Romantically Apocalyptic

Romantically Apocalyptic

by Vitaly S Alexius
You are walking west. You find a wishing well. You wish for it to grant infinite wishes for every human being on earth. The Universe is now broken. The current weather is apocalypse with chances of fallout and nuclear winter. Also, everyone is dead. Good job. 


A post-apocalyptic, dark comedy that I've been working on since 2005.
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Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

Archbishop of Captania and sovereign territories

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: The Dead Zone ago
2: Questionable Things ago
3: Ogling ago
4: The ogled ago
5: Citizenship ago
6: Moons and Doors ago
7: Rememberance ago
8: Smiles ago
9. Tunnel letter ago
10. Stewardess me ago
11. Struggle for Xmas ago
12. Under the Sea ago
13. Loot and Acceptance ago
14. The Cinema ago
15. Trains ago
16. Left Behind ago
17. The Underground ago
18. The Prophet ago
19. Ice Sculpting ago
20. The Hunt ago
21. The Bench ago
22. Takeout ago
23. Rubix Cube ago
24. Traffic lights ago
25. Radiations and Pineapples ago
26. Candy Mountain and Roadlessness ago
27. Rememberances ago
28. Fairies ago
29. Duplication ago
30. Abduction and Dissection ago
31. The candle ago
32. Deep thoughts ago
33. Of Pants and Bombs ago
34. Shrinkage ago
35. Real Estate ago
36. The purse ago
37. Ring ring ring ago
38. The eyes of the city ago
39. The wraith ago
40. Fun and Butterflies ago
41. Showers ago
42. The Order of Dillon ago
43. Urges ago
44. Relaxing ago
45. Gravity ago
46. Mirrors ago
47. Poppins ago
48. Offers ago
49. Rejection ago
50. Cool guys don't look at explosions ago
51. Running away ago
52. Plotting away ago
53. Special friends ago
54. Served ago
55. The bunker ago
56. Relaxation interruption ago
57. Flying machine ago
58. Authority ago
59. Last requests ago
60. Dreaming ago
61. Of another place in time ago
62. Sushification ago
63. The Infomatic parable ago
64. Questing ago
65. Apologies ago
66. Sailing ago
67. Whale life ago
68. Friendly food ago
69. Lifalope ago
70. The Transfer ago
71. Life and Death ago
72. Tag ago
73. Reintegration ago
74. Love and coffee ago
75. Fireworks ago
76. Temporal Disruption ago
77. Catted ago
78. Apotheosis of Technogenesis ago
79. Fashion ago
80. Resume ago
81. Shooooes ago
82. Signs of life ago
83. Carriers ago
84. Boxed in ago
85. Fridge collector ago
86. Socklandia ago
87. Fridays ago
88. Snow ago
89. Duplication ago
90. Plumbery ago
91. A visual examination ago
92. Do not the mug ago
93. Ladybug ago
94. Cleaning my room ago
95. An offer ago
96. The Uprising ago
97. Time ago
98. Following ago
99. Helpfullness ago
100. Accusations ago
101. Love polygon ago
102. The Real Captain ago
103. Concentration ago
104. Event horizon ago
105. Temporal Dislocation ago
106. Glacier mystery ago
107. Dislocation ago
108. Amber of Snippy ago
109. The Mod ago
110. The Word of death ago
111. Chalice knights ago
112. The Holy Grail ago
113. Black hole princess ago
114. Rude awakening ago
115. Falling ago
116. Grounded ago
117. Alexander and the ghost ago
118. The tower ago
119. The bucketed ago
120. Purpose ago
121. Winter wrap up ago
122. Filing complaints ago
123. Acceptance ago
124. Bothered ago
125. Red panda ago
126. Yesterday ago
127. Made of meat ago
128. Enticing offers ago
129. Passionate solution ago
130. The searcher ago
131. The Hunt ago
132. The uplifted one ago
133. A Refreshing Morning ago
134. The fall ago
135. A smashing time ago

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Crys Danashj

Honestly, I don't remember when I stumbled across RA (2011? Maybe?), but boy howdy am I glad I did. The colours are very excellent braincandy for those that like the vibrant pop of colour against the sometimes bleak, apocalyptic backgrounds.

