"We can't win like this!" George shouted over the heavy firing.

"Gregory said that the reinforcements will take some time to come." Fresh stated.

The Eagle Force had lost track of time as they continued to take down all the enemies that approached them. The Russian soldiers too fought as best as they could and for a long time, they had managed to hold the trenches. However, the enemies kept on coming.

"What should we do?" Jerry asked as he aimed at a tree behind which a Keukan was hiding. As soon as the Keukan showed his head, Jerry took him down with a headshot from his AWP sniper.

"We could really use Emma right now." Daniel said. He fired his m4a1 rifle and took down a few more Keukans.

"Alright, this is a complete waste of time." George said with frustration. He had taken down a small group of reinforcements just a few minutes ago and didn't seem happy on seeing more reinforcements come.

"Lower your heads. We need to figure out a plan." Fresh said.

They couched and lowered their heads as much as they could.

"Okay, so what shall we do?" Jerry asked.

"Is there any way by which we can stop them by fire?" George asked.

Daniel turned to a Russian soldier fighting beside him.

"Hey, I need a few supplies. Do you have them? I need gas cans, few Molotov cocktails if possible and flamethrowers."

"There's a huge tunnel network underneath this trench. We have the supplies there. But Keukans are trying to get to us through the tunnel." The soldier warned.

"We'll take care of them." Daniel assured. "Just tell us where the entrance is."

"You see that dude over there." the soldier pointed at a muscular soldier few feet away who was firing at Keukans with an attached Machine gun. "The entrance is behind him."


"Just help us win the war." With that, the soldier returned to his firing. A while later, he was shot on his head.

Daniel, Jerry and George advanced towards the entrance while keeping their head low. Jerry cleared away the mud to reveal a mudhole with a ladder leading down.

The three descended down the ladder and dropped into the tunnel made by carving through Earth. It was dark inside the tunnel but the helmet of their suits had flashlight attached to it which was enough to light up the tunnel.

As the team advanced forward, they came across various crates containing all types of weapons from a bazooka to sniper rifles. In one crate, they found the supplies they were looking for - Two flamethrowers and a few Molotov cocktails. A few gas cans were also placed beside the crate.

"You both take the Flamethrowers. I will take the molotovs and the gas can." Daniel commanded.

"Alright." Jerry grabbed the flamethrower from the crate. It was basically a huge pipe connected to a gas tank that Jerry wore on his back like a backpack.

"Guys, I hear footsteps. The Keukans are trying to reach us through the tunnels." George warned.

"We need to collapse the tunnel then. I saw a C4 bomb in one of the crates. Plant it at the roof of the tunnel and get out." Jerry instructed.

The team moved back towards where they came from, stopping once for George to get the C4 explosives from the crate. George planted the C4 on the roof of the tunnel and then all of them climbed back to surface before the bomb exploded and a huge pile of mud and rocks blocked the tunnel.

"So, what now?" Jerry shouted. As soon as they had returned to the trenches, the sound of guns had become unbearable again.

"Where's Gregory?" Daniel asked.

"There." George pointed at General Gregory who was fighting bravely alongside his soldiers.

Once again, Daniel had to slowly move across the trenches while keeping his head low. Someone also threw a grenade at him. Daniel managed to take the enemy down but had to wait for some time before his suit healed from the damage done by the grenade.

"Gregory!" Daniel yelled over the sound of bullets.

"Yes?" Gregory turned to Daniel.

"I need a helicopter." Daniel requested.

The battle in the air was just as gruesome as the battle on land with helicopters and planes from both sides clashing with each other like two wrestlers wrestling inside a ring, showing a fantastic display of quickness.

"Captain Jeffrey, do you copy me?" Gregory shouted at the radio.

"I copy." The reply came.

"Get your helicopter down to us." Gregory ordered.

"Roger that." Jeffery said.

A while later, a grey Mil Mi-26, the most powerful Russian helicopter, landed beside them.

"Who needs a lift?" The pilot asked, pressing a button on his cockpit to open the door. Daniel entered inside the helicopter.

"So what favour can I do for you?" Jeffrey asked.

"Get the helicopter above the Keukans." Daniel instructed.

"Risky but I'll do it."

The blades of the helicopter started rotating and the helicopter took off. Jeffrey veered it above the approaching Keukans and Daniel set to work.

He opened the door of the helicopter. The heavy wind that greeted him was impossible to bear at first. He steadied himself and took the support of the handle of the door before spilling the petrol down from the helicopter. The Keukans fired at the helicopter and Jeffrey returned fire at them, taking down hordes of Keukans with his missile.

Daniel emptied the gas cans all around the battlefield. He then threw a few Molotov cocktails down from the helicopter and the entire forest around the trenches ignited into flames.

He then commanded Jerry and George to charge forward.

Within seconds, many Keukans were up in flames when the flamethrower came in contact with petrol. However, the fire did only a little damage to Jerry and George whose suits were designed to resist a certain amount of fire. Daniel also helped them by throwing more molotovs from above.

With the forest wrapped in flames, the Keukans realised it very well that the battle was lost. Their planes and helicopters had also been destroyed by the bazooka fired at them from Russian soldiers. Taking use of this opportunity, Jerry, George and Fresh went after them. The Russians too crossed the forest fire through helicopters.

"Yes, land here." Daniel instructed the pilot.

They had chosen to regroup at an area where the fire hadn't reached yet. The Keukans had retreated further ahead.

"Good Job, Dan." George appreciated when Daniel got out of the helicopter.

"You guys were awesome too." Daniel replied.

"Thanks for your help. We won't have survived this battle without your help." Gregory said.

"Neither would we." Fresh laughed. He was taking the help of another soldier to carry Emma with her.

When Daniel looked around, he estimated about fifty Russian soldiers that still remained standing.

"So, did this base get attacked frequently?" Jerry asked Gregory as they walked further.

"Not really. There were minor attacks of course but this is only the second major attack on this base. The first one was three years ago." Gregory replied.

"Did we caused it?" Jerry asked.

"That's obvious, isn't it? There must have been a spy who informed that you're here. No hard feelings about it, though. It wasn't your fault."

"And what are you gonna do now? That base is surely done."

"The government will find some other place for me. Kinda a new life, you know?"

"We have begun a new life too ever since we joined Eagle Force. It's like turning into an international superstar overnight. Just a day ago, we were nobodies fighting in battle like any other soldier. And all of a sudden, we have become the hopes of everyone. The entire world is counting on us all of a sudden." Jerry stated.

"The pressure must be-" Gregory was interrupted by a sudden shot that knocked down a soldier in front of him.

All the soldiers took cover behind rocks.

"I see about twenty Keukans. They all look battered so they must be the survivors." Daniel said.

"What shall we do?" Gregory asked.

"You don't have to do anything. I, Daniel and George will handle this. Don't want anyone else to get injured." Jerry said. "Come on boys, let's move."

All three got out of their cover at once and rained fire at the Keukans, pushing towards the enemy line of fire and getting themselves exposed to the bullets.

When all three had their shield at a low level, Daniel ended the show by throwing a grenade at the remaining four Keukans.

"So, I guess this where we part now. Jeffrey will get you out of here and Russian military helicopters are on their way." Gregory said, coming out of the cover with all others.

"It was a pleasure working with you." Jerry shook hands with Gregory.


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