Romantically Apocalyptic

Romantically Apocalyptic

by Vitaly S Alexius
You are walking west. You find a wishing well. You wish for it to grant infinite wishes for every human being on earth. The Universe is now broken. The current weather is apocalypse with chances of fallout and nuclear winter. Also, everyone is dead. Good job. 


A post-apocalyptic, dark comedy that I've been working on since 2005.
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Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: The Dead Zone ago
2: Questionable Things ago
3: Ogling ago
4: The ogled ago
5: Citizenship ago
6: Moons and Doors ago
7: Rememberance ago
8: Smiles ago
9. Tunnel letter ago
10. Stewardess me ago
11. Struggle for Xmas ago
12. Under the Sea ago
13. Loot and Acceptance ago
14. The Cinema ago
15. Trains ago
16. Left Behind ago
17. The Underground ago
18. The Prophet ago
19. Ice Sculpting ago
20. The Hunt ago
21. The Bench ago
22. Takeout ago
23. Rubix Cube ago
24. Traffic lights ago
25. Radiations and Pineapples ago
26. Candy Mountain and Roadlessness ago
27. Rememberances ago
28. Fairies ago
29. Duplication ago
30. Abduction and Dissection ago
31. The candle ago
32. Deep thoughts ago
33. Of Pants and Bombs ago
34. Shrinkage ago
35. Real Estate ago
36. The purse ago
37. Ring ring ring ago
38. The eyes of the city ago
39. The wraith ago
40. Fun and Butterflies ago
41. Showers ago
42. The Order of Dillon ago
43. Urges ago
44. Relaxing ago
45. Gravity ago
46. Mirrors ago
47. Poppins ago
48. Offers ago
49. Rejection ago
50. Cool guys don't look at explosions ago
51. Running away ago
52. Plotting away ago
53. Special friends ago
54. Served ago
55. The bunker ago
56. Relaxation interruption ago
57. Flying machine ago
58. Authority ago
59. Last requests ago
60. Dreaming ago
61. Of another place in time ago
62. Sushification ago
63. The Infomatic parable ago
64. Questing ago
65. Apologies ago
66. Sailing ago
67. Whale life ago
68. Friendly food ago
69. Lifalope ago
70. The Transfer ago
71. Life and Death ago
72. Tag ago
73. Reintegration ago
74. Love and coffee ago
75. Fireworks ago
76. Temporal Disruption ago
77. Catted ago
78. Apotheosis of Technogenesis ago
79. Fashion ago
80. Resume ago
81. Shooooes ago
82. Signs of life ago
83. Carriers ago
84. Boxed in ago
85. Fridge collector ago
86. Socklandia ago
87. Fridays ago
88. Snow ago
89. Duplication ago
90. Plumbery ago
91. A visual examination ago
92. Do not the mug ago
93. Ladybug ago
94. Cleaning my room ago
95. An offer ago
96. The Uprising ago
97. Time ago
98. Following ago
99. Helpfullness ago
100. Accusations ago
101. Love polygon ago
102. The Real Captain ago
103. Concentration ago
104. Event horizon ago
105. Temporal Dislocation ago
106. Glacier mystery ago
107. Dislocation ago
108. Amber of Snippy ago
109. The Mod ago
110. The Word of death ago
111. Chalice knights ago
112. The Holy Grail ago
113. Black hole princess ago
114. Rude awakening ago
115. Falling ago
116. Grounded ago
117. Alexander and the ghost ago
118. The tower ago
119. The bucketed ago
120. Purpose ago
121. Winter wrap up ago
122. Filing complaints ago
123. Acceptance ago
124. Bothered ago
125. Red panda ago
126. Yesterday ago
127. Made of meat ago
128. Enticing offers ago
129. Passionate solution ago
130. The searcher ago
131. The Hunt ago
132. The uplifted one ago
133. A Refreshing Morning ago
134. The fall ago
135. A smashing time ago

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Summer of 2014

I (little kid who enjoyed dubstep) stumbled upon a song and thought the backround was awsome, next up he looked for the source of the image and found a webcomic. I wanted to give it a try because i liked the artstyle... Little did I know I was going to fall in love with the characters.

Zee Captein, Pilot and Snippy never fail to leave me waiting for the next chapters. Whenever i see baloons i think of captein c:

Overall it's a very easy to love story about concrete and romance that everybody should at least give a try!



I have been reading RA off and on for a few years, and it's the only webcomic which I have remained consistently interested in. There's always something new and interesting around the corner, and it never feels contrived. it's sarcastic and sometimes downright silly, but it has depth and darkness as well.


