The Essence of Cultivation

The Essence of Cultivation

by Agranulocytosis

After experiencing five years of an adventurer's life, Arcanist Sylar Spellsight now spends his days catching up on developments in Essence Studies and teasing apart the functions of arcane trinkets and artifacts discovered by him and his companions throughout their time travelling the realms of Resham. An unexpected accident during the study of his latest subject of intrigue, however, displaces him across the Planes beyond what any known spell is capable of achieving.

Now finding himself lost in a realm rich in previously-limited Transcendental Essences, however, does he truly even want to return back to his old world? If nothing else, plagiarising - ahem, learning new spell structures by observing the local mages should prove entertaining. Sure, he will face new dangers in this foreign world, but they wouldn't be anything a fancy bit of spellwork couldn't solve.

Confused though he may be by this ‘cultivation’ business that the local mages practise and their lack of appreciation for the finer details of Essence manipulation, he nonetheless discovers that perhaps there are hidden depths to both their arts that each side has yet to fully realise. 

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RPG mage goes to the Cultivation world

Reviewed at: Sure as Fate (1)

Enjoyable read. I am looking forward to more chapters!

Both the mage MC and the Cultivation world are given due respect. No lol curbstomp or nerfing here on either side.

Overall the story is well done. No complaints for grammar or style.

Edit: Upping the rating to 5/5 stars, since its really good and I find myself coming back to this page and refreshing, hoping there was an update ;p

Can I praise it more?

Definitely worth reading. 


I've just binge-read this. It's great. First time I've seen a cross genre novel that's not just a Fantasy/Xianxia fan shitting on the other side. No 'look at the way these stupid locals are doing things' here.

Great grammer

Believeable characters

(avoids falling into the obvious pit traps in both genres.)

Plenty o' style

Story's to early to judge! (lol)

No complants yet! 😎


So far it is a fun journey.  A traditional mage is deciphering cultivation and (eventually) powering up beyond both systems. 

The mc isn't a comedian but throws around some dark humor occasionally. 

Too early to be sure but it's been interesting. Hope the author keeps up the good work 


So this is a cultivation story, but with a unique twist. The protagonist is from a plane less rich in magical mojo, but has an unfortunate run-in with a teleportation artifact from a Lich's treasure hoard and gets sent to cultivation land.

The cultivation system and magic system are essentially two sides of the same coin, with the mages being completely unaware of cultivation, while the cultivators have some limited experience with spells, or as they call them, Spiritual Arts. We haven't seen very much of the rules of the cultivation system yet, as the protagonist is just barely beginning to learn it himself, but hopefully we'll learn more of the rules later. The magic system is far more well defined, and of a sort I don't think I've ever seen before, and is remarkably well defined.

Even the grammar is good, which is really delightful to see in cultivation stories, the characters seem good so far, though we're only 9 chapters in, the story is great so far, and the style is entertaining to read.

Overall, highly recommended, the only downside is that the story is relatively new, so there aren't to many chapters yet, but that issue will hopefully resolve itself shortly.


The story hits just my spot dealing with a mage that gets transmigrated into a cultivation world of new paths, techniques and more resources and absorbing all the advantages and knowledge to become greater. At first it looked like the other world was backwards but some signs have appeared that cultivators take stuff to vague leading to defficencies and the same goes for mages that follow the rules too much without questioning or trying absurd stuff. Our mc seeks to combine the two, leading him upon a greater path.

As of chapter 10 the story has been great in all aspects and not once have I felt like something didn't fit, any grammar issues were blaring or noticeable and the characters (especially our mc mage) were interesting although with some classical tropes ( e.g. cheeky merchant that acts like a small brat sometimes ) though those were some minor inconveniences that did not distract from the story or break my flow and seem to be getting better (or vanishing :p).

Excited to see where the story is going and hope the pace of releases can stay the way it is (after the holiday days are over, naturall). Finally, author, just write the story the way you want; you don't charge for it so there are absolutely no obligations to you, the story surpasses many other on this site and the rating and ranking are proof of it so don't put yourself down over some bad reviews or comments. No matter how good you write a story, there are always people that just don't identify with a character, don't like a theme the story focuses on or are just jealous that they can't write a story this good themselves. This is your story and as long as you like the story I believe many others will too.


All-around awesome story. I can only recommend it.

Grammar almost flawless, pacing is great and the characters are fleshed out.

Whats even better, is that the world-building is well-thought out and neither the original, nor the cultivation world gets nerfed/ stomped.

