Ognevika, the almighty Red Dragon, solved all her problems with naps and fire. Now she is as an outcast kobold facing down a legion of murderous adventurers with only her wit and an unlikely friend. At least the world isn't ending in 25 years, right?

-------[currently on hiatus due to comission work]-------

A whimsical, dark comedy. A fantasy sprinkled with post-apocalyptic elements. This is the light novel version, which explores the world of Athalon. Comic book coming out in the future!

Street cred and much love for participation in the 5 months-long Athalon rp campaign and making the world come to life goes to: Snow, Madalyn.O.G., ErinRedFen, Aura, JustMadDog, Pax Rozebar.


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This is the story of a book. All that stuff about kobalds is nonsense. This is the story or a good book! It is a sapient book of great power struggling to affect the world by convincing people to read it out loud. A HEROIC BOOK, trying to avenge the greatest injustice the world has ever known and save all people from the creeping doom that threatened all things. Without The Key of Life all things are fated to distruction; Death and Enthropy will claim all.

The book is not a perfect hero though. It also has personal desires, goals, and motivation. For examble, it wishes that wizard had not used blood magic to change its name, and thereby its nature, to "AdvEnture's GUide to ADvENtuRing DUngEons in DRaGons". the book rather perfered back when it was THE NECRONOMICON. Things were so much simpler back when it was pure evil. When you're EVIL, you dont need to gather a party of spunky young heros on a quest to stop death and save the world. You don't NEED a HEROIC motivation and tragic backstory explaining why you want to cover the world in undeath, shatter Celestar, break the nation's of mankind, and kill God.

Still, thinks the book, it is not all bad. These Kobalds it has recruited as a Band of Plucky Adventures are kind of cute. Especially, Agate, Agate is the cutest.


Also, bonus points for understanding that Eldritch is not a synonym for Betentacled.