I read this after stumbling across a picture that was part of it. The art is amazing. It uses a realistic style to create very aesthetic scenes and character designs. The use of colours in the art also enhances the post apocolyptic aesthetic, fitting with the theme by not being to flashy but at the same time not allowing any panel to be dull. The story is quite the ride, bringing up just enough intriguing and unique elements to keep the reader hooked. Safe to say that this is way more interesting than the average post apocalyptic story.


Fresh, original, impressive.

the writing is great and so are the caracter, honestly i read 25chapters, and waited a moment of sadness to read the rest.

all in all i loved this story, i have nothing bad to say about it, no idea on how the author could progress and the art (yes because you have a LOT of art) is amazing and beautiful, perfectly complimenting the story


Where do I start with this story? Other than its a Fantastic story and the community is amazing! You'll have a harder time finding a comic thats this creative with its characters and meeting the mind behind these words is another experience, amazing people and again a fantastic comic. Keep up the amazing work my friends!

Faceless Bastard

I am in Love with Romantically Apocalyptic

Reviewed at: 1: The Dead Zone

Now I've been a follower of Romantically Apocalyptic for years now and I can say that I think I preferred it slightly in the webcomic format it had originally, though it's been transitioning to something more novel for a while with the journal entries. If anything my preference is merely from attachment to the one I experienced first.

The new style is probably better in many ways, being able to give more detail to the beautiful imagery like the journals were doing, but in a less intrusive style.

As for the story itself... It's a beautiful blend of madness and humour with surprisingly touching and awesome moments sprinkled in and subtle worldbuilding for a world that is truly unique (In at least as far as I have ever experienced)

The characters are all witty and play well off each other and the world. This story also does something that is not in itself unique, but is extremely impressive. Many things that seem nonsensical are in fact given ample explanations, you simply have to look for them and they might not be clear when they come up initially. 

This story is also super quotable although doing so may make you seem insane and may require a lot of explanation and even then sometimes it really doesn't make sense in context... Or at least doesn't seem to make context initially.

Anyway I give this story all of the stars and recommend it to anyone especially if you're into witty, sardonic humor, beautiful imagery and science fiction.


This story comes with a visual novel included. And while the story is definitely quirky, I absolutely adore this story. One of, if the best story i know. Im pretty sure this story has been worked on and edited for more than a decade and its a beautiful work of art.


I have been reading this iconic comic since the early days! I was immediately hooked on the setting and wacky characters. At first, I thought it was going to be your average post-apocalyptic survival story but this comic proved me wrong as I kept reading.

The art of this book is simply captivating and instantly grabs your attention. As I was reading, I could actually see myself in this strange new world. Just looking at the art is a mind trip and it just adds to the craziness of the story.

The characters are likable from the get-go and while certain characters are complex and hard to crack, the misery of Snippy is hilariously relatable. As the story progressed I began to get more attached to Captain and co. 

The story is a bit slow-burn at times but regardless, I am always entertained with each new chapter! Especially when you discover more about who (or what) certain characters really are. When the atom bombshells hit, it really gets your mind buzzing and wanting more.

If you are a post-apocalyptic fan looking for a bit of a twist in the genre, then Romantically Apocalyptic is definitely one of a kind must-read for you!


I love having seen the series grow and improve from then to now, not in just the art but the story as well. When first released a lot was left to the reader, to try to make sense of it all, which I quite liked going in. I was more-so captivated by the illustrations alone in each panel. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of each page as far as character actors, landscape reference, and design work for the technology of this wold. Each panel is stunningly detailed and inspiring with its strong compositons, choice of strong colors for different scenes, dramatic lighting, and intriguing post apocalyptic setting. Currently the story feels much more fleshed out now more than ever. Older "journals" and "entries" for each panel are upated in-between the panels, this allows for a better flow of the story and you hear more of the characters perspective of this world we are trying to understand. Additionally, animations make these already impressive illustrations come to life and makes for a more immersive reading experience. In this universe, characters aren't always as they seem and there are new things to discover about each of them. I also love the comedy in this comic. You fall in love with the quirks of each character and the dark hilariousness of the dreadful reality they must face in this post-apocalypitic wasteland. Give it a read, you won't regret it.


It's a fun story to read with lots of insanity and chaos, but it also hints at a logic/reason behind the randomness.

Each character is distinct and the writing is rather good, as up until now I have never gotten confused as to what is going on, despite the overall chaos.

I also like that the author makes art for each chapter and uses it to enrich the experience.