The main character is likable and in "3D", not like the usual protegonists. He is plagued by endless curiosity and a burning desire to understand the new world around him.


Scientific approach to cultivating/magecraft

Reviewed at: 9. Sure as Fate (2)

A well-thoughtout magic/cultivation system with realistic characters and interesting monologues from the main character who is a traditional fantasy mage thrust into a Eastern cultivating world. Worried that we might start to see some arrogant young masters in the coming chapters though based off of the response of the Elder Disciple talking to the MC. A great and very interesting story overall though!


Fantastic story concept, I love the idea of joining the worlds of fantasy together and having the opposites learn from each other. I am also a fan of the MC being an inquisitive and logical sort instead of hot headed and short sighted like so many are anymore. The world being is not rushed and does a great job of explaining both schools of thought in this fantasy realm, I look forward to seeing more from this author and their story. 


Great story, less filler both in word count and characters than usual for the genre, good grammar, and an exciting premise. The abstract does a good job explaining the plot/setting the premise, so read that. 
The side characters do have depth to them, that to me wasn't visible in the first couple of chapters.

As more reviews get added, a singular becomes less necessary, but I will leave my original in a spoiler below:

TLDR: Try out the first chapter

Great premise, seems in line with Author's other works on RR. Though I do hope that this story will be continually updated in contrast to those other two :)

The world is believable both in regards to Sylar's old and this new cultivation world. With a focus on the wider worldview and not going wild on describing locations. This leads into characters and "props" being described well (for my tastes). Don't know if I'd even prefer more in-depth descriptions of bottom-rung towns/sects etc. or if I'm just used to more flowery language in Chinese webnovels.

Style and grammar are great and keep to the quality of the first chapter. 

Characters are fun, and there are fewer of them than usual in the setting. But they are samey. I assume that it's because of slight-spoiler reason:

Sylar can't speak the local language nor does he get the local cultural nuances yet

There are some differences to characters, and that might be accentuated by future characters being more high-power with different archetypes etc. (also to clarify it's the personality of the characters that seem samey, not their role/the way they act which is great, it's the way they react? for a lack of a better word).
And in regards to fewer characters, that also seems to extend to fights and such where the focus doesn't go to the observation of the fight as seen from the POV of 2 random passersby. 

All in all a recommend, and my guess is that I'll have to up the character score in 10-ish chapters. 



D&D-esque mage transmigration into xianxia fantasy

Reviewed at: 9. Sure as Fate (2)


Some of the explanations for the way the magic works are confounding and pseudoscience-y in multiple paragraphs of nonsense. If you're OCD about having to understand every sentence in a book with perfect clarity, this isn't the book for you. I know this sounds like I'm being critical of the system, but on the contrary, I like the soft elements and the lengthy multi paragraph essays on the way the magic works. I'm not able to discern all of it, but I can understand the general jists. Less info dumps would be better, but I understand they are necessary when developing complex magic systems. This is a hard magic system with soft elements. 


The main character is a lot of fun and a rarity in published works (less so on RR). He is an intelligent, bookish guy, who is a magician at heart. He doesn't want to learn how to punch things harder, or learn how to become another magic swordsman in the already huge swathe of them on RR. He is a true mage that develops his own creative spells to handle the brutes. I like this.

The side characters have a lot of potential for development, and the author does a good job with them playing off the xianxia over-the-top tropes without it being excessive.


Never any dull moments. The story continues to unfold at a good pace. Interesting events happen that keep the plot rolling. The only thing worse than a story with zero plot development are when the driving plot events are frustrating and just plain bad.

This story doesn't stagnate with the MC just hunkering down to cultivate for endless amounts of chapters. I think what this story does right is that there is always something interesting going on while he's practicing his magic. For example, instead of training alone inside a mountain cave for weeks until the next breakthrough like in some novels, he's actively involved with training his little apprentice into teasing her helicopter father for him WHILE he is practicing his craft. The dialogue can be pretty funny at times. Small bouts of isolative training would be okay, but I dislike when stories have the huge slog where we as the readers  have to grind chapters for them to grind their  experience points/cultivation.


I like his writing style. I HATE when books become reduced to American Colloquialisms. This story doesn't have that problem. Beyond that, I'm not qualified to comment on anything regarding style.


The grammar is good. I'm not an editor, so I can't really go too into detail here. I can say grammar won't impair your enjoyment of the story.