The Essence of Cultivation

by Agranulocytosis

After experiencing five years of an adventurer's life, Arcanist Sylar Wershin now spends his days catching up on developments in Essence Studies and teasing apart the functions of arcane trinkets and artifacts discovered by him and his companions throughout their time travelling the realms of Resham. An unexpected accident during the study of his latest subject of intrigue, however, displaces him across the Planes beyond what any known spell is capable of achieving.

Now finding himself lost in a realm rich in previously-limited Transcendental Essences, however, does he truly even want to return back to his old world? If nothing else, plagiarising - ahem, learning new spell structures by observing the local Mages should prove entertaining. Sure, there were new dangers in this foreign world, but they wouldn't be anything a fancy bit of spellwork couldn't solve.

Though, he would appreciate it greatly if someone could explain to him just what this 'cultivation' business was, why the local Mages were all muscle-brained freaks obsessed with immortality, and why they all seemed to lack any appreciation for the finer details of Essence manipulation. That would be nice.

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Magic and cultivation mix

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

A story where magic and cultivation mix. I have been waiting for a story like this for a while. There have been a few that mix in some respect, but they almost always keep them separate or play down one for the other. This one doesn't do that and I am immensely grateful to have come across this gem.


A story with all 5 star reviews is deeply sus

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

I was sceptical of the five stars across the board in reviews.

I figured I'd give it a read and give a more realistic grade.

I have now read it and based on storytelling, enjoyment factor, characterisation and readability have left the appropriate grade.

My favorite parts:

-the magic and cultivation system
-Protagonist actually reads like someone who thinks things through as a proper mage should
-master of his trade, yes prefectly reasonable as a person
-obligatory apprentice is actually pretty nice
-imagining what he looks like from the point of view of a native is unintentionally hilarious


I love this take on magic and cultivation. The system itself is both straightforward and complex enough to give a grasp on what is actually going on while still being mystical. 

I very much love stories where a smart character is puzzling out a power system, and this delivers. He hasn't made much progress yet but he has put together lots of clues already.  Personally I am betting fate/fate cultivation improves his perception. 


Amazing story, just a shame there isn't more

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

As mentioned in other comments, this basic mage in standard fantasy world get isekai'd to a cultivation world. The mc seems like an actual intelligent mage unlike in other novels like this. He doesn't insult the local's intelligence (too much anyway) and tries to understand why they do what they do. I don't want to say anything else because it is a story that deserves to be read immediately. Get to it!


The Enlightenment of Cultivation!

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

For the same reason I fell in love with Mother of Learning, Agranulocytosis has developed a scientific foundation for the mystical elements of the universe that allows any reader to ponder the endless possibilities available to the curious and creative main character who needed 50 words to finish his review. 


It’s Quality over Quantity and I Love it!

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

Highly recommended book though it might take some time to get used the math and magic system it is great though, just a warning you should read a cultivation novels before hand to understand this book better if you have then you will understand that this is a master piece. Though if you haven't though it would take a few more minutes to put things together. The author also puts notes at the end for some clafication on how magic/cultivation works.

Grammar 5 stars haven't seen any mistakes (I'm considered a better than average reader when it comes to grammar, so I can say it's good so far really good.)

Style score 5 stars I don't find anything wrong with it and it might depend on you (but for me it's 5 stars.)

Charater Score 5 stars his charater is just the way I expect it. (My opinion might differ so you have to decide yourself) his charater as a mage is basically what it is, which means curious about new things and trying to figure out its nature, also trying to become stronger. He is a bit different from other Mages in a sense that he is not arrogant and treats people alike, which is just my cup of tea.

Story score 5 stars (subject to change since I've only read 10 chapters) it's basically what the title states, Essence of Cultivation though for people that need more clarification, it means what cultivation really is and it's nature.

So overall 5 stars so far haven't seen a reason for a lower score or problems that are too small to matter. (subject to change after chapter 10)


First time rating a fiction in five years on this

Reviewed at: 10. Sure as Fate (3)

The logic of the story fits to a T. As previously stated it's a crossover of mage and wuxia/xianxia that doesn't just shit on it. Phenomenal writing, character development, and no grammar mistakes that I noticed.  My only problem with this story is that there aren't more chapters. Granted that's the only acceptable problem to have but still, I'm big mad.


Fantastic start to the story. The MC is smart and capable, but not OP. He seems well adjusted and is aware of both his strengths and weaknesses.

For that alone I would rate this story highly, but what makes it a cut above is the author's absolutely brilliant creation of a unified theory of magic that makes both fantasy arcane magic and xanxia cultivator stuff equally valid and workable depending on how you approach it. The MC nerds out about it just enough to reveal the details and underpinning theories and classifications and it's just *chef's kiss*

The plot is still in the place setting stage, but the characters and system are so fantastic that I've already hopped into the bandwagon and am eager to see where this ride goes.


Interesting mix of Western style adventuring, Eastern cultivation, and academic research all with a well thought out magic system. Even going as far as to have established tables and units of measure, puts a hard-fantasy feel while the actual spells are some soft flexible application to leave you wondering what is possible.

The characters are fascinating and while some are walking tropes we're seeing hints to some good depth from the rest.

Looking forward to where everything leads.


Mage in a Cultivation world without mockery

Reviewed at: 9. Sure as Fate (2)

For a lot of these novels, where the author tries to subvert expectations and tropes, it can come off as a mockery of the xianxia genre. Stories will have the MC dismiss cultural norms and stomp enemies with impunity. In this story, both the MC's world and the immortal world feel fleshed out and alive. Given what's been laid out for both worlds, their methodology makes sense and doesn't come off a contrived plot point for the MC to exploit. 

The grammar in this novel flows well, and there's no noticeable issues for me to comment on it negatively. 

The side characters display a lot of the common xianxia tropes, but they don't come off too heavy. The way they react to scenarios is reasonable, and there’s not just immediate reactions to perceived attacks on egos.

The premise isn't too unique but I enjoy how the author has written so far. There isn't a pressing plot line other than the exploration of the cultivation system, but there are underlying events that have occured that the author could pick up and implant into the story.

Overall I would recommend reading the story, the only thing now to hope for is that the author doesn't burn out from writing too much while still maintaining a good schedule.