One Lie Away

by L00K1NG

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

"You have kids “ I ask, pure shock hitting my face. 

“Zack. It’s not what you think..”

“The kid just called you mama.” I say eyeing her. 

She nods, as she twirls a piece of her hair. 

“They look about three...” I finally add, thinking about it till my eyes widen. “Kelli-“

“No! It’s not what you think. They are someone else’s kids. They are two. Yea two.”

“Kelli-“ she stops me again. 

“Okay. Yes I lied they are three. Almost Fudging three! And yes they may or may not be your kids! And I know I shouldn’t be telling you this since you left three years ago to make it big. Which obviously you’ve done. So you don’t need these kids in your life, in fact you don’t need any of us in your life. You just happen to be here and I just happen to be here. So if you could leave like right now that would be grand.” Her tears start falling and I want to comfort her but I know I don’t stand in the same box as her anymore. 

“Please leave Zack...” I look up. “Please.” She bites her lower lip, like she did when she was little. 

“Kelli-“ she stops yet again. 

“You know what forget anything I’ve said. Goodbye.” With that she flips her hair heading back into the cafe. 

My eyes in pure wideness. 

Zack Martinez,  Hollywood’s bad-boy. At just 21 he’s won five Grammys, three MTV awards, and a couple of lower awards. Promising future ahead, he was not expecting to run into the girl he left three years ago in order to become what he is. 

He also didn’t expect to see her with kids. But it didn’t ring in the fact they were hers until they both called her mama. 

Kelli Chin, a single 20 year old mom. Getting kicked out at 17, she was left to fend on own, thinking she could count on the guy that did that to her, she was shocked finding out he went to Hollywood. She was even more shocked finding out he already got a girlfriend just three weeks in. 

No calls or text she finally said a big F U to him and decided it was time to move on but how far can she move on when the father of her kids is him

Now both struggle to get by in the world, they are shock when the run into each other. Both confuse and lost they have to learn how to coparent. But will they learn to love each other again or will it just lead down a path of tragedy

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