The characters are a lovely group. Zee Captain is a being of pure chaos, and makes no apologies about it. Snippy's a mood. Eternally just... done. I relate to that. Pilot's a lovely lad, and I love him. Engie... I'm not too sure what to make of him. He's a bit of a weenie, but also [gestures at many things].

The story is all sorts of chaos and fun, but looking past the wacky shenanigans, there's a deep world of lore to sink into. Who are these four randos trapped in the post apocalypse? What do you mean [REDACTED] was made [REDACTED] on purpose? 

The journals add so much depth to the story as a whole, and they're very well written. Plus, the choice of tunes paired to some of them really makes the mood. 

Romantically Apocalyptic is a feast for... most of the senses. If you start tasting pineapple on a semi-permanent basis, or you feel like your face has gone missing, things have gone awry. Please try again. 

Over all, 10/10, would recommend. Set aside a day or three and go to town. 


An existential masterpiece

Reviewed at: 96. The Uprising

I'd heard a lot of great things about the art of Romantically Apocalyptic before going into this. And the art is incredible.

But what I wasn't prepared for was the story.

The superb quality of author Vitaly S Alexius' writing was apparent from the get-go. Romantically Apocalyptic opens as a hilarious dark comedy, a slice-of-life between survivors in a nuclear wasteland. It's clear there's a bit more to it than just that, seeing as there are the occasional wandering monstrosities walking around. But, you know, apocalypse. It happens.

The story follows the beleaguered antics of Charles Snippy, one of the aforementioned survivors, as he attempts to keep himself and his two fellow survivors alive. It's just a shame they've both been driven insane. Captain, a whimsical would-be ruler and Pilot, the faultlessly-loyal subordinate are at best hindrances to Snippy's efforts and at worst active saboteurs. Considering it's set against the backdrop of the last days of humanity, it's both funny and adorable.

And then, some chapters in, you start to realise things are not quite as they seem. What at first you take for surreal comedy or absurdism starts making a strange amount of sense in hindsight. Details which begin as small hints here and there gradually unfurl into a story of truly epic proportions, and the scope just keeps expanding and overflowing well past where you'd expect a typical story to go. Everyone, and everything, has a secret - and maybe more.

It's absolutely fantastic, and extraordinarily clever.

There's so much to be discussed here from a thematic standpoint which I can't do without giving away spoilers, and discovering them for yourself is all part of the experience. If I could sum it up in one small description, though, I'd say that Romantically Apocalyptic is, at heart, a story about the infinite, and about consciousness. And I'll leave it there. (Although I really don't want to - curse you, Vitaly, for writing such a glorious epic.)

Unlike many of the reviewers on this story who are long-time fans, I've only just discovered this story and don't know how it ends - but can't wait to find out.

I can't stress enough, this is not one to be missed.


I've stumbled upon this story/webcomic/webserial/artbook on author's website somewhere around 2012-2014 - by recommendation from my friend. As it happens, Romantically Apocalyptic holds a special place in my heart because it's connected closely to memories of my friends, so I apologise, but I will not be objective in this review. ( ^    ^   )

Romantically Apocalyptic will give you no quarter. It will ask for no mercy, but at the same time, no mercy shall it give. If you read it, it will come at you with it's all. Chapters of ALL CAPS TEXT, vivid imagery, and incoherent plot.

That is the charm. And then the plot is not as incoherent as it seemed.

It's an art. Artbook. Cybergothic. Taking place on Earth many years after sci-fi society collapsed. Compared to typical depictions of postapocalypstic wastes it's different - much more vivid and crazy due to megastructures, strangely shaped robots and shape-changing constructs that were left behind by humanity. Oh. Those. Yes. Those.

It's a cosmic horror of galactic catastrophe of extraterrestial civilization visiting broken alien planet of Mankind and unknowingly violating law that should never be broken, unleashing but the first of the many nightmares left by Men, that lay in slumber.

It's a story of multilayered virtual realities and consciousness trying to pierce through them.

It's sadness of beautiful creatures devoured by nightmares.

It's story of satirical, but painfully relevant corporate society riddled with laws and advertisements.

It's a lighthearted journey of OP cosmic mage and a company that person stumbled upon.

It's a story of winter and broken concrete.

And it's romantic and cheerful and sad.

So if you are willing, come and experience this crazy and romantically apocalyptic journey, explore this cybergothic world. Come with the Captain. )


Okay, I wrote a review on this before warning about the differences this story has from a normal RR story. I feel like things have settled enough now that I can just say, wow, this story is beautiful.

