It's Not Easy Making Money in the Apocalypse

It's Not Easy Making Money in the Apocalypse

by whatsawhizzer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Daniel lacked the ability to support his mother and big sister. When he finds a magical mirror that takes him to an apocalyptic and futuristic world, he finds a surviving culture that values resources over human life. Is this a opportunity for him to open up shop and become rich? For a chance at wealth, he must put his life on the line, or risk losing everything he loves. 

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Gave up on chapter 3

Reviewed at: Chapter 3

Seems like an interesting concept, the writing isn’t great but not bad, but there’s only so many times I can read about a brother extolling the wonders of his sister’s body - including her erect nipples and the possibility of a “vertical smile” (classy) - before I can’t read any more. Despite the fact that these descriptions were followed with protestations that the MC doesn’t care because it’s his sister, I hit my limit in chapter three. And i suspect that’s only because the sister wasn’t in chapter two. 


this is inspired by "I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World",

an isekai fallout 3 fanfic. the first 500 chapters are fun, don't bother to read the next 1000, the ending is disappointing.


as for this story, i wish good luck to the author, he has my entire trust to do something much better than the original.


Solid post-apocalyptic travel/isekai with hint of smut

Reviewed at: Chapter 10

Get past the first 3 chaps and just pretend they never existed. They are a garbage start. By chapter 4 or 5 it shifts into primo "can't put it down" quality.

What it's about: A guy uses a mirror to go back and forth between modern world and a post-apocalytic one ruined with radiation and whatnot but still having remnants of very advanced tech. All kinds of mysteries get rolled out and you get situations like trading a can of radiation free spam for a laser gun. There are a lot of interesting twists and details that keep building up.

This author has the rest of the story to book 1 (41 chaps) up on his site so you can finish up a big chunk of the story without fear of it getting dropped. Key elements:


-Base building

-(Not quite harem) team building 

-Advanced tech

I don't review many stories but saw this one didn't have a good review yet so I'm putting this up in case it helps y'all decide. Pretty quick satisfying read. It's almost nothing like the original foreign light novel it's based on except the mechanic - But that's a good thing in my opinion and you won't benefit (or be bored from) having read that other story. This is something totally new.


Story similar to Mansion in an apocalypse

Reviewed at: Chapter 28

the Subject is a fascinating one, boy finds connection to alternate technological reality which is in the midst of an apocalypse. Due to living in a time of plenty, the options for mercantile success abounds. very similar to the story "I own a Mansion in the Apocalypse...including it's flaws. the women are either depicted as useless or incompetent, and the sole exception is showing very strong Tsundere tendencies despite only knowing MC for a few days. All the men (in either reality) are horndogs with no self control and lust desperately for the MC's mother and sister. Author throws MC's sister at him and emphasizes her breasts and incestuous feelings for him. The Genre is very interesting, the actualization of it, markedly less so. I would love, love, love  the story if the author's views on the opposite sex are rectified, and making every other male besides the MC to be horrendous is not the way to make the MC desirable by any means. It Doesn't help that he gains a completely willing slave very quickly in the story and as of my catching up in the story, has refused to free her. as a story not to be taken seriously, this is slightly enjoyable despite it's many flaws. the removal of said flaws would make this a very good story indeed.


MC goes to a garage sale with his sister who was supposedly very beautiful. The owner sells a 30 dollar marked item for 40. When MC haggles, the owner ask his sister to accompany him to the bedroom. MC then slaps 40 dollars and buys it.

This is the stupidest plot, I ever read in my entire life. The way the author explains the plight of being a beautiful women is ridiculous.


Basic concept: Lol incest (not really).

Reviewed at: Chapter 26

The MC is naive, stupid at times. The things he says, and does, and interactions with his relatives could only come out of a bad 1980's anime. To give but one example:

"Do you mind if I put something inside you?" (said to sister, then mother)

The background setup - mother and sister are always victimized because they are beautiful - isn't entirely implausible, but apparently he is the only person on the planet who isn't either a deceitful horndog (all males) or jealous bitch (all females). Well, there are the 'potential future love interests' who are probably different but they aren't technically in the same dimension.

hakatri gin

An improvement over the original

Reviewed at: Chapter 30

This is a Fix Fic, a work that is based in another while fixing its flaws

 Its a story meant to be fun and it fixes the annoying flaws of Mansion in the Apocalypse

We have a MC who behaves like a rational person who also is driven by emotion, his reactions to the apocaliptic world are very reasonable (and he even decides to nope the hell out of it) until an emotional reason forces him back, and this pattern of logic versus emotion repeats cosntantly as he needs a reason to go back to such a dangerous world

The plot devices are just enough to kickstart the story and then its up to the MC to make his own luck, yes, he happens to find a portal and a tool but those are just requirements to make the story flow, he still has to take risks to find resources

There is also the fact that he was already trying to improve his situation even before finding the mcguffin, it merely gave him another way to achieve his original goals, its a good example of a person acquiring power and not changing, but growing

It has some sexual undertones and waifu shenanigans, you are warned (or baited) but they are light and not intrusive so far, they can be cringe tho

Is an adventure story that mixes sci-fi and the isekai template and it elies more on the flavour than the preparation, do you like isekai and sci-fi and are not bothered by waifus on the sidelines? then give it a try


sweet baby jesus. i tried. i very much tried.

look, i'm not asking for the MC to be some omniscient god-like being. but,  come on, "not a raging moron" is surely a reasonable ask? and that's BEFORE we get into the, "my mother and sister are SO attractive that men lose their ability to control themselves and women life their ability to control their jealousy but their beauty is lost in me" .............. "but let me attempt to describe their bodies in painstaking details". 

look, the premise has/had some promise, even if, as others have noted, it was borrowed. not a thing wrong with that. "sample" that sumbitch then make it your own. but,by the gods, craft a story. with characters with some brain and flow that makes sense.


100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

Reviewed at: Chapter 1

I feel really safe making that offer, I'm sure if you're not happy I can afford to give you your 'free'!

but I'm not too worried about having to do that, because I think this is a pretty good story. I've been enjoying it from the get-go and for a story the author claims he isn't going to write, it's damn good! I read and like just about everything WAW rights, and I've been reading this since the very first chapter on his website.

I hope it does well here as well to encourage him to write more of it. This could turn out to be the best story no one's talking about.


It’s pretty good story so far

Reviewed at: Chapter 37

There are a lot of similarities to the other web novel "I have a mansion in a post apocalyptic world"

There are some differences as well. Like the mc being in high school and living with his family instead of being older and moving out. The way the mc travels between worlds and the unique way the stats are shown but still similar. As well as both characters being in different countries.

Over all I'd say I'd like to see how this story elvolves although it's looking really interesting and good so far and I really did enjoy it. Sadly I will have to wait a few more months to binge read more chapters.

one major downside to me personally is I think the author is working on too many stories at once. The author is a good writer and I like a few of his stories. But I think it would be better if the author focused on one or two stories instead of trying to write 5 or more different ones at a time. Those who go to the website will know what I mean as not all stories are listed here.