BattleField - A Never-Ending Nightmare

by The Juggernaut

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Psychological GameLit High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Martial Arts Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Strategy Strong Lead War and Military
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Twenty-Three million souls. 

It takes twenty-three million souls to feed the horrors of the Great Beyond for a soul to cross over and land amongst the living. And even then, it would only be a husk of its true self after the whimsical gods of the void got their claws on it. 

Still, after eons untold, its final crossing shall take place in blood-soaked lands, driving fear into the hearts of its inhabitants. 

Alistair finds little wrong with himself, that's not considering he somehow was the last living being to have taken part in a battle to decide the fate of the Human world. 

He remembers walking shoulder to shoulder with his brothers in arms, being showered in the viscera of his closest friends. 

He also remembers being stabbed by a twelve foot monstrosity as it picked him up with its sharpened blade of a hand, relishing his stunned expression and the soon to be blossoming of pain as it brought him closer to its putrid mouth. 

And yet, here he stood in a silent battlefield littered with bodies for acres of land. 

What the hell was he supposed to do now?

And equally important, what the hell was he supposed to do with this orb of golden light?!

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Solid Beginning, Let's Get onto this Battlefield.

Reviewed at: Chapter 6 | His People

People who like great prose, a slowly building story with a touch of game-lit's style will love Juggernaut's BattleField - A Never-Ending Nightmare. It is a weighty work, the first few chapters filled with visceral description that grounds you in the gritty world that it paints. The story is slow to start, but Alastair is an interesting hero to follow, thanks to the nightmares that follow him and the growing merry band of companions who never quite know what to make of him, but are supportive nonetheless.

I've mentioned the prose already, but Juggernaut's Battlefield however has amazing prose that really grounds the readers. The images that are conjured are... horrifying yes, but grounded and explain what motivated Alastair. Surprisingly enough, Juggernaut integrates gamelit elements into his story very sublty, and therefore very well into the story, giving it a touch familiar to Gamelit readers, but making it so his prose maintains its excellent form.

Personally I quite like Alastair. He's not the type of hero I would normally read, but he's definitely sympathetic and his PTSD is characterized very well. He's also not unnecessarily dark, or a unnecessary goody two shoes. He's realistic and practical, given his position. He's just a good protagonist to follow. I also like how the side characters are shaping up, no spoilers as to who, but they are interesting and distinct!

As of the current chapter, Battlefield is left in a great starting position. It can launch into a kingdom building story, a story about overcoming PTSD, or any direction it wishes. Whatever the direction shall be, I'm quite eager to see how Juggernaut executes it.


Review chapter 10 - 67 pages.

Alas friends, I cannot recommend this story in the current state. Put it in read later.

(+) Good prose, we see that there was an effort for the beginning of the story.
(+) The MC is absurdly strong from the start. Revenge will fall on the necks of the opportunists who betrayed the Golden Tide by sending them to the pipe breaker.
(+) Realistic MC, the survivor of over 23 million deaths. PTSD, nightmares, survivor's remorse.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

(-) Release rate is slow 67 pages in 2 months. And the author gives no explanation or other after a break of 1 month between the chapter 9-10.

(-) Author is absent from the comments (not a single response to anyone at the time of this review). It's not very engaging for new readers.

(-) Emancipation - An Isekai Story: 69 pages DROPPED 
A Blighted World: 100 pages DROPPED 
A Journey Away - Book One of The Eternal Flame: 143 pages DROPPED
The Sanctum of the Warden: 79 pages DROPPED 
To Build An Empire: 305 pages HIATUS 
I'm afraid to be disappointed, it reminds me all too well of a rather well-known author on RoyalRoad: SJ Reaver. You get caught up in the story and bang a Hiatus / Dropped that falls on you.

(-) For lovers of the min max LITRPG this spreadsheet gave me a headache. 

(-) A soul of Earth (USA) mingles with the hero ... I thought it was a fantasy story but it will go into reincarnation with modern knowledge. At the moment there is only the mention of Hurricane Katrina that indicates the change Alistair has undergone with this resurrection. But I'm afraid that will spoil the epic feeling I had of this prose later in the story. Style firearms etc ...

(I don't believe in 5/5 "perfection" even to encourage authors. RR needs a better rating system for sure.)


Battlefield: Not to be confused with that other game.

Reviewed at: Chapter 8 | Realization

Battlefield is a LitRPG story with a surprising amount of psychological horror and intrigue. From the start, we're given the questions of what is this world and how Alastair got into the situation he is now and what his journey will be like now. There's a bit of explaining with the systems but those are all done mostly at the start of the story, leaving dialogue and prose to lead the way for the continuing chapters. At times the story goes into great detail on some things, but it's written so vividly that you gotta appreciate it. What's really great about it is that it can range from the smallest of horrific details to more grandiose images that shape the world quite nicely. I'm interested in how this story will shape in the future!


The title applies both literally and figuratively. Right from the start, the author hits you with this beautiful scene that makes you feel like you're living out a mythical storybook. The words are perfectly chosen, and the tension builds with each and every paragraph. In the best way possible, it's honestly almost of horrific, how these descriptions are presented. It feels so bleak and deathly and dark and oooooh, I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Also, this prose isn't just for show either. (Hehe, get it? Show? Like show don't tell? I'll see myself out.) The MC stumbles upon the art of OP and then proceeds to fall right in, but the conflict is never really about him vs anyone else. The traumatic events of the first chapter shape the MC's every thought, in a really depressing and tired sort of way that is the essence of man vs self.

To contrast, the MC's companions are these goofy little thieves who only care about themselves and how much money they can get out of any given situation. They still do care about him, though, and they can get serious when it's necessary. Their banter is hilarious, and the fact that they're polar opposites with the MC only makes it even funnier.

The only small issue I had with this story was grammar, as there were a couple typos and sentences that needed an extra comma. I feel like the only reason these stood out to me so much was because of the epic prose, though, so cudos to you, Juggernaut!

Overall, this is a remarkable story about a man who has been absolutely ravaged by war and death, and must now come through them in order to face the world once more. If you're into OP romps, comedic side characters, or mild psychological horror, maybe give this a try! You won't regret it :)


A never ending nightmare that you won't want to end

Reviewed at: Chapter 9 | Sad News

Battlefield is, in fact, a never-ending nightmare, but that'll work to your favor as you won't want this story to end. You get more than an over the shoulder look into Alistair's mind, you're walking every step in his shoes. Every pang of pain, every thrill of even a modest victory, you'll feel as he stumbles his way through being the only survivor of a gory and hideous battle.

This is a world you'll be fully immersed in as the litrpg elements are woven in  so well that you'll feel completely part of this world. Alistair himself balances the line between a unique, fully fleshed out character and a character whose shoes the reader can slip into effortlessly.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the world or the prose, which almost feel like one and the same. The language used to unfold the world is rich but natural, heavy but enticing. It fills the landscape and paints a land with the right amounts of natural exploring and well-placed exposition.

Do yourself a favor and read this.


Oh i like this grimdark story (as for me). I dont know what to say becouse its only 10 chapters, but its realy cool story so far, strugling MC about loss of everything but with power of survivor (stupid 50 reviews word limit, sinopsis described almost all you need to know about fiction lol)