Sasha finally found someone different than all the rest; Yatsu claimed her interest with but one touch. But Sasha was different too. She had already fallen in love with something. How dangerous will it be for Sasha to fall in love with someone as well? (Yandere inspired story) Mature 15+ for Violence, Gore, Language and Sexual Scenes.

Divided into two (soon to be three) parts. Part One: is about Sasha's rise to popularity, even though she never meant to become popular. Part Two: Sasha falls for Yatsu and their relationship grows with each passing day, against the will of others. *Cutesy Romance + Drama* Part Three: Pending (but you can guess what's coming).

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The Yandere Darkling

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
0. ~Seven Years Ago~ ago
1. ~First Day~ ago
2. ~Challenge~ ago
3. ~Little Pink Bunny Rabbit~ ago
4. ~Stupid Girl~ ago
5. ~Bet~ ago
6. ~Terrified~ ago
7. ~Acting~ ago
8. ~Spinning~ ago
9. ~Yatsu~ ago
10. ~That felt good~ ago
11. ~Rage~ ago
12. ~Like you would do that~ ago
13. ~Heart-Shaped Sticker~ ago
14. ~Impossible~ ago
15. ~Moron~ ago
16. ~Help Timmy and his dog cross the bridge~ ago
17. ~Rejection~ ago
18. ~Don't tell anyone~ ago
19. ~If that's okay with you~ ago
20. ~The three words~ ago
21. ~Pervert~ ago
22. ~Don't ever let go~ ago
23. ~That looks Yummy~ ago
24. ~Soft~ ago
25. ~I'll tell you, but~ ago
26. ~You don't want to know~ ago
27. ~Fine~ ago
28. ~Lost~ ago
29. ~Scribbling~ ago
30. ~Childish Games~ ago
31. ~Oooooh, shit!~ ago
32. ~Echo~ ago
33. ~Trapped~ ago
34. ~Raccoon~ ago
35. ~Familiar~ ago
36. ~Princess~ ago
37. ~Nervous~ ago
38. ~Flinch~ ago
39. ~Circles~ ago
40. ~Wittle Brwother~ ago
41. ~Again~ ago
42. ~Lie~ ago
43. ~Protect~ ago
44. ~Poor Kid~ ago
45. ~Afternoon Coffee~ ago
46. ~Dazed~ ago
47. ~Panic~ ago
48. ~Video Camera~ ago
49. ~Promise~ ago
50. ~Diva~ ago
51. ~Ugly~ ago
52. ~Fun~ ago
53. ~Shouldn't~ ago
54. ~Balls~ ago
55. ~Snowing~ ago
56. ~Dangerous~ ago
57. ~If I Win~ ago
58. ~Pew Pew~ ago
59. ~Kisses~ ago
60. ~Influence~ ago
61. ~Hot Chocolate~ ago
62. ~Scared~ ago
63. ~Obsessed~ ago
64. ~Eight Years Ago~ ago
65. ~Dojo~ ago
66. ~Fuzzy~ ago
67. ~Invitation~ ago
68. ~I don’t Care~ ago

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Interesting Premise and Execution!

I love the style the author uses to create an engaging story! His use of never letting you know what certain characters are thinking or feeling adds to an intelligent form of writing that feels cerebral!


I love the premise, and the story sticks to it pretty aptly! I just wish it tried to discover some use of themes or concepts. I think the author has a good enough control of his story to start doing that at some point for sure. Another thing is the characters can take away from the story. Mainly because the story heavily revolves around them.


Grammar errors can be seen from time to time, but I think a lot of that has to do with the creative way he tries to design sentences a lot of the time. It really adds to the style for me! 


The problem I have with the story and the reason it will probably not draw a lot of people in is the Characters. I really feel like they are built using preconceived cliches drawing from a variety of resources. Mostly anime. The use of dramatic hair colors, and the overall silly way some situations play out makes the characters lack realism! 


Ex. In one of the early chapters we see Sasha join a Dojo. She states that she will break another disciples arm, and as the match plays out she immediately breaks their arm. This is totally fine! We could see some real character development in the form of her being prosecuted and sent to Juvenile detention, but instead the master of the dojo tells some other people to call the police, and then drops it completely. He even offers extra stuff for doing it. 


