I had been waiting for two hours already, and his patience was just about gone. The dark-haired scribe had made him wait through all the other recently classed individuals, likely out of spite. I just wanted that citizenship card so I could be indipendant from I parents at last.

"You're almost 20, and you only just now got your first level. That bad news, you have alot of caching up to do." The scribe was mocking me for not being at least level five already, I just knew it.

"I know, just apraise me and get it over with, will you?" I was on the brink of loosing it. I had been here at the edge of freedom for too long, and it was singing my name.

"Aprase: Andre Lizt. Ok, ok, looks normal enough, but that class is the wierdest I've ever seen. You want to genericize it or work on hopeing it's potential is worth three years of waiting for it."

"I'll keep it for now, the default skill looks quite useful to me." And that it did, it looked quite useful indeed.

"Alright, just remember to come back when you reach level 15 to request a trainer, or report your subclass if you have a trainer for it already. The fine for unreported subclassing is no small matter." He handed me the card to bleed on, so as to seal it to me. "And, you're done here. Have a nice day, and don't break anything on your way out. I have enough paperwork to do today."

I was out of there in a heartbeat, I was finally free. "Status"

Andre Lizt Asshole Level 1 (47%)
Health 30/30 (+.1/min.)
Mana 5/5 (+.05/min.)
Stamina 10/15 (+.1/min.)
Hate 1/1
Strength 10
Agility 9
Dexterity 9
Vitality 12
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 11
Charisma 18
Skills Discription
Power Born of Hate level 1 (3%) Hatred fuels you. For every level of this skill you may add one unit of hate per unfriendly non-hostile per day. Max hatred is your primary level times the level of this skill. For every unit of hate add 1% of your current standard stats to your standard stats, rounded down. Every 10 boosts are compouded.

This is clearly worth the three years I had to wait. But with where hate appeared, It must be used for other things. I would find out soon enough though, as level five didn't look that difficult, for me anyway.


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