New Game (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 1)

New Game (Reborn as a Reluctant Demon Lord, Book 1)

by TitusGM

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Portal Fantasy. Isekai. A daydream of nerds everywhere, leaving behind their boring world and living in a fantasy one that is full of adventure. A daydream that became a reality for me and 1000 other Comic-Con attendees.

Except for me, it was more of a nightmare. Wanting nothing more than to find a way home, and also saddled with being the world's new [Demon Lord], I found myself trapped in a gamelike world and also somehow a part of the [Hero's] party.

So join me as I tell the tale of my struggles. A tale of levels and skills. A tale of cagey game admins and bugs. And a tale of our party's grand quest to defeat... Well... Me.


What to expect from this book?

1. A main character who is not overpowered (and instead has to go from near-useless to strong. Not just weak to strong). If you are looking for an OP [Demon Lord] who laughs at his weakling enemies... This isn't for you.

2. A meandering pace as the characters aren't told how a lot of the world works and have to figure it out themselves. (And because there are a lot of characters. Whose idea was it to have a party of 9? I blame Jake)

3. A tragedy. A lot of things are not going to go well for the protagonist. (Not that everything is tragedy all the time. There is humor, laughter, friendship, and even a mascot monster character who got way more popular than I expected. But this is not a story that will leave you uplifted and inspired after every time you read it).


Release Schedule and publishing information:

Book 1 is complete! I will include a link to book 2 once it has been started.

Feel free to give feedback, positive or negative.


Other notes

Book 1?

Yes, this says Book 1. There are probably going to be 3 books.

No, the plot as you can guess is not going to be tortured to drag out all the way to book 3. That would be ridiculous. If you can guess the plot of books 2 or 3 at any point before the last chapter of book 1, please use your clairvoyant powers for something more productive.


This story is intentionally told under the username TitusGM because the idea is that he was the one actually writing everything down what happened after it all is over.

I initially planned to answer everything in character on this site, but that just really didn't work out. If you want an in character response to a comment, simply prefix it with IC: (I also try to leave that as a reminder in the author's note after each new chapter)

Cover art?

Made by a friend who shall remain nameless at this time by his request

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Comic-Con ago
Chapter 2 - Party Time ago
Chapter 3 - Our First Fight ago
Chapter 4 - Hospitality Protocol ago
Chapter 5 - Overchannel ago
Chapter 6 - Cheesing the Tutorial ago
Chapter 7 - Trials and Tribulations ago
Chapter 8 - Prophecy ago
Chapter 9 - Quest Accepted ago
Chapter 10 - Tutorial Clear ago
Chapter 11 - A Warm Welcome ago
Chapter 12 - Monster Wave ago
Chapter 13 - Tale of Two Admins ago
Chapter 14 – Teamwork ago
Chapter 15 – Into the Dungeon ago
Chapter 16 - Boss Fight ago
Chapter 17 - Decisions and Daves ago
Chapter 18 - How to Train your Dave ago
Chapter 19 - Southward Bound ago
Chapter 20 - Swamped ago
Chapter 21 - Underwater ago
Chapter 22 – Earth Dungeon ago
Chapter 23 - Questions and Answers ago
Chapter 24 - Doom Fury (Interlude) ago
Chapter 25 - Undead ago
Chapter 26 - Fairwell to Faroff ago
Chapter 27 - Relationships ago
Chapter 28 - Grin and Bear it ago
Chapter 29 - Party Time… Again ago
Chapter 30 - Sam ago
Chapter 31 - Deepmine Town ago
Chapter 32 - Be Mine? ago
Chapter 33 - DeepMine Wrapup ago
Chapter 34 - The Long Road ago
Chapter 35 - Law and Prophets ago
Chapter 36 - The Calm Before ago
Chapter 37 - Wrath ago
Parallel Universe/April Fools Chapter - DaveVerse ago
Chapter 38 - Obstacles ago
Chapter 39 - Parting ago
Parallel Universe - Ottoverse ago
Chapter 40 - Ice to Meet You ago
Chapter 41 - PvP ago
Chapter 42 - ??? ago
Chapter 43 - Mount Doom ago
Chapter 44 - Patch Notes ago
Chapter 45 - Up in the Air ago
Chapter 46 - Lollygagging, Banditry, and Other Sins ago
Chapter 47 - Breakout and Ashlands ago
Chapter 48 - The Final Boss ago
Epilogue ago
Afterword, acknowledgements, and feedback ago
Book 2 coming soon! ago

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There is something wrong with this picture

Reviewed at: Chapter 14 – Teamwork

For starters, solid grammar, and interesting/diverse characters who each seem to have their own unique problems. The character jumps are a bit iffy especially when you have 4 to 5 of them one paragraph after the next. 