That…Well that hurts immersion! It can be unrealistic, and makes the story feel like it is being forced forward by the author as opposed to the author telling the story. It makes me feel like the world is really wonky and anything can happen, and that just kind of makes me lose empathy for all of the characters.


Overall the story is a fun read as long as you are looking for something entertaining. I would say if the author can just weave better situations to discover the characters traits I would be on board to call this a really exceptional story.  I would say right now though the characters weird and sometimes random actions are holding it back.


I enjoyed this, Read it if you like romance with a sense of dark comedy / weird characters.


The yandere intensifies...

sasha is just great! she is lovely.... most of the time =P 

the chapters are rather short so I would love to read it more often or for the autor to release longer chapters.

Grammar is great by the way.

I really recomend this fiction, everybody loves yanderes!

Keep it going autor!!!


Short, but Sharp and Polished

Well, i liked what i read, so i tried to review it : when i was summarizing the bad points of your story (well, i was just writing down everything thing i didn't like) it boiled down to two things.

  • Chapter are too short (or there are not enough of them)
  • Sometimes i find myself kinda lost.

It's not all about shortness, but you usually end chapter in a cliff-like way. It's abrupt. It's sort-of stylish, also, i'm just complaining because i would like to dwell a little more in those delicious character psyche.
Well, i also find your story quite polished, but sometimes, due to your concise description, i'm a bit lost. It usually happen when things move fast, and it kinda blur the action to me. But take no offence, i can't call this a flaw has i have no clue where the problem lies : your efficients sentences or my lacking mastery of english.

Well. I like your characters, i like your stylish style, it kinda feel like a light novel but with feeling really like a light novel. Sasha is a lovely and perfectly mad & dangerous creature, Yatsu is perfectly plain and strong-willed when it matter most.. Eva is nicely pictured, lively and stuff. 
Most scene made sense, are interesting, and you can't help but feel empathy and other things along Yatsu eva and Sasha.

It's sharp, short and polished. I really loved It.

And when i'll read it again, i'll make a good looking advanced review



Sasha reads like "Indy" film from a thoughtful director.

Yes I proofread Sasha, but only because I love the story, or lack of one ^_^ So let me approach this review as someone recommending this story to a reader.

First of all  Sasha is not a high octane action adventure about a Protagonist looking to stop an Antagonist from taking over the world. Not even close.

Sasha is a day to day, character driven, plot-less story, about an (oddly interesting but violent) pretty girl MC who transfers into a new school and attempts to fit in, in her own ruthless way. Then she sets her eyes on this adorable weakling named Yatsu, who has an “effect” on her. (you have to read it! :0)

Now as this budding romance is playing out, at its own pace since the author writes in scenes. You the reader will get sucked in more to what all of the characters, (especially Sasha) are NOT SAYING. And those things not said, begin to leak out. And now at this point “Scene 45” we are seeing what could be the formation of an overarching plot.

The draw to the story, and why Sasha readers are so loyal is because the scene-driven storyline, set mainly in around the school, is interesting. Things happen every scene. Strange things, violent things, dark things, absolutely hilarious things happen.

The story is sticky, you always want to know what happens next’re actually watching the characters grow from dilemma to dilemma you’re voyeuristically waiting to see what they do next (and to each other).  People go to the hospital. Limbs break. Bullies are assholes. But everyone is generally nice...AND HIDING THINGS and keeping secrets…so weird @[email protected]

The characters are fun. All of them strange. My fav characters are Sasha’s little loli sisters, Miyu and Luna..(those little girls are unapologetically bad!) The closest character you will identify with is Yatsu, because he seems to be the only one convinced that things around include Sasha...are simply not normal and there is something going on...he can’t quite place it though.


Style and Grammar, the way I like it: Clean, minimalist, and the author doesn’t care for info dumps or useless purple prose. If this were a film it would be in the tradition of the Cohen brothers, Fargo. Scene for scene interesting and odd. And once these characters catch you, you will get sucked in.

The only story wise issue I have personally is that sometimes all of those “things not said” along with a young-journeyman author’s dialog can come across “vanilla” at times and at worse “too vague” even dreamlike. My answer to that is, keep reading ^_^