Talan Fall: The Fringe

by Meredith Gregory

If fighting for a cause can get you killed, its best not to flirt with your executioner.

She will not accept the life that her culture forced upon her and embarks on a journey to find something better. Profiled and accused of a crime they thought she would commit. She is trapped in the clutches of a community that wants to kill her and a government that wants to jail her.

Born into the ruling Warrior Class, she must marry to retain her status. Married, his success brings her power and wealth that she wields to further his success. Unmarried, she is yet another nameless, meaningless cog in the machine that is the Empire. The men go off on conquest, but few will return. The Empire is therefore governed and populated by a workforce of unmarried women. They fight among themselves to keep what little stipend the Warrior class is willing to pay.

Throughout Earth's history, women in warrior cultures had surprising access to wealth and power. Women would join in training with their husbands in preparation to defend the home in his absence or to join her husband on the battlefield. Upon his heroic death, she would inherit his wealth and power. It is this shared history between humans and Talans that can be the foundation of a future peace treaty.

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Meredith Gregory

Meredith Gregory

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