I don't just mean in the pretty pictures sense, either, though of course that's a huge part of the appeal. The prose, the subtle stylistic choices, the fonts, they all contribute to such an overarching tone that's frankly amazing to see.

The characters in this story can be summed up as "apocalyptically quirky" in the best way possible, and once you get settled into the feel of the story it's an absolute joy to read. Almost like the pictures themselves, their personalities make them pop out even more in contrast with the world surrounding them.

The only caveat I have is that if you're going to read this story, dark mode makes it 10000% better. I read it in light mode my first time, which, oof. It was only once I went to the author's personal website that I truly saw this story in all its glory. The original site also has some subtle characteristics that RR can't fully transfer over, but if nothing else, please just read it in darkmode. 

Alright, that's enough ranting. I'd say check it out if you want something substantially different from RR's average, an absolutely enormous bounty of peak-quality art, or just want to read about something... romantically apocalyptic. Hehehehehe


Ȩ̷͔́͝Ṇ̶̢̡͉̮̭̰̲̪̈́̃̓̒͒T̴̀̈́̂̌̆̌͜R̝̞̻͉͍̭͕Y ___001

Reviewed at: 62. Sushification

]| Human Subject: Matty
]| G-DIR EMPLOYEE USER ID # 29427680 :
]| Occupation: Reader

i found this story during the summer of 2018 out of nowhere, and at first i thought it was a realy weird story but after 10 entrys i got really invested to the point that i would check every day for a new entry to come out. its one of my favourite comics out there.

p.s. kitten Biomewtrix is best kitten <3


What opened a new world to me ...

Reviewed at: 10. Stewardess me

I've never been interested in a genre like comics before. I read manga a couple of times, and that's all. On the advice of a friend of mine, I opened the site and started reading. The first thing that struck me was the singularity, the magic that fascinated me to the core. An unusual story, in a completely unusual world for us. Travels that went back and forth. Captain, pilot, and ... Snippy. Who is it? How did they get here? You will know that yesterday. Nonlinearity of characters, space, time, saturn, moon and ... straws for drinks?!?!?! The plot will send you into the distance of the wasteland, there are no people left (probably), you are alone with the main characters and with yourself.

Oh yeah, it's also a comedy. I don't know about you, but I managed to laugh at many jokes or even situations. I am simply amazed by the author's creativity, skill of drawing, and just a good atmosphere. Every character, stop, EVERY character has his own plot role, EVERY character will make you look at the sky at night and think that everything in your life is not so bad):0 The post-apocalyptic world will remain forever in your heart. The best epic of the zero year of the Capitania Universe.


one of my favorite webcomics

Reviewed at: 4: The ogled

I've been a fan of Romantically Apocalyptic since I first encountered Vitaly's photography on DeviantArt when I was in junior high, sometime in 2013. It's 2020 now, and I'm in my second year of college, and I've been an avid reader throughout the years. As soon as I started reading, I was hooked. The writing style combined with the visuals creates an irresistable charm. 

The tone of the comic maintains a charming humor whilst still handling heavy themes and topics, which the artstyle supports. Something should be said about the worldbuilding of Rom Ac as well, the concept of Eureka, a continent-spanning city, is a very interesting idea concept to me, and this concept is enhanced by each part of the worldbuilding - how society, the Internet, and ANNET functions - and creates an incredibly believable world, even one that takes place in vague, possibly distant future.

I can't choose a favorite aspect of Romantically Apocalyptic, but the character writing is definitely up there. Each character, even minor appliances and utilites, has a distinct voice and personality, each one more charming than the last. The main four characters at the focus of the webcomic are of course the most dear to my heart, personally, but still I cannot forget minor characters like Matilda, the traffic light, and her boyfriend Dixon, the terrifying-looking cyborg wraith who's really just a nice guy.

As a closing note, I must say that Romantically Apocalyptic is a story that should be read multiple times (I've read through it in full around 6 or 7 times, and I return to specific pages more often than that). While it's a wonderful webcomic read through once, re-reading it gives a deeper understanding of the nuances of the plot and world, which perhaps my absolute favorite thing about it. It's the kind of story you can really delve into.


