A note from Urikson

A stat block for our heroine. I knew something was missing!

Hilda of Clan Hagamid, Junior Defender of the Third Hundred

5th level Dwarf Paladin (Oath of the Moon)
Hit Points: 35
Abilities: Strength 18, Dexterity 8, Constitution 17*, Intelligence 10, Wisdom 12*, Charisma 14 (*improved saving throws)
Skills: Elf Poetry, Diplomacy, Interior Design, Religion

Racial Abilities
Night Vision (passive): Your eyes can see more than light and darkness. Perceive any creature as long as it radiates heat.

Dwarven Resilience (passive): You’re not big, but you’re tough. Gain an advantage to all tests made to resist being moved, coerced or charmed.

Paladin Abilities
Divine Health (passive): You’re immune to poison and disease. Watching your cholesterol is still recommended.

Detect Alignment (At-will): Philosophers say that good and evil are subjective. They’re wrong. Instantly determine the alignment of a single creature by looking at it.

Turn the Unworthy (3/ Day): Illegal aliens must go home! Use this ability to banish chaotic outsiders back to their native planes.

Meteoric Smite: If it was good enough to kill the dinosaurs, it’s good enough to kill whatever’s giving you a headache right now. Use a single special ability or spell slot to add extra radiant damage to your next weapon attack. Higher level spell slots cause more damage.

First level spells (3 per day)
Blessing of the Moon: The Goddess loves you and wants you to succeed. Grant a +2 bonus to attack and damage test by all allies in close range.

Heal Wounds: Your hammer spells doom to your enemies, your touch brings solace to your allies. restore 1d8 hit points to a single ally.

Light: Though you see in the dark, others may not. Cause an object to burn with the brightness of a torch for 24 hours. You may end this effect at will.

Lunar Step: You are a paladin of all of space, not just the human planet. Alter the gravity affecting you to the gravity of any planet in the system.

Mending: It’s easier to destroy than to fix… but not for you. Cause a single mundane object to be restored to factory settings.

Meteoric Smite: A meteor to the face is no laughing matter. Add 2d8 points of radiant damage to your next weapon attack.

Restoration (ritual): Sometimes, a deeper healing is required to restore a hurt believer… Remove all negative conditions from a single ally.

A note from Urikson

I'll add another one with her first Judge level soon.

What do you think? Does this work? Am I missing something important? (Except for a drawing of the character. I'm working on it...)

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