Apocalypse Man

by AngryPastry

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

The world has changed. A new order has been imposed, and humanity must fight for survival on a planet that suddenly has many new inhabitants. Aran Briggs will face every trial there is to survive in this harsh new reality. 

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Good, creative story. Lots of potential.

Reviewed at: Ch. 14

I've read the first 14 chapters and its a good story.  I've read a lot of apocalypse / litRPG types stories and this one definitely is on average better written than most.  The MC is being fleshed out and I like the fact that the MC is learning his powers and not like some other stores where the MC goes from zero to over powered hero in a couple of days.  Although there isn't a lot of action yet, you can tell the author is putting time into creating the world and it feels natural.  Thanks to author for taking the time to write the story. 

Jonah of the Whale

Very cool story so far. Writing and lore is interesting, creative and unique. Looking forward to more Pastry, keep it coming. :)


Very Cool Story, Good Potential!

Reviewed at: Ch. 19 All Tied Up

After reading through (currently ch 18), I can say I really enjoy this story and I think it has the potential to go far! As another reviewer said, this definitely is above average for the typical litRPG novel that pops up on RR. Right now 5 stars, and if I feel the need to edit things as the story goes on, I'll do so. I typically just read RR stories as they come, but this is first one I've felt needs MORE attention than it has, so I finally bit the bullet and made an account to review.

Stylistically, I think it's great. The story flows well, with not every chapter seeming like it's arbitrarily cut off, but rather at a more natural conclusion of an event. The writing is not janky at all, and actually seems like a lot of thought has gone into what has happened/what's coming up in the future.

The story is good - the MC isn't some "loser" who's lucking into a bunch of benefits, or some OP god who's a natural at everything, or has things handed to him. There's some farily traumatic events happening to the MC (perhaps even enough to possibly put some trigger warnings on a chap or two) but as he goes through them, he both grows and is broken in ways, which would be more natural for a person in this situation. He also figures out his powers and the world as he goes, given that the "free" info he gets is always rather limited. The System is different enough from other litRPGs to be interesting to hear about. As of now, it seems as if some much bigger events are on the horizon, and I look forward to it!

Grammar's good, no complaints here. Maybe saw a small typo or two, but nothing egregious that ruins the flow. This was obviously written by somebody with a good grasp of what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it.

Character...kinda mentioned that with Story. Good character development, and decent insights in why the MC does the things they do. There is plenty of potential for the MC to change, and I can see him doing so.

Overall, I'd definitely say try it out. I'd say give it until 15 or so at the least to see if the style/story is a fit for you. The action definitley builds from there, and the stage is getting bigger, so if you're waiting for that, keep reading! I look forward to seeing where this story goes, and think it's worth taking a look.