Hilda Finds a Home



Chapter 22: Dark Elf (Level 4) “Do you like my hair?”


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Hilda noticed that the door was slightly ajar. As she approached, she heard throaty female singing coming from the room. She carefully peeped through the crack, trying to stay hidden in the shadows.

A dark elf with a huge white mane sat before a mirror and brushed her hair with a bejeweled brush. The room looked like every girl’s dream room if the girl was also a sadomasochistic, fascist, spider-fetishist. Many girls were.

“Good evening.” The dark elf said without turning her head. She was dressed in a red silk robe embroidered with black cobwebs and had a small, spider-tipped wand lying on the dresser within easy reach

“Good evening.” Hilda said, still hiding behind the door. Even if she didn’t have concealment she could still enjoy the cover bonus to her armor class.

“Are you going to attack me?” The dark elf winced as she struggled with a particularly resistant tangle in her great white mane. “All I have is this brush.”

“No…” Hilda said hesitantly. It was a very pretty brush, but it was also a very scary dark elf.

The drow sighed and turned around, looking at the dwarf like she was a pest. “Would you like to come in for some mushroom tea?”

Hilda scratched the tip of her nose. “Is it poisoned?”

“I’m a dark elf. What do you think?”

“Um… then not particularly?”

“Do you like my hair?”

“It’s very pretty.”




A note from Urikson

Based on a true story. Ish.

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