Vulcan ran his hand through his dark brown hair, his eyes fixed on the screen depicting the release of the new online VRMMORPG: Discord. His eyes lighting up in awe, growing wider as he delved into the realm of the game’s complex magic.  He grinned, recalling memories from the beta testing. As a participant in the beta test, he already knew Discord like the back of his hand. All he had to do was wait a little longer, before he would once again be thrust into his world of infinite opportunity. 




Alucard stretched, a groan escaping from his mouth. Grabbing a nearby towel, he wiped the sweat off his slick body and his dark black hair. I’m making progress every day! He thought as he examined his muscles, flexing them in the mirror. “Oh yea” He said, before hopping in the shower.


He emerged fully clothed, and he made to leave, his bare feet slapping across the tiled floor. He bent down and swept his bag into his arms through a single, fluid motion. A small page of paper fell out, and he struggled to juggle it into his hands, trying not to drop it on the moist floor. 


50% Off Ver-Tech VR Headset! Comes with a Copy of Discord, The Hottest Upcoming Game!


Ver-Tech Headset?! Those were usually pretty cheap, averaging at around 400 dollars. He had found himself staring at them in awe, amazed at the technology. This was a headset that could place your consciousness in a full virtual world! Sight, Smell, Hearing, Touch, and Taste would be virtually simulated in your brain! 


The invention was genius! It was, quite literally, the best invention of the 22nd century! Alucard could not give up this rare chance, so he quickly hopped in his self-driving car, and purchased the equipment he needed.


Today was a good day.



Belle eyed the headset sitting on her drawer, the slim black paint creating a slight reflection from the light above. She grabbed it, running her hands along the smooth textured plastic. This happened to be the newest gift from her father. 


Father was never around much, but hey? What can you do when you own one of the largest tech companies around. He even got to partner with Ver-Tech, who would be the sender of this fancy piece of equipment. You’d think that when you have it all, you can just kick back and relax, but no! You just get even more busy! That’s not his fault though, and she knew it well. He loved his job; He didn’t do it for the money or fame, he just wanted to do what he loved the most. 


Shaking out of her suddenly depressing thoughts, Belle continued to fondle the equipment. What was it Cleo was talking about? Some new game made for this headset? What was it? Her eyes moved to the box, observing the word “Discord.” She had always been a fan of MMO’s, especially the attempted VR ones. Might as well try it!


What’s the worst that could happen?



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