by mana stones. 

The story is nice enough though not exempt of flaws. There are several characters with personality and depth... but sometimes their reactions feel a bit forced through dialogues that lack direction.

The main character in particular is slightly problematic. She is a reincarnated young adult with strong values and a drive to learn. She is also confrontational with everybody in a way that should piss others off while appearing very young. This another reason why dialogues are strange sometimes. I would fully expect actual adults to tell her off more often. instead, most people indulge her, and I personally find that grating.

I commend the soft magic system and the lore. There is a real work on it.

All in all, this might not be the best Isekai on the website but this is still worth your time.   

Banarok Lionrage

It's honestly hard for me to review this, i do like the main character but overall character interaction feels forced most characters feel fake, like they are playacting or rehersing a script rather than live the story, they always feel a bit "off" but i can't put my finger on WHY i feel so.

and that's what make it hard to put my finger on EXACTLY what i dislike about Melas, i liked it enough to read up to chapter 68, but i've just lost all interest in continueing, and that is despite it picking up the pace, i might come back to it some time because it's not awful it's just not good enough to hold my interest.


I don't mind that the story touches on the topic of slavery and misery for a protag in a child body. However, the execution is lacking. Having characters being literally traded as slaves referring to their captors as "meanies" and "jerkface" just breaks the story. To claim endless anger and lust for revenge one moment, but reverting to the vocabulary and cunning of a 5 year old is tiresome. Sequences repetitive, the same interaction or description used over in the same chapter


It was okay but then, lost interest

Reviewed at: Chapter 79: Course of Action

For a beginner, it's good. However, lately, it feels like the story is dragging itself out. The beginning was great but then somehow...it just became flat. Something that the story had in the beginning was gone. I am a fan of earning power rather than just being op all the time but this is just not the story for me. 

As for people who are looking to read this story, give it a try. 

Edit: This story is not bad, it is just not the best. You can decide on your own whether it is worth the time or not.


It has above average world building and below average character development. It finally ended its first major arc but it fell quite flat. It has the same problem that most portal fantasies do — the author can't decide on how to characterize their protagonist.

The first arc ends with some "twist" about one of the characters not being who you thought they were. Unfortunately, since the author struggles with character development, it’s particularly uncompelling.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Characters not being all that they appear to be is a common trope and there are many examples on how to do it well and how to not do it.

Spoiler: Spoiler

Trusting a self proclaimed terrorist and zealot whose job description is nothing but breaking the law is something that a child might do. A real child.

Melas is not a real child and It breaks suspension of disbelief for someone who is mentally an adult to find any of this surprising and to react so much like a headless chicken. She can go ahead and take the actions that she did, it doesn't matter because that's not the unbelievable part of the situation.

This entire plot point is like reading a story where a woman befriends a high ranking mafia member and then the author expects the reader and the main character to somehow find it surprising that the mafia member is a criminal.


Continue reading this review with a pinch of salt since this is my first written review. In short, unless you are someone who wants the lead to see a situation and understand that sometimes an act of small good can do more harm than good, and are just here to understand whether this is even worth reading, give it a try.

This story has an interesting world where magic is actually considered a forbidden practice. The style is pretty good and the story seems to be building up to be something bigger judging from the interludes. While the world is sort of dark, it's not enough to be considered a grimdark fiction so if you cannot take lead characters which have to get down and dirty with what they do and cannot swallow any morally questionable act then you don't need to worry. Honesty, I believe if you are reading this and are just like what I just stated, you should give this a try. For those who want to know why I dropped this, read the spoilers.

Well, I am going to keep this short. Melas finds out her teacher is a rapist. Magic is a forbidden practice in this world and his teacher is part of an organisation fighting to legalise it. The organisation, hereon referred to as DC, decides that they want her teacher to capture a fort and keep it under DC's control stealthily. He rapes the captain of the guards after taking them prisoner and Melas finds out. Her reaction is to free the captives, of an attack supposed to be kept under wraps , and to confront her teacher about his actions. Let it sink, she decides to talk to him after freeing the captives(who he planned to rape and thinks is his right beacuse of certain psychological scars) and making him fail his mission which is ruthless because the war to legalise magic is ruthless. And she expects hopes her teacher to understand that he is wrong after thoroughly destabilizing his mental faculties by giving him this blow. How she managed to kill her teacher after that is something that I can't even begin to comprehend. The only reason I didn't rate it further down is because the rest of the story is well done and I believe that for those that actually like these kind of MCs it will be an amazing novel.



