The Essence of Cultivation

by Agranulocytosis

After experiencing five years of an adventurer's life, Arcanist Sylar Wershin now spends his days catching up on developments in Essence Studies and teasing apart the functions of arcane trinkets and artifacts discovered by him and his companions throughout their time travelling the realms of Resham. An unexpected accident during the study of his latest subject of intrigue, however, displaces him across the Planes beyond what any known spell is capable of achieving.

Now finding himself lost in a realm rich in previously-limited Transcendental Essences, however, does he truly even want to return back to his old world? If nothing else, plagiarising - ahem, learning new spell structures by observing the local Mages should prove entertaining. Sure, there were new dangers in this foreign world, but they wouldn't be anything a fancy bit of spellwork couldn't solve.

Though, he would appreciate it greatly if someone could explain to him just what this 'cultivation' business was, why the local Mages were all muscle-brained freaks obsessed with immortality, and why they all seemed to lack any appreciation for the finer details of Essence manipulation. That would be nice.

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Amazing xianxia meshed fantasy world.

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

Probably one of the better xanxia stories on this site, and the meshing with typical magic systems is done pretty darn good. I really like less staright out fights and this story seems to be in that direction and done well. I also can't wait to see how xanxia crafting will be disected by the mc xD. The magic system at the start could be a little confusing especially the measurements but as the story goes on it becomes a lot better.

The characters are interesting and thought out, well mabey besides the first bad guys but that might be because of the low amount of screen time. The xianxia sects so far don't seem trivialized and while some might disagree the non xianxia style of writing definitely helps the story.( I always thought that the writing style of xianxia was its weakest part)

And while I understand the feeling of not being able to finish stuff I really hope the author resumes the story soon, it's just too good a a story to leave lying about. Even if every chapter is not perfect, the author has already shown that he's is a capable writer. Good luck and know that you a great writer! :)


Achetypal European Mages Vs Chinese Cultivator

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

This is a well thought fiction, with good worldbuilding. It is quite premature to judge this fiction as best.

Apparently this fiction at chapter 10 officially start a new arc and mind you it was hard to wrote good story so breaks are expected

Just because an author in breaks does not mean you are entitled to discredit his past chapter as garbage; when all those chapter actually good you average it as good not deducted it by 100


A fresh fusion of high western fantasy and xianxia

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

From the mind that brought the innovative real life science meets system novel "I became a [Biologist] in a fantasy world!} comes "The essence of cultivation", a novel in which a D&D esque fantasy mage plane shifts into a classic xianxia at world.

What sets this novel apart from all the other novels on the site that take two genres and smash them together like rocks, is that both systems are fleshed out, and then unified in a way that is very compelling. Despite our protagonist being a full fledged master, the pacing of the story is compellingly limited by the fact that he must adjust his spellcasting to a world full of muscle wizards.

Style: Very good. The magic system is crunchy and full of numbers, yet doesn't distract from the flow of the story with big old blue boxes filled with numbers. The worldbuilding, aided by the excerpts from various fictional in world writings, is also quite nice.

Grammar: No issues here. Agranulocytosis is a human in possession of a keen knowledge of cellular biology, in addiiton to either a proofreader, or a spell checker.

Story: It's good, or else I wouldn't be trying to write this advanced review. The only caveat, which the author addresses in the CH 10, is that there is a nonzero chance that the completion of the story may fall victim to life.

Character score: The protagonist is suprisingly likable. There is also a neat twist on the various xianxia character tropes among the natives of the world.


Eritis sicut Diabolus

What is this... Xianxia can be good?

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

I did not believe it was possible, but its true. At least, for this story. I do hope the author continues with the story, even if its not at the previous pace. I really enjoyed it, which is pretty novel for the genre as most of it is an absolute dumpster fire fueled by rancid feces.


Great story. Not what I what I would typically read as I like a low level beginner MCs in my stories, but great for what it is. It shows that the cultivation world has it's own unique advantage. Good counter to "Dead Tired" which to quote another reviewer seems to be less satire and more an outlet for the author's "hate boner" for cultivation stories. Young Master Template is a better example of satire.


Muscle Wizard casts Fist!

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

Not actually.

High Level D&Desque Wizard accidentilied into a Cultivation setting and proceeds forth to ~~science~~ magic the shit out of everything.

I'll say right off the bat. I'm not one for Cultivation novels. They always seem prone to over the top absurdism and almost always suffer from unchecked power creep.

But in this, I deeply empathize with the MC's bewilderment and desire to logically map out what otherwise tends to be a nonsensical genre.


A clean and well written story.

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

A clean and well-written story thus far with an excellent set of explanations for the fantasy elements many stories lack. The writing and grammar are both well done. The fact that it's written in a world traditionally reserved for wuxia/xania but is English-first provides a great contrast from many of the poorly translated novels in the same genres. Mixing in a more traditional western approach to magic systems makes it nearly unique in all but parody stories (a genre of which this doesn't appear to belong). 

I look forward to whatever the author writes next.

Haris S.

Great story, very enjoyable and entertaining! No pressure to the author in the future, no matter if the series continues or not as long as you're enjoying writing if not it's fine moving onto other projects. It's a unique story idea in of itself with a mage in a Wuixa themed world.


Mage finds foreign magic system, New Sub-Genre!

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

Good novel premise,

Good novel magic system,

Decent characterization,

Good grammar,

Good style!

Yee gods it's a gem, a beautiful little flower in here amid the dross!

Author, by gum, have no fear of lacking plot. As long as the characterization remains mostly consistent, I could read about years of secluded research and enjoy it.




Needs to be more than an intro.

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

These sort of situations with webnovels sadden me. Simply put, what we have here is a great foundation for a story, a relatively novel perspective on some otherwise somewhat dried up genre's. But that's all we have, a story concept. To qualify as a story you need a few key things, one of those being a 'chapter 1' to follow your 'prologue'. This is only a prologue.

As much as I'd love to rate this higher I can't in good conscience rate a 10 (short) chapter story 5/5. And a prologue does not deserve a spot on the top 5 of this website.

If the author comes back and dumps another 20-30 chapters that are all of this quality or better? Yea, i'd consider bumping to a 4.5 or MAYBE even a 5/5, but for now, i'll leave it as 4/5 as a sign of "I like what i've got, but we need more." 

As far as the review of the story goes it's hard to say the core concept is a merge between a "standard fantasy" magic/class based system and an isekai into a Wuxia/Xanxia novel. It's very cleverly done.... 

And that's it. That's the 10 chapter story. I don't know why it's got such mad reviews and ratings.