Onto the actual 'plot' this just screams frustration. They get isekaied into a world under the pretense of a game demo, so it's real. Then game elements become a thing and admins become a thing so it's a game. Then they have been there for months and the admins are willing to leave people there to enjoy their new lives supposedly indefinitely, so it's real? But the world is still being made and apparently it has a plot with a demon lord but it's buggy.. so it's a game? 

What makes this confusion even more infuriating is there is a main quest but it's only for the hero's party. The other 991 players can go do whatever they want but they are trapped in this world forever and even dying/disappearing from being killed but they are cool with it because hey their old lives sucked. Dying in a fantasy worlds alot better then living in their old lives.. 

Then there is this allusion to the fact that the world is screwing with their minds which screams they are either AI or their being mind screwed. 

Imagine "cabin in the woods" but without any of the underground scenes explaining why the victims are doing stupid things like splitting up or why the plot is not working exactly as planned. 

The most frustrating thing is it's has yet to be explained why the 'Demon Lord' actually seems to be the weakest class by a mile. How was this not one of the first questions? 






This story is about a poor protagonist who got Isekaied into some half finished LitRPG... as a demon lord. Which is an NPC class that is seriously screwed, when you start at level 1.

So far so interesting. Shenanigans happen, the MC has his problems and the plot slowly proceeds. But for all that the story is well written, it's too long. For me the crucial aspect here is the story spends too much time on hammering home the protagonists inability of leveling with a group. His solo-leveling is done very well, the attempts at leveling with a group before that could use some shortening imho.


Edit the following was written missunderstanding the authors intention. Apparently he intends to bring the current plot/ the plot of the first book to a reasonably quick end and wants to add new plotlines afterwards. I'm leaving it here in case people wonder why I altered the review:

The author mentioned he wanted to make it three books, while it feels to me that there is only really enough plot for one book. The story seems to be artificially drawn out. At the point where it could actually start wrapping up, we can expect two books more of the same.

The problem is I'm not sure what's supposed to fill two more books here. Chances are it'd be better if it just wrapped up and brought the story to an end.

Overall this seems like an unfortunate mixture between a webnovel and a bookstore novel. It has the pacing of a webnovel/series, but a plot like you'd find in a bookstore one. If you can deal with that it's a fine enough story, otherwise you might find yourself skipping for the plot to advance.


Really sucked me in, I couldn't put it down

Reviewed at: Afterword, acknowledgements, and feedback

If you are looking for a isekai novel that really takes things to a new and fresh level, this is the book for you. Don't expect things to be easy like some such novels, this book deals with loss, purpose in life, anger, and to what extent one must go to achieve their own dreams.

For a first book, this is a phenomenal work. It takes the classic isekai story, and twists it on its head. Style wise, it all really flows together smoothly. There were very few awkward transitions etc. The jokes made me chuckle, especially the meta jokes about isekai novels.

Grammer was really good, only a couple mistakes here and there; its not quite published book material, but its almost there.

With story, wheeeewhh its amazing! The litrpg aspects make sense in the context of the world, and it all seems very methodically planned. All of the places and locations that the party goes to are done so with intent, and, for the most part, not just to gain power.

The main character is fleshed out, and I found myself really drawn in to his internal dilemmas. The other characters also felt real, with their own flaws and motivations. They didn't seem to do things just cause plot dictates. A little more work could be done in showing this, and

showing some more of the grief that the main character experiences over "the death",

Overall, it was fantastic! Loved this book, and can't wait for the second one to be released.


The strongest part of what I've read (as part of a review swap) is the characters.  In a mere 10k word or 2 long chapters, the author has managed to introduce a quirky group of distinct characters.  Each is shown to have their own motivations, and deal with their predicament in a unique framework.  One character is only interested in protecting his son, one character thinks it's a good opportunity to start her hobby of stealing stuff.

There are problems with the style.  The first chapter is well written from a first-person perspective.  The second chapter though casually breaks the first-person perspective whenever it is convenient. Most people who read this probably won't care much about this.

The grammar is pretty much perfect.

The story is the same isekai'd into a game world that is pervasive on this website.  It is done well, introducing the concept slowly and in an interesting way.  The main twist on that genre is that it's a group of 1000 people, giving the writer the option to explore the dynamics as they have to interact with each other in interesting ways.  It's well handled, but conforms to most conventions.

Overall, if you are looking for a litrpg portal fantasy, this one will do the trick.


(Full disclosure, this review was done as a part of a review swap).

This story is about a group of people who were Isekai'd with the usual Isekai'd tropes, narrated by what seems to be the Future-self of the MC himself.