Romanced by this Apocalyptic story

Reviewed at: 27. Rememberances

The absurd and dark human, beautiful illustrations and complex storylines all make for a unique and satisfying read whenever I need something to occupy myself. The characters in Captain's merry crew are all unique and a delight to follow through their ups and downs. Sometimes the entries border on overly long, but it more than makes up for it in getting to see more of the fun character interactions and perspectives, as well as the sense of dread-invoking plot that looms above it.


REVIEW ENTRY ___line redacted by crazed fan

Reviewed at: 62. Sushification

It was around 2014/15 when I happened to stumble upon Romantically Apocalyptic. I was binge-listening to an unhealthy amount of dubstep music on Youtube and was taken aback by some of the stunning (and cool to boot) visuals posted alongside said music ((if you're wondering, yes, they were pics of Pilot obvs)). After scouring the web for a source, I f i n a l l y found this webcomic by Vitaly S Alexius. Started reading and, although quite certainly bemused at first, was laughing hysterically at the crazy antics Captain and zirs crew (p much immediately after indoctrinating Snippy) got up to.

I was confuzzled, that is, until it really started to 'click.' Now, I won't go into too much detail and give away spoilers for free ;), but RA is certainly the type of webcomic you're going to want (actually, have a MIGHTY NEED) to read more than once. The number of spontaneous "Ah-Ha!" moments I had on my second run through viewing this comic blew my mind... such outstanding world-building, character development, intricate mind-melting timeline shenanigans, f r u I t b o m b s (UHM, WHAT MORE COULD ANYONE WANT??)

but, as you dig deeper and deeper into the *sorry for the graphic mental imagery* knotted guts and tangled viscera that is Romantically Apocalyptic's storyline, all of these little things add up -


Also, I'm going to straight-up admit rn how easy it is to fall in love with the characters (

ahem, why yes, I have in fact done a really embarrassing cosplay of a boi who joins the gang a little later in the story ;3 - sucked a friend into the story and made them cos with me too. Cus, hey, what are friends for, if it's not getting them to wear a gas mask while waddling around a crowded expo so as to stare at fan merch for 5+ hours?

). NeverthElesS, they're all unique, novel, fun (give Snipers a little time, even he'll soon warm up in that frozen post-apocalyptic hellscape). Also, I don't know how it's possible (I'm presuming the author is a wizard?? its the only logical explanation??) but the number of GENRES that this webcomic covers (sci-fi, horror, comedy, a bit of fantasy, geeky computer-stuffs for you 200+ IQ readers, and oh ((ofcrs)) that wonderful sprinkle of apocalyptic r o m a n c e, there's a little bit of everything in there for everyone :) 

Trust me on this, its an instantly binge-worthy read you won't be capable of putting down.

SO, dear person (or bot, street lamp, targeted ad software - whoever you are) reading my review - get prepared for a story and characters that will stay with you. One's that will make you smirk, laugh, gawk at your screen, cringe, tear up, and - best of all - finally realize what it means to truly love another being

whoever they may be.

Bonus: I promised no actual spoilers but yet u sTILL DECIDED TO CLICK ON THE SPOILER TAG AGAIN???


there's an op Neko waifu for yee weebs


you did in fact read that right >:)



How I spend my post apocalyptic summer

Reviewed at: 29. Duplication
  • I can't wait until they get to Paris, as that's my favourite place in the RA universe.
  • Plot: At first glance, it seems that a team of four, led by the Captain, is trying to survive in a cruel and empty post-apocalyptic world. But over time, you realize more and more how deeply you were mistaken. The smallest and at first glance incomprehensible details add up, albeit slowly, into a full-fledged picture of the world of the destroyed planet. The madness of the Captain and the Pilot, the strange visions of Snippy, the bombing of Eureka - all this is based on serious facts hidden in fog for the novice reader.
  • Heroes: the highlight of the comic is the very elaborate characters and backstories of the characters, it's a pleasure to watch their petty quarrels and teamwork. And then Kittyhawk and Photoshop appear, man's best friends, and then other monsters.
  • Graphics: 15+ years of experience as an artist - no comments. Each frame is a separate picture.
  • Narrative: Each platform (, acomics, royalroad) has a cozy narrative style chosen. And also hard work is being done on the elaboration of the text as a whole and in parts.
  • Scale: if there were translators, RA would become a universal comic strip, translated into many languages.