I've been an avid reader of the original version for a while now. It's one of the few serials I read release-by-release, and of course, this rewrite is no exception.

Something I truly appreciate in any author is when they don't desperately try to chase the newest trend or meta, and writes purely for the sake of writing a good story. Genuine, heartfelt writing, in short. I've spent a huge chunk of my life slogging through this website, so believe me when I say: this isn't your usual regurgitated copy-paste isekai.

Everything a good fantasy story should have, Melas has in spades. An interesting cast of characters, solid worldbuilding, and a story that poses real, consistent challenges for its actors instead of going on a break for an instant gratification power trip every other minute.

This rewrite fixes the issues and rough edges that plagued much of the first take. The grammar is fixed, prose tightened up. The pacing issues that had been grating me on the original are now gone. I'm looking forward to what the author can do with this story now that they have so much more experience under the belt.


It is not my taste. The author told us it was weak to strong but this felt like those chinese novels with more plot armor and mary sue moments. I came thinking that Melas will grow as a character after the first tragedy or the second one that happened, but no I didnt get any of that for the first arc. She mary sue her way out of some many situation just for the plot to continue. This will be for other people but ill have to leave.


Melas, enjoyable read but with meh reviews.

Reviewed at: Chapter 82: Moving Forward

Melas really dosent deserve the negative reviews it is getting. Sure it isn't perfect, but many of the complaints I am seeing in the reviews below me are falling off mark and hitting all of my pet peeves. There are legitimate critisms that can be leveled at Delta's writing, but very few of the reviewers seem to be actually touching upon them.

My complaint is that Melas is not a Mary-Sue; This is a massive pet peeve of mine. The definition of a mary sue is "a type of female character who is depicted as unrealistically lacking in flaws or weaknesses." Melas is hopelessly naive, extremely paranoid, and frequently overconfident in her magical prowess. She is burned, figuratively, throughout the first arch which leads to both major trust issues and pathological need to find someplace that she could be accepted. This leads to her joining up with a terrorist group and overlooking obvious character flaws in order to find safety and acceptence in a world that, in her mind, simply wants her to die. There is some merit tho to the other definition of Mary-Sue that I see, where events in the world seem to conspire to push the plot forward for Melas. This is a writing flaw yes, but it isn't nearly as egregious as some of the reviewers seem to make it out to be. I sometimes feel like there is a coalition of neckbeards, for lack of a better word, that complain about muh-realism in webnovels. These are problems I see in reviews in many of the works I have read on both this website and others. 

My views on the other reviews aside, how do I feel about the 82 chapters of Melas that are currently out at the time of writing? Its enjoyable. Sure, the first "book" wasn't that good, but it does a decent job of introducing character flaws in Melas that she has to work to over come in the second "book." I feel like the bulk of the critisim that I can level at Melas is in that first book, which seems to be where the bulk of poor reviews are coming from. Again, I think they are overblown, but I can see where people are comeing from. For all I love me some Warhammer 40k, I really can't find it in me to enjoy grimdark stories, so it was good that the darkest parts of the story was at the very beginning so that it gives the Melas something to work towards. It may be a bit of a cheap narative trick, but I can't find it in my self to hate it. 

All in all, I really enjoyed this story, and look forward to seeing where delta takes this.


Good start, but got bored with story

Reviewed at: Chapter 38: Interlude III - The Saint

As the story starts out I find myself hooked.  I look forward to each next chapter & Melas , but after a bit it became meh.  The story has a very interesting premise but I became bored and dropped the series once I realized I didn't actually care what happened anymore.