Romantically Apocalyptic

by Vitaly S Alexius

Original ONGOING Adventure Comedy Horror Sci-fi Anti-Hero Lead Cyberpunk Female Lead Male Lead Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead Super Heroes Supernatural War and Military

You are walking west. You find a wishing well. You wish for it to grant infinite wishes for every human being on earth. The Universe is now broken. The current weather is apocalypse with chances of fallout and nuclear winter. Also, everyone is dead. Good job. 


A post-apocalyptic, dark comedy that I've been working on since 2005. For the full comic book, go to

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Vitaly S Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
1: The Dead Zone ago
2: Questionable Things ago
3: Ogling ago
4: The ogled ago
5: Citizenship ago
6: Moons and Doors ago
7: Rememberance ago
8: Smiles ago
9. Tunnel letter ago
10. Stewardess me ago
11. Struggle for Xmas ago
12. Under the Sea ago
13. Loot and Acceptance ago
14. The Cinema ago
15. Trains ago
16. Left Behind ago
17. The Underground ago
18. The Prophet ago
19. Ice Sculpting ago
20. The Hunt ago
21. The Bench ago
22. Takeout ago
23. Rubix Cube ago
24. Traffic lights ago
25. Radiations and Pineapples ago
26. Candy Mountain and Roadlessness ago
27. Rememberances ago
28. Fairies ago
29. Duplication ago
30. Abduction and Dissection ago
31. The candle ago
32. Deep thoughts ago
33. Of Pants and Bombs ago
34. Shrinkage ago
35. Real Estate ago
36. The purse ago
37. Ring ring ring ago
38. The eyes of the city ago
39. The wraith ago
40. Fun and Butterflies ago
41. Showers ago
42. The Order of Dillon ago
43. Urges ago
44. Relaxing ago
45. Gravity ago
46. Mirrors ago
47. Poppins ago
48. Offers ago
49. Rejection ago
50. Cool guys don't look at explosions ago
51. Running away ago
52. Plotting away ago
53. Special friends ago
54. Served ago
55. The bunker ago

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I've stumbled upon this story/webcomic/webserial/artbook on author's website somewhere around 2012-2014 - by recommendation from my friend. As it happens, Romantically Apocalyptic holds a special place in my heart because it's connected closely to memories of my friends, so I apologise, but I will not be objective in this review. ( ^    ^   )

Romantically Apocalyptic will give you no quarter. It will ask for no mercy, but at the same time, no mercy shall it give. If you read it, it will come at you with it's all. Chapters of ALL CAPS TEXT, vivid imagery, and incoherent plot.

That is the charm. And then the plot is not as incoherent as it seemed.

It's an art. Artbook. Cybergothic. Taking place on Earth many years after sci-fi society collapsed. Compared to typical depictions of postapocalypstic wastes it's different - much more vivid and crazy due to megastructures, strangely shaped robots and shape-changing constructs that were left behind by humanity. Oh. Those. Yes. Those.

It's a cosmic horror of galactic catastrophe of extraterrestial civilization visiting broken alien planet of Mankind and unknowingly violating law that should never be broken, unleashing but the first of the many nightmares left by Men, that lay in slumber.

It's a story of multilayered virtual realities and consciousness trying to pierce through them.

It's sadness of beautiful creatures devoured by nightmares.

It's story of satirical, but painfully relevant corporate society riddled with laws and advertisements.

It's a lighthearted journey of OP cosmic mage and a company that person stumbled upon.

It's a story of winter and broken concrete.

And it's romantic and cheerful and sad.

So if you are willing, come and experience this crazy and romantically apocalyptic journey, explore this cybergothic world. Come with the Captain. )

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How I spend my post apocalyptic summer

Reviewed at: 29. Duplication
  • I can't wait until they get to Paris, as that's my favourite place in the RA universe.
  • Plot: At first glance, it seems that a team of four, led by the Captain, is trying to survive in a cruel and empty post-apocalyptic world. But over time, you realize more and more how deeply you were mistaken. The smallest and at first glance incomprehensible details add up, albeit slowly, into a full-fledged picture of the world of the destroyed planet. The madness of the Captain and the Pilot, the strange visions of Snippy, the bombing of Eureka - all this is based on serious facts hidden in fog for the novice reader.
  • Heroes: the highlight of the comic is the very elaborate characters and backstories of the characters, it's a pleasure to watch their petty quarrels and teamwork. And then Kittyhawk and Photoshop appear, man's best friends, and then other monsters.
  • Graphics: 15+ years of experience as an artist - no comments. Each frame is a separate picture.
  • Narrative: Each platform (, acomics, royalroad) has a cozy narrative style chosen. And also hard work is being done on the elaboration of the text as a whole and in parts.
  • Scale: if there were translators, RA would become a universal comic strip, translated into many languages.
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Masterly Woven Surreal Story