Although I don't really prefer 'Demon-lord' kinds of story, this is a very interesting novel and I am pretty much happy that this has a 'heavier' tone in the story rather than a 'light' happy-go-lucky one. 

In terms of Grammar, I have no problem whatsoever, it is very easy to read.

In terms of Style, Almost similar to how Light-novels are written and has a lovely straight-forward structure. Though the occasional 4th wall breaks aren't really something I like.

In terms of Story, I don't have much to say other than that it is pretty solid for now, though as the story is still in its first steps, can't really say.

In terms of Characters, I was kinda confused at first, but in the longer runs it became clearer and clearer to me, their interactions are very fun to see and each of them are very unique and interesting, and would love to see more of their life as it goes on.

I will watch your career with great interest.

PS - Not much to say, I am very bad at expressing my own thoughts and that this book was just entertaining that I forgot what I was about to say.



Let me just say, before I go into the review, is that it is rare for me to do reviews. I have done them, and will do them going forward, but I either do it because I like the author as a person, or I REALLY like the story. And in this case, I barely know the author, but the story is top-notch.

Alright, I'm going to start off by saying that none of the characters are flat. All of them have some sort of thing that gives them roundness, or at least all of the main cast is. Several characters have grown and changed, in both good and bad ways, and I'm only 16 chapters in. Very impressive, along with not making the character changes seem forced.

The plot and hook are very intriguing, I'm always a sucker for a good reluctant demon lord isekai, but the plot typically boils down to the same thing: The demon lord gets rejected by his (typically classmates) crew, and gets left for dead. Then he gains power, and either forgives or destroys his former classmates. This story is different, and it's plot has been among the most interesting I've read on this site. You have elements that are from various stories, such as

A system 'admin' that is a part(?) of the creation of this 'game', (lots of unknowns here, sorry) but the game is broken in various ways. The admin is here to help him


The grammar has thus far never been noticable, typically I would have found at least one or two small mistakes but I have yet to notice any in this fiction. I'm not really going to elaborate on this, because I'm not really qualified to say more.

Honestly, if you are reading these reviews, I'm going to assume you're on the fence about reading this. I'm telling you, it's worth the plunge. If you dislike it within the first bit, give it a little bit more time to develop. Especially I'd your problem is with the characters, the theme of this novel is character growth. It's worth a good read at minimum.


(Full disclosure, this was completed as part of a review swap)
This story follows a group of adventures who were transported into another world against their will. If you don't enjoy the isekai genre then this might not be your cup of tea. Like with most stories of this genre the goal for the main character is to go back home. Now what differs is that he has become the unfortunate villain and life is totally awful for him.

I personally am not a fan of the MC giving us narration at the being of the chapters, as it is pointed out by the MC, a giant spoiler and I feel takes away from some of the tension that could exist for Tidus, the "hero" or villain of the story.

The only other thing is that sometimes it is hard to keep track of whose POV you are looking from. There are clear indicators that it is switching but sometimes it's easy to overlook them or difficult to adjust to the constant shifting of POVs.

Now, what is great about this is that you really get to know the characters and get a more complete picture of what each character is thinking. Though that confuses me as well as the MC is narrating the story so how would he know their thoughts but that is easy to overlook.

The story has excellent use of grammar. Not too wordy but also not barebones. He is able to create good imagery and for a LitRPG, is able to keep the status stuff easy to understand. No spelling errors that I noticed and barely any grammar errors.

Another thing is he makes the story accessible to those who are new to the genre as he puts footnotes at the end of his chapter to clarify gaming lingo or common "weeb" language.

Your typical isekai story except that the MC is the villain and is royally screwed by the world he is in. He has to do his best to survive in this unforgiving world and he knows the goal of his "new friends" is to one day kill him. It's a struggle for him to raise his level as he also tries to think of a way to make it home while not drawing a lot of attention to himself.

I can only assume the MC becomes a promising [Demon Lord] as again he narrating from the future. But it is interesting to see his rise to power. This story gave me small hints of the story Everybody Loves Big Chests which makes me excited to read more as I look forward to the creative ways Tidus will gain his power and wonder if he is telling the story after he has defeated the [Hero] or is the [Hero] is coming after him.

The characters give a great variety of personalities. Almost every archetype is covered within the story from the chosen hero to the ice princess to fatherly figures. Whatever kind of character you are into, the story has a character for you. I personally felt bad for the MC for being judged because he was literally a normal man with a good life instead of having a tragic backstory.

My only gripe is that the group is a harem and therefore it pulls away from the characters slightly as it makes it slightly predictable how a character will act.