The Essence of Cultivation

by Agranulocytosis

After experiencing five years of an adventurer's life, Arcanist Sylar Wershin now spends his days catching up on developments in Essence Studies and teasing apart the functions of arcane trinkets and artifacts discovered by him and his companions throughout their time travelling the realms of Resham. An unexpected accident during the study of his latest subject of intrigue, however, displaces him across the Planes beyond what any known spell is capable of achieving.

Now finding himself lost in a realm rich in previously-limited Transcendental Essences, however, does he truly even want to return back to his old world? If nothing else, plagiarising - ahem, learning new spell structures by observing the local Mages should prove entertaining. Sure, there were new dangers in this foreign world, but they wouldn't be anything a fancy bit of spellwork couldn't solve.

Though, he would appreciate it greatly if someone could explain to him just what this 'cultivation' business was, why the local Mages were all muscle-brained freaks obsessed with immortality, and why they all seemed to lack any appreciation for the finer details of Essence manipulation. That would be nice.

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A perfect mash of wuxia and progression fantasy. The first wuxia which doesn't have arrogant young masters as a given, and a power creep which destroys further progression. I hope the author comes back from hiatus considering this story is one of the most unique blends I have read on RR.

Combat flows like a river, characters are realistic and not a cartoon copy of each other. The only flaw is that the MC is a bit too young from a logical standpoint, as it's hard to believe he retired while he was 18, started adventuring at 13 and slew a Demigod lich while he was a teenager. But other than that, I kind hardly find any fault. Be it major or minor. 


I enjoy the world. 

(I need 50 words w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w  w w w w w w w w w  w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w  w w)


Unified magic and cultivation with a clever MC

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

Our MC, a fairly accomplished mage, is transported to a world that utilizes the same energies primarily for cultivation. Now, while spellcraft definitly has its perks, its established fairly quickly that while the cultivators at first seem to be doing worthless exersises the results speak for themselves. Our MC wasts little time in diving into how to harness this new-to-him field of magical study, albit with less focus on punching things. 

At the time of writing this, the author intends to write when they can and inspiration strikes untill they have a sizable chunk before releasing it, so there probably won't be any posts for a while. I'm hoping it goes well and we'll get some rapid releases in the not to distant future. I also like the occasional exerpt from Sylar's notes on magic and hope they will continue. 


First off, you should read this. It is a good book and you should give it a try.

My only complaint is that the culture of the cultivators isn't like the culture in typical xianxia novels. The wording is a lot more western, and there are no phrases that typical xianxia novels have except for the magic/cultivation system terms. From this I can see that the author hasn't read much xianxia.

Other than that everything else is perfect: 5 stars.


I do not recomend for anyone to read this story. 

Do not get me wrong,  it is a great teaser for a story.  Really good infact... but after just 10 chapters the Author admits he doesn't plan to continue it and from starting the story did not ever intend to finish it.

I will never see how this story will end and that really bothers me. I would rather not be pointlessly teased.  I would hope that all authors would start with the intention of finishing their stories even if it doesnt always work out.  


John Jungman

Rather than a review, I thought I would use this space to encourage the author to continue this story. 

In the "classical" features of high-fantasy of whatever tradition - Wizard-Scholars and Warrior-Monks, new worlds and a likeable, competent protagonist with room to grow - there is much of value which endears itself to the reader, often by sheer familiarity. 

But to find a story which honors these more features and yet is written well and in a modern style I would chance to say is rare. 

Rarer still to find a piece which manages so naturally to blend the fantasy traditions of two distinct cultures. 

I understand that the author often doubts his own ability, frequently finding himself underserving of those many accolades and much praise he happens to recieve. 

I would imagine he regards his own position on the site's ranking with much chagrin. 

But I would encourage him to pay little attention (as he is likely already inclined to do) to such matters of deserving/undeserving and simply continue to do what he has done thus far - write the story, write it well, and have fun doing so. 

I, of course, write all this from the standpoint of pure selfishness. This story has been a source of great dissapointment for me for the past few weeks - simply because, from day-to-day, I hope for an update but am lefting wanting. 

Dive the Bookworm

This a story of a wizard nerd falling into a cultivation world by accident and geeking out. The tone fits exactly the dryly humourous person Sylar is, along with his overly analytical petspective. The author has done a great job with grounding his characters.

All I ask is that if this ends early, it ends with Sylar tackling a library. Maybe kissing it. That's his happy ending.