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Before the age of men, there was the age of gods, or some say immortals. Not many know for sure what these beings are due to the lack of information and contact. Only one thing is certain these so-called immortals or gods are beings that we cannot comprehend due to our capacity for knowledge there seems to be a barrier that separates us from the so-called gods. Humanity has always been a pitiful existence, we can never be at peace always in conflict both internally and externally, thus causing us to be stagnant in terms of evolution as a species. Liu Feng was raised by humanity but he is not of the human species, follow him on his journey as he finds his origin while struggling with his inner identity.

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Liu Feng's Badass Adventure

Reviewed at: Assistance

I must start by congratulating you on the beautiful world that you have crafted. It can be seen that you have put a lot of thought and love into your world building. 

Liu Feng is a great character and like all other in this story you have given them well defined and likable enough for them to become unforgettable.


Great World Building with a smart MC!

Reviewed at: Weapon

The very chapter introduces cultivation and the world in which this story takes place. Which is interesting because this is not a world where cultivation was always known but only became known 25 years ago!

So the MC is neither a pioneer nor a follower. The way humans get to know of the cultivation is also interesting because it is through an alien invasion! Ha! Never thought I'd come across something like this. Because of how different this was, the idea is very fresh and interesting.

Then there is the MC himself. He is an orphan and he knows the disadvantages it would bring with it! Hence when I see him capitalising on morally grey opportunities, I cheer because, where else would he get those opportunities from! I am very glad that MC was smart enough to get what he can.

The only thing that needs improvement is the grammar and needs just a little work, otherwise, it is a great novel! If you want to start a refreshing cultivation novel, I'd say read this. You won't regret it!


Ben Arisson

Great Action & Worldbuilding

Reviewed at: Labyrinth

This story is very dynamic and fast-paced, which I love. The author has masterfully allows the story to flow from scene to scene, which keeps the reader on their toes as they follow Liu Feng on his journey to develop and increase his cultivation level. It has a manga/Manhua/Manhwa feel to it, which I enjoyed. Through the author's descriptions, it was as if the panels were playing out right before my eyes. 

This world the author has created is alive, and most importantly, dangerous. The threats of the "Asura" and the wild beasts are felt even when they themselves aren't present. This very much due to how vital cultivation is and how deeply ingrained it is in their society (you can't even be a construction worker without Qi gathering 2, that's intense.) Continuing on the subject of world-building, the author has thoroughly and painstaking crafted every aspect of the world. The power system was very reminiscent of a video game skill tree and some of the better power/magic systems I have come across in fiction. 

The characters were also fascinating. Liu Feng, despite being down on his luck, has decided to grasp the opportunity given to him with both hands and is determined to do everything possible to make the most of it. Also, can I just say that Lei Jun is a total bro, like 100% good guy, he was such a nice dude that my spider senses began tingling, and I began to look for anything sketchy about him. Maybe I'm just scarred from the different times I have been burned by those kinds of characters idk. 

One note of improvement I would like to give is to proofread the work a bit more. While there were no glaring spelling errors, the were a few times the sentences all rolled up into each other. This problem can be fixed by just more closely monitoring your usage of commas and periods. 

Overall, a really great light novel with plenty of action and an exciting story path to explore.