The God of Tricks Loki once made a challenge for man to decide how he would treat the creatures. If they concurred his challenge, then man would be respected as second to gods but if they would fail they would be treated like their own cattle by him being his playthings like toys to a child. Loki gave man 200 years for a human whether old or young, Man or woman, to take up the mantle and concur his challenge. A decade passed by of Man trying and failing to concur the challenge of Loki until Man realized the only way to concur the challenge was to use their most powerful tool, the ability to pass down skills and knowledge from one generation to another slowly refining their abilities to concur challenges. One town was set up on the eleventh year to gather 100 people who would eventually produce one child capable of concurring the challenge and proving Man's ability to the Loki. Every year one after another people attempted the challenge and failed and then passed on what they learnt to everyone else. This process continued for decades then a century, when a century passed people died and some left giving up on the challenge so only 30 people were left in the town, these people were able to solve half of the challenge a feat which at the start seemed impossible. The people were looked at as geniuses and they had bodies built to travel most terrain. These people were made for the challenge and so they were called the challenge children. Even though the challenge children were amazing they still had a long way to go before they would produce their champion. Eighty-six years pass by and finally a champion was created, a man whose intellect was unmatched, a strength of an army and a soul made of the flames able to withstand any hardships or temptation. This man was named ‘Teleios Antras’ the perfect man. Teleios the product of 186 years of hard work was ready to take on the challenge that Loki had given Man this challenge was named the ‘The Rooms Of Tricks'. Teleios set of with a satchel to the entrance of The Rooms Of Tricks which was guarded by two Valkyries to make sure none would wonder in. Teleios arrived at the entrance of The Rooms Of Tricks and was greeted by the two Valkyries. They spoke the words “Welcome Teleios to The Room Of Tricks, we assume you are hear to take the challenge in an attempt to free your people from a faint of being Loki's toys". Teleios replied “ Yes, I am hear to concur The Room Of Tricks. The Valkyries then bent over and placed their arms upon his shoulders and said “ We believe that you will prove to Loki that humans are not mere playthings but beings that have amazing potential”. The Valkyries then opened the gates to The Room Of Tricks and Teleios walked in initiating the challenge. At first their was nothing but darkness until a green flame illuminated the room and the doors shut behind me. From the green flames the head of Loki appeared and stared at Teleios. Loki then said “Welcome to my challenge, The Room Of Tricks, you must be the supposed perfect man Teleios, who has come to do what no one else could do , concur my challenge, you seem to be ready to start so I should explain how this works, even though I doubt you need explaining but It is a part of how things work, there are 12 trials and you must get through them all, they range from tests of strength, intelligence, mental fortitude and will to carry on. Now try and prove that your race is worth more than play toys”. Loki then pointed at a wall and a door appeared and opened. Loki then said “Your first trial awaits their Teleios. Teleios walked forward into the door and was greeted with a swamp. He turned behind him looking back at Loki and said “I will be the champion”. Then he shut the door. Teleios looked around where he was and saw many insects flying around the area. He wandered what the challenge here was. Teleios suddenly heard a voice coming from further in the swamp and went running towards it. As he ran the swamp water rose higher and new creatures started to emerge. He saw cotton mouth snakes emerge from water and large dragon flies flying above his head, things you would normally see in a normal swamp and not a God’s challenge. As he approached the source of the noise he stopped dead in his tracks looking forward he learnt what kind of trial this was, a test of intelligence and physical capabilities for what he saw was a basilisk. A creature with the most dangerous venom in the world, it has the body of a lizard, a serpent’s tail and the head of a rooster. The basilisk is also armed with a petrifying gaze capable of petrifying you when it looks at you. Teleios stepped back and looked around for a high area above where he saw the basilisk. Teleios then saw a tall ledge and ran up to the ledge. He then pulled a mirror from his satchel and jumped of the ledge. As he fell he held the mirror to his face completely covering it. The basilisk’s attention was drawn upwards and looked at the mirror and petrified himself. Teleios then placed the mirror back into his satchel and took out a hook&rope and threw in at the side of the ledge to stop his downward momentum. The hook slid down the side but inevitably stopped and hooked into the wall. This caused Teleios to stop falling and he used the hook to slowly climb down to the ground. Teleios had beaten the first trial easily doing what most could not accomplish. Loki then appeared before him in flame form and congratulated Teleios for his accomplishment. Loki then said “So if you were able to defeat a basilisk in battle that quickly you must have had years of preparation or should I say 186 years of preparation, you have impressed me, normally you would receive a gift but since this is a challenge for you humans to do without help from us gods you will receive no such thing until this is all over". “Are you ready for the next trial Teleios”? Asked Loki. Teleios just nodded. Loki then said “You can rest between challenges if you so wish, after all along every journey you rest". Teleios then said “I will push on for now". Loki then opened the door to the second trial and Teleios walked through and the door shut behind him.


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Zayd Timbawala

Bio: I am a young writer who loves writing and wants to provide people with enjoyable stories, and I would like to polish up my skills so in the future I may develop more enjoyable stories

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