Hilda Finds a Home

Hilda Finds a Home

by Urikson

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Hilda is a small paladin with a small dream. A home of her own where no one will wake her up at sunrise to do the dishes. Her path to glory will include a lot of dead rats and copper pieces. At least that's that plan. Who knows though? Maybe at some point something cool will happen to her. Unlikely. Nothing cool ever happens to poor Hilda... but who knows?

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This is an ongoing series that currently includes:

Book 1: Hilda Finds a home (Complete)

Interlude: How a Sad Giant Became Red (Complete)

Book 2: Dwarf to the Moon (ongoing)

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1. Dwarf (Town) ago
Hilda, level 5 ago
2. Djinn (Rest) ago
3. Great Hall (Level 1) ago
4. Rat (Level 1) ago
5. Guard Room (Level 2) ago
6. Ghoul (Level 2) ago
7. Doorbearian (interlude) ago
8. Giant Spider (Level 2) ago
9. Kobolds (level 3), part 1: "It's just a few Kobolds" ago
9. Kobolds (level 3), part 2: "Damn wands!" ago
10. Guard Room (level 2) ago
11. Corridor (scouting): "the bad kind of eaten" ago
12. Ogre (level 3): "From all points of view" ago
13. Something in the Woods (long rest) ago
14. Golems (dunno, like level 20?) ago
15. Goddess (level: you’ve got to be kidding me) ago
Hilda, level 6 ago
16. Lizardmen (level 2): "Judge/ commissar/ whatever" ago
17. Knight & Cleric (level 6): "What a shitty way to start a morning!" ago
18. Ghoul (level 2): Painful decisions ago
19: Corridor (level 0): “Just like in the stories!” ago
Chapter 20: Dwarf (level 4) "And you can feel my boob.", part 1 ago
Chapter 20: Dwarf (level 4) "And you can feel my boob.", part 2 ago
Chapter 21: Gargoyles (Level 3) “Statues don’t scratch their butts.” ago
Chapter 22: Dark Elf (Level 4) “Do you like my hair?” ago
Chapter 23: Trolls (Level 3) “Fucking Wizards!” ago
Chapter 24: Pantry (Level 3) “I expected this kind of microaggression from privileged human males.” ago
Chapter 25: Familiar (Level 3) “I’m kind of a monster” ago
Chapter 26: Slime (Level 3): “Probably not a shark. Maybe a massive jellyfish?” ago
Chapter 27: Ghoul (Level 3): “I’ll bash your skull in as soon as I get my everything back!” ago
Chapter 28: Great Hall (Level 0): "You eat that kind of thing, right?” ago
Chapter 29.1: Forest (Rest): “Maybe he thinks his dungeon teaches us something, Goddess forfend!” ago
Chapter 29.2: Forest (Rest): " By the time a pissed off Dungeon Master would be done with her..." ago
Epilogue: Home (Level 0): “Hah! I’m an anti-Dungeon Mistress!” ago
Interlude: How a Sad Stone Giant Became Red, part 1 ago
Interlude: How a Sad Stone Giant Became Red, part 2 ago
Book 2, Prologue: From Gloin' to Ghoulin' ago
Book 2, Chapter 1: Dwarf and Ghoul Grunting at the Door ago
Book 2, Chapter 2: No Peace Without Justice ago
Book 2, Chapter 3: Hammer to the Brain ago
Chapter 4: Single Digit Hit Points, part 1 ago
Book 2, Chapter 4: Single Digit Hit Points, part 2 ago
Book 2, Chapter 5: The Drow, The Dwarf, Her Ghoul & Their Buyer ago
Book 2, Chapter 6: Talking Down to Dwarfs ago
Book 2, Chapter 7: Baby Skull Based Economy ago
Book 2, Chapter 8: Pants on Fire, Truly ago

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First couple of chapters and this had my curiosity peaked.
Hilda and the rest of the characters are so entertaining and the way their personalities clash is really amusing and the commentary got me laughing more than i should.

