Tails of a Heart / Tails of Darkness

by ClintHone

Original ONGOING Adventure Fantasy Romance Anti-Hero Lead Harem Low Fantasy Magic Portal Fantasy / Isekai Slice of Life
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

Books One and Two of the Realm of Ethnya series.

Being pulled into another world to be a hero? That’s for young men. Full of hopes and
dreams, and clear set standards of right or wrong, empowered by their youth. They can rise up, and become shining beacons within those realms, full of righteous pride and steadfast
in their morals. Banners of hope, to fight against the evils in front of them, with unwavering
faith and fortitude.
You don’t take old men.
Old men have seen the world through increasingly jaded vision. Lines of morality, blurred
or non-existent, through years of hard, ambiguity. Right and wrong become non-existent,
only a continuing path forward becoming the basis for their actions. The only defining code,
the purpose for that next step forward.
It’s a dangerous game to place your hopes in an old man… 


So he finds himself waking up in another, world. Not knowing if it is a dream, a delusion, or he died and was reincarnated in another universe, he does what he has always done. Put one foot in front of the other, and make a path for himself. A second chance. With whatever or whoever it takes, and by whatever means he can grab hold of...

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Ch 1 - Awake... or not. ago
Ch 2 - On the road ago
Ch 3 - So, magic? ago
Ch 4 - Peace out ago
Ch 5 - Breakfast revisited ago
Ch 6 - Loot drops, for the win ago
Ch 7 - All the right moves ago
Ch 8 - What’s in a name, anyway ago
Ch 9 - Really, what’s in a name ago
Ch 10 - Morning, second day ago
Ch 11 Shocking development ago
Ch 12 - The bath scene ago
Ch 13 - The dance ago
Ch 14 - It’s my loot, dammit ago
Ch 15 - Light show ago
Ch 16 - Someone had enough... ago
Ch 17 - Surprise ago
Ch 18 - Deluxe accommodations ago
Ch 19 - Some background ago
Ch 20 - Game time ago
Ch 21 - Filled hearts don’t hurt ago
Ch 22 - Mates always share ago
Ch 23 - The basics ago
Ch 24 - Of madmen and idiots ago
Ch 25 - Interlude ago
Ch 26 - FIght ago
Ch 27 - After party ago
Ch 28 - Of life and glass cannons ago
Ch 29 - The next contestant ago
Ch 30 - Digging a grave ago
CH 31 - Accepting fate ago
Ch 32 - The dreaded meeting ago
CH 33 - Cooking with heat ago
Ch 34 - Totally not useless ago
CH 35 - Training ago
Ch 36 - Sun and fun ago
Ch 37 - Showdown ago
Ch 38 - Level up ago
Ch 39 - More training ago
Ch 40 - The smell of barbecue ago
Ch 41 - No homo ago
Ch 42 - Can only be me ago
Ch 43 - Peace ago
Ch 44 - Blood ago
Ch 45 - Prodigy ago
Ch 46 - Real training ago
Ch 47 - Time for action, finally ago
Ch 48 - South ago
Ch 49 - Bad decisions ago
Ch 50 - Descent ago
Ch 51 - Betrayal ago
B2 - Ch 1 - Conversation ago
B2 - Ch 2 - Darkness ago
B2 - Ch 3 - Shadows ago
B2 - Ch 4 - Gifts ago
B2 - Ch 5 - Surrender ago
B2 - Ch 6 - Peace ago
B2 - Ch 7 - Sadness ago
B2 - Ch 8 - Home ago
B2 - Ch 9 - Reunion ago
B2 - Ch 10 - Answers ago
B2 - Ch 11 - Accounting ago
B2 - Ch 12 - Patron ago
B2 - Ch 13 - The Land ago
B2 - Ch 14 - Portends ago
B2 - Ch 15 - Recruiting ago
B2 - Ch 16 - Initiation ago
B2 - Ch 17 - Plans ago
B2 - Ch 18 - Test run ago
B2 - Ch 19 - Vengeance ago

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Bixa Emanuel
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So this is my first review of a book.

   I currently read all chapters (25) and I enjoyed it. Not many grammar mistakes as far as I can tell(not a native English speaker) The story is well written and refreshing. So author good job and keep up the good work. Hope to read more soon.

  • Overall Score

Clint, give us some foxgirl character art! Im up to chapter 4, will revise review once I finish currently available content.

Update: I like it up to chap 48

  • Overall Score

You do not write out sounds, even if you put them in asterisk and all caps

Reviewed at: Ch 1 - Awake... or not.

If you want to write a story you really should know that sounds are not written out. *THWACK'S THE AUTHOR*

  • Overall Score

I only read up to chapter five in the story so far, so my opinion might not be fleshed out. However, I don't think I care because I'm not interested in reading further, and I have a few reasons why.

The first thing that stood out to me was the writing style. It's about as unrefined as unrefined gets. The author doesn't set an exciting tone; neither do they do anything with the craft. I feel like I'm just being directed through the plot, ignoring all the essential details or snippets. I’m not enjoying how their style is; it's like having anal sex without the foreplay or the lube. Not to mention that the way they write the protagonist’s inner monologue grated on me. I didn't like how the writer chooses to showcase his inner thoughts cause I don't feel it meshes with his style. After all, it breaks the flow for me. It doesn't feel seamless. 

The second thing that stood out to me was the protagonist. Even though he's a 50-year-old man, he feels like 19-year-old Jock after going through a bad bender at the frat house. I'm not interested in him, his story or his self-righteousness in the face of fantasy racism (and I hate fake-fantasy racism). It already feels annoyingly pretentious to read through because of the writing, and the protagonist does not help that. 

Finally, the third point, which is that I’m still confused with the overall effectiveness of the story? There is nothing in these five chapters that set-up the thematic core in the book. It feels disjointed when I would rather wish to see these threads be developed from the beginning or be introduced to them. There is a reason why most stories have a thematic core to provide cohesion to the narrative. Randomly dumping themes about race when a) that’s not how Race works, the animal girl is a different species, and b) there were no people of colour featured in this story when that moment happened. It doesn't work.

Of course, there is no hatred for the author. This stuff bugged me enough that I had to drop it. If this story got much better in the ensuing chapter, good for them, I’m probably not going to read it tho lol