I Will Be Recognized

I Will Be Recognized

by SilentPain

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity


On present day Earth, a university student was run over by a truck.
When he awoke, he had discovered himself to be in a completely different world filled with magic. Not just that, he was also synchronized with a system.

Daniel: a normal person; friend of the hero, possessor of the system. He was an anomaly.

Watch how the protagonist interacts with the new world and how his existence starts to change the world. In this world, he will forge a new path unbeknownst to the gods.

By: SilentPain

Webnovel, RoyalRoad

Every other day or so, 4-8 pm est

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The Disappointed

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (13)
Table of Contents
110 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Volume 1: Rebirth - 1. Prologue: Rebirth ago
Notes ago
2. Silent Awakening ago
3. Scammer! ago
4. What to Do? ago
5. Sam ago
6. Secondary Character Curse ago
7. The Awakening ago
8. How Overpowered... ago
9. Reward ago
10. A Fatal Move ago
11. Envoys ago
12. Exposed ago
13. The Holy Church ago
14. The Examinations ago
15. The Magic Knight Academy ago
16. Battle Class ago
17. Free Points ago
18. Controlling Mana ago
19. F*ck Off ago
20. The Old Tale ago
21. A Pleasant Dinner ago
22. The Special Gym ago
23. Adjustments ago
24. Grinding Levels ago
25. The Elements of Magic ago
26. Manifestation of Magic ago
27. Consecutive Breakthrough ago
28. Mysterious Presence ago
29. Spear of the Myriad Forms ago
30. Frustration ago
31. Daniel the Bookworm ago
32. Field Trip!!! ago
33. Wizarding Academy ago
34. This Machine is Broken! ago
35. A Burning Heart ago
36. Flawless Discombobulation ago
37. A True Battle ago
38. Magic Tournament ago
39. Waiting Room ago
40. Elimination Field ago
41. Tournament Arc Here I Come~ ago
42. Come Back When You're a Main Character ago
43. Preliminary Match ago
44. Gone Wrong ago
45. Semi-finals ago
46. Not Bad ago
47. Fighting a Magic Genius ago
48. Long Live the King! ago
49. My Hand Slipped ago
50. Loose Ends ago
51. The Wizard's Tower ago
52. Formation Masters ago
53. I Can't Draw Circles ago
54. An Offer ago
55. How to Catch a Fish ago
56. Soul Plane ago
57. I Have Brittle Bones? ago
58. Midterms ago
59. Epilogue: Nightmare ago
Volume 2: Crazed Expedition - 60. Prologue: Next Steps ago
61. Guest ago
62. Just a Friend ago
63. Night Lurker ago
64. Good Lad ago
65. Seeing Green ago
66. A Battle For Survival ago
67. Découverte ago
68. Arrogance ago
69. The Selfish Old Man ago
70. Isn't This Too Easy? ago
71. Can't You Do It Too? ago
72. Shameless ago
73. The Inexplicable Can Not Be Explained ago
74. Money Is Hard to Come by ago
75. No Tentacles Allowed ago
76. It's Called Plot Armor ago
77. A Helping Hand ago
78. Last Hitting Is a Must ago
79. Evolution Slaps Hard ago
80. The Order ago
81. "Casual Shopping" ago
82. Molten ago
83. How Is This A Tournament? ago
84. Battle Royale ago
85. Prey Run; Predators Hunt ago
86. Into the Cold ago
87. That Was Fast ago
88. Rest Well ago
89. Here Comes a New Challenger! ago
90. Sleep Not ago
91. Broken ago
92. Teleportation Is Easy ago
93. Sent Away Already? ago
94. Internship? ago
95. Ⴇéɔoυvɘɿtɘ ago
96. Reinforcement ago
97. Nice Rod ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ago
98. Raw ago
99. What Is Magic? ago
100. We'll Be Right Back ago
101. Surprise ago
102. "Someone" ago
103. Parasite?!? ago
104. What? ago
105. Ritual ago
106. Winkle and Rip ago
X. Hiatus ago
X. Shameless Advertisement ago
That Time I Ran Over a Dog and Evolved Into an Edgy Teenager ago

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It's ok but has a few problems.

Reviewed at: 39. Waiting Room

I'm not usually one for op protagonist stories but I gave this one a chance, it was enjoyable for the most part and I'll probably keep reading it, because it an easy read, but saying that, it has a few problems that detract from it.

1. The characters arnt believable for their ages, like at all, injad assumed they were older by the time a certain part of the story came along, judging by there inner dialogues.

2. Theres a lot of content the author didntbinclue which could have made it better, mainly in the form of interactions between the Mc and other character.

3.The other seemed to have forgotten about the rules of their own system, when hes clearly been noticed theres no reprocusions, there was a goldmine of worry and anxiety about him loosing his cheet status and the whole you know hidden draggon/biding time approach that could have been great for comic relief and character building.

4. The time skips at the start also felt a little empty and in hindsight annoying when linked with point 1, for instance at a certain point I was kind of falbagasted at the fact that alm the characters were almost at the top level at a certain chapter, yet time had seemed to have stopped, this was annoying becaus of point 2.


It's not a bad story by any means it just lacks a little meat and has timing issues.


reincarnation with a twist

Reviewed at: 61. Guest
Spoiler: Spoiler


Its got a fast pace, almost too fast. The big problem for me is there are too many perspectives. It gets annoying to read about someone would we literally won't ever hear from again. My opinion is limit it to 3-4 max to make sure readers don't lose what's happening 


Well, the novel is easy to read with a plot already seen again and again. Except author like to sexualise 10 years kids and the MC  is a fucking pedo.

Anyway, I just don't understand how someone supposed to be on his early twenties can find kids attractive. In Belgium, books promiting pedos shit like that are illégal.


Great read, cheating MC, little bit comedy in fantasy settings.

Reviewed at: 83. How Is This A Tournament?

This novel is great. It has everything, a little bit of romance, the hero has a secret cheat, and it's targeting the fantasy troupe heavily :). Basically the only thing I would improve would be longer chapters since they are quite small, but I guess  RR reward this...


I just remember pointing out a plot hole in the writing and the author throwing a hissy fit rather than any attempt to fix it. The character being able to buy some skills but never buys them and never addresses why. The author had plot reasons reasons why he didn't want the character to take them but wrote nothing in the story to explain it from the character's POV. I tried to explain why that's bad writing and how he could possibly fix it but he just got defensive.