Reviewed at: 6: Moons and Doors

Its been a long times since I read the original Romatically Apocolypse, let me fill you in on what I remember because the synopsis is vague. It mainly a comedy the charismatic, insane and self-assured "Zee Captain" along with Charles "Snippy" aimlessly wander the post-apocalypse waste land of Europe as the only remaining people alive. The comedy is often times absurd, and deep. Even minor details tie into this masterly woven and surreal story.

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* radio hiss * this.... Book. Com..c-book.
This book grew out of basic concept art into a full-blown graphic novel. I found this project in 2009 and witnessed its evolution from single, story-less, disconnected episodes. (I also saw the concept art from 2007).
If you want to read the story - don't rush yourself. Decades of visible work have been put into it and it shows in the depth of characters complexity of environments. In the beginning you meet the characters and get immersed in the universe. Then - the backstory slowly reveals itself. Thirdly you are hit with the pain of loss. This world disconnected from the development of ours a bit ago and went into its own direction. Not us nor our bones will feel these changes.
When you lose yourself, your dreams or your smile... you will want to return to this work again and again.


* Сквозь радиошум помех и радостей * ..та ..нига.. Комикс-книга.

Этот комикс вырос сквозь время в Комикс-книгу, в полноценную историю с иллюстрациями.

Я познакомился с этим творением в 2009 году (Где-то читал, когда-то, что сам комикс начался в 2007 году, будучи креативным портфолио). Поэтому застал почти все изменения, что происходили там. Я не перечитывал прочтенное, чтобы у меня сохранялись ламповые воспоминания.

Если, хотите прочесть историю, как часть жизни - не спешите, читайте взрослея. Проект не самый спешный.

Первый эпизод - знакомит вас с Героями и Миром. Второй - с историей, а Третий - станет болью от потери. Осознав последнее - этот Мир станет пост-апокалиптической утопией - сказкой. Наши миры разошлись в развитии, несколько лет назад. И ни мы, ни наши кости этого не ощутят в дальнейшем.

И да, растеряв за годы пыл и силу шуток, мечты, и силы... Пережив это или осознав - вы возжелаете встретиться с ними в реальной жизни, снова.


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Reviewed at: 6: Moons and Doors

Got me hooked a long time ago. Very good comic. A lot of funny moments too. Just give it a try I can't tell you what to do.

  • Overall Score

This story comes with a visual novel included. And while the story is definitely quirky, I absolutely adore this story. One of, if the best story i know. Im pretty sure this story has been worked on and edited for more than a decade and its a beautiful work of art.

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 My review no doubt says 'done at chapter 1' but I don't need to go any further. I've been reading Romantically Apocalyptic for years on its native site and it's one of my absolute favorites. When I saw that it had come to RRL I just knew I had to review.

It will capture your imagination and dazzle your eye. Blessed post!

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Romanced by this Apocalyptic story

Reviewed at: 27. Rememberances

The absurd and dark human, beautiful illustrations and complex storylines all make for a unique and satisfying read whenever I need something to occupy myself. The characters in Captain's merry crew are all unique and a delight to follow through their ups and downs. Sometimes the entries border on overly long, but it more than makes up for it in getting to see more of the fun character interactions and perspectives, as well as the sense of dread-invoking plot that looms above it.

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One of the most hilarious and incredible comics I have read while existing. I always enjoy the comedy of Snippy, Pilot, Captain, and Engineer aka Alexander Gromov. This comic will surely make anyone reading it laugh and will entertain them.

  • Overall Score

Just as good as the comic or better

Reviewed at: 1: The Dead Zone

 This work is dear to my heart, having been a fan of the original webcomic for just over a decade, I can say without a doubt in my mind that this fiction once finished; will be an incredible story. Mostly because it already is incredible, just give it time and it it will blow your mind.