Lovely stylistic quips and gaming lingo really gives you the atmosphere of a world where the characters are aware of their stats, skill trees and levels and it makes real the gamification of the story. The technical inner monologues about rules and skill choices really drive it home.

The characters are also very unique and have a twist of Irony and delight in the way they are portrayed, this is far from cliché and yet feels familiar. I love the talk of ethics and Hilda's perspective on the subject is  amusing and really refreshing . 

Really enjoying this one and moving on to the next chapter :)

Elena Krinskaja

What moves this novel is the great characterization and the author's occasional witty remarks. It stands out in the litRPG field by being inspired by old school tabletop RPGs, even board games, instead of computer games and as such has less level advancement and skill trees and the like than what you'd expect. I'm old anyhow, so this works just fine for me.

Since it's mostly based on a board game, the plot is quite simple without many twists or changes (though the last chapter did introduce a serious change to the direction of story and I'm very curious to see where the author is taking it). However, I found myself returning to this story again and again because the characters are so great. They feel like real people and you really want to know what happens to them. They aren't Mary Sues either and whatever they win, they win the hard way -- and they don't always win! The author really makes you feel what's usually just a cardboard cutout or a little plastic figurine...

Ralts Bloodthorne

I found the story to be interesting enough to hold my attention for the hour it took me to read it.

The style is different to me, as it's one of the RPG Lits, but at the same time the writer has a fun style that makes it something fun to read. The author isn't up his own butt about his story and obviously wrote it to entertain the reader rather than lecture them, which is nice. I liked the style and found it pleasant.

Grammar, there's a few little things here and there, but not bad. A few tense problems, but not enough to throw me out.

Story-wise, it's got good foreshadowing that you get a hint of the protagonist's final decision. It feels like a prologue, or an origin story, but it's still fun and self contained. There's enough sexual innuendo and tension to keep it a little fun there, but it isn't blatant, and the reasoning makes sense later. I enjoyed the story, just felt it had a couple little problems.

Now the characters. That's where the fun was. It's entirely character driven, some of the decisions the characters made had me smiling.

All in all, this is a good story, a good hour's read for a commute. You won't regret it.

Ernie Laurence

Instantly hilarious, properly disrespectful to everyone equally, and just a blast to read!  Between the brass dragon preaching Ayn Rand to the elf princess comments, I couldn't put this book down.  I'm a huge fan of LitRPG and this did not disappoint.


~Ernie Laurence, Jr.

Founder, Hero's Guild Publications

Author: Islands of Loar series.


Hilda Finds a Home is a fun and light read. Uri writes very well. It is well worth the time. I am sure you will enjoy it. The characters are consistent and interesting. The grammer is fine. The writing style is fun. The story is about a small minded Paladin trying to get enough money from a dungeon to buy a home



I absolutely loved "Hilda finds a home". The story and writing style kept my interest throughout. The author successfully injects this fantasy adventure with their own brand of humor, obviously intended for an audience of gamers familiar with D&D. Hilda the dwarven Paladin did indeed find a home....in my heart. Bravo!


Just started reading and its great

Reviewed at: 3. Great Hall (Level 1)

I was recomended this by a friend, said it wouldn't disappoint. So I nabbed it and started reading on my phone during my lunch at work. Its damn good and easy to follow. I look forward to finishing it up and seeing what else this author has as this story has not disapointed me at all. The characters are interesting and the story is written well.

Salome Jones

This is quite entertaining and clever. I had never thought about it before, because it's never discussed in movies, but dwarves and other non-human beings are a bit earthier than I had imagined. I actually love it when people imagine things I never would have, so this is fairly cool. It's much better than R. A. Salvatore's stuff.


Just from the concept I'm hooked! I've been waiting for a while for a good Interpretation for the genre and this light reading and whimsical characters is really doing it for me. I'm a bit early in the game but this looks very promising. I like Hilda and her quirks and the way she thinks about life.
Treasure hunting for a new home! What a cute concept!


There are very few stories with dwarf protaganists, there are even fewer with female dwarf protaganists. Actually, I can't think of any! So it's been really cool to find this story about a dwarf female.