Alex had always wanted to be an adventurer. The money, power, fame, and thrill of battle drew him in. Finally, he completes his training at the guild school, top of his class in almost every subject, and starts off his new life of protecting villages, and rescuing innocents. But rather than waking up in a tavern after his first job, he is in the entrance of a cave in the middle of nowhere. Not only that, but his perfectly trained adventurer body has been replaced by a baby dragon! Now, he must join an unlikely team to find out what happened to him and find a way to restore his lost humanity.

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Pretty good at everything. The world setting isnt the best ive ever seen, theres soemthing of a distinct lack of info presented, even for a WIP, but the interactions, conversations, and characters generally feel pretty good. And of course you cant go wrong with a main plot revolving around heckin dragons.


 Be it in one year or ten, i will remain subscribed until this story is complete.

There exist flaws, common to the inexperienced, but the heart of the story is special.

Even on hiatus, still worth being read.

Word count word count t t t t t t t t t t t t


Good idea, Disappointing execution

Reviewed at: 9: The Deal

Read up to and including chapter 9

While grammar is perfect, as far as I could tell, the characters feel bland. Pacing would be fine if it weren't for inconsistencies in what characters know, as well as plot points that come out of nowhere and have little to no effect on the story going forward. 


An old idea done right where others fail to do so.

Reviewed at: Freedom

I've enjoyed reading this so far. It doesn't suffer from poor writing and is fairly interesting. While the idea behind this novel is by no means original, I've found that on many reading sites, many stories where the main character turns into a dragon have extremely poor writing and grammar.

This thankfully hasn't suffered from that. I do have one complaint though. Chapter length. The chapters feel especially short. While the story does seem to update every three days, it feels like very little and leaves me slightly disappointed.

Other than that I have nothing else to complain about. I have enjoyed this and will gladly read more.


Great, would love more.

Reviewed at: Not a chapter

I loved reading this when it came out, and now that the author is showing signs of life, let's reveiw this novel.

A dragon-transformation story is done every now and then, and it's done well slightly less often. This happens to be one of the better ones. 

Most noteably, this novel has very few grammar mistakes. I'd say that there are no grammer mistakes, but my memory is god-awfull and I don't want to lie to anyone. What I can say is that a grammar mistake never took me out of my reading experience, and that's a lot more than I can say about some novels here.

The characters seem real. They interact like you might expect real people to, and have goals and motives for their actions. They all have methods to their madness. No braindead MC's here, nor are there the usual throngs of yes-men, harem members, stupidly arrogant/evil villians, or paper thin side villians.

The story seems rather mysterious, with questions being brought up and answered later through the MC's observations.

The style is fine, with good action scenes and not too much exposition or meaningless scenes mixed in.

I'd reccomend this story, though it'd be great if this story could get some more updates. 😎


This is very interesting! It was a good read! Great going!

The writing style is pretty good. The story is very interesting and well written.

Grammar is also ok. The characters are also nicely done.

Overall, it's a good read for those who like the adventure fantasy genre.


Very good action scenes. It really feels smooth to read the adventures of our dra... (spoilers) hero Alex. I have never read such a story like that before, even though some people say that is not original, but man the pacing is good, the action is well written. The description of the scenes is very detailed. What shows that the author really put his heart on his fiction. Give it a try!


The only positive thing about this story is the acceptable prowess of written English. The story content is rather underwhelming and cliche.

Spoiler: Spoiler

The world building is non-existent and everything feels like a bunch of tropes mashed together. We learn exactly nothing about the world, only that there is an adventurer guild and a quest Board. No Info about class systems, technology level, political makeup of countries, Basic geography... The story is basically lacking in every aspect and should never appear on trending *.