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So.. i did something weird.. haha i felt the write.. while watching my gf play hitman but then later I read her story and was like.. I could totally kill her character with mine.. right.. so I ended up making a kind of modern wuxia r.. cough i took this character to the future.. Five chapters later... I realized.. im wayyy too far ahead of schedule.. 

My opposition had this scowl on his face like I did something to him. I could see veins popping on his forehead as he took a step towards me. The pressure was growing stronger every breath and he was wasting it.

This is a good example of not allowing your enemy time to talk. Not talking yourself when you don’t need to set up a trap.

Six white blades appeared before me and like before, dragons blotted out the sky as they attacked him. Taking his focus away from moving towards me while making him exert more energy to get rid of my attacks.

It only took nine breaths for blood to leak out his ears. Ten breaths before blood poured out his nose. Fifteen breaths before he collapsed to his knees, vomiting blood. Twenty breaths before he clutched his chest and stared at me with eyes filled with pain.

“Heavens above noticed your bravery. A messenger to guide you. Have a rose and leave with no regrets.”

I tossed a red rose made of fire that looked like a realistic rose. It landed on his body and it ignited like a funeral pyre.

I bowed my head in a moment of silences and turned to the gathering.


A vial floated out of my ring and the pill slipped out to enter my mouth. My Qi instantly replenished. I couldn’t help smirking as the guy screamed his final words.

I couldn’t help but glance at a man who moved faster than the wind. I guess this must have been his son or something. He appeared in my face in an instant but I sidestepped as another pill floated into my mouth. Replenishing the qi I used up twice.

The want-to-be savior collapsed onto his knees. His hand went to his throat but his head slid off his shoulders. Blood finally squirted out of his neck wound, showering the area before the body bounced off the stage. I turned my eyes to the crowd who sat in shock.

“I’m looking for two maids and one butler. Anyone in the void to Marial Monarch realms will do.” my deep voice had to have woken them up from their shock because murmurs rock through the people gather below.

I turned and walked back to the stage. The Emperor gaze at me for only a second, like someone acknowledging that you're more than an ant they could crush by pressing down their finger.

“No more objections?”

Of course nobody spoke up. I just slaughtered a Martial monarch and Martial Emperor in the lower realm. Who would question me after this?

He waved his hand and three guys touched a crystal and the formation spun to life. I kind of was expecting a great light show but what actually happened was merely a tug of my soul and then I sort of felt a link to Long Yun.

I could feel the excited emotions she exhibited, the nervousness and feel a little of her thoughts. Maybe because she was blasting such thoughts? The Emperor nodded and turned to the crowd.

“Now that the serious part is over. Enjoy the food and entertainment.” The Emperor walked to a group of old guys with a smirk on his face, like look here. My son-in-law is awesome.

I guess this is where kidnapping became a popular thing in the future, because of guys like this.

“Let me introduce you to my friend..” Long Yun reached over to grab my hand and I allowed her but I pulled her close.

“I’m going to the library. Send a maid tonight to come bring me to our room after tonight.” I whispered.

Her face went through a kind of disappointment. I didn't bother with what she did like or didn’t. Instead ask the attendant to take me to the cultivation library. I might as well clear up a lot of my gaps in knowledge.


“Your dad found you someone much more impressive than my husband. Tsk, I’m all kinds of jealous.” Princess Jingyi giggled.

Long Yun snorted as she dropped into a chair. Several thoughts flickered through her mind but not one shown on her face.

“My dad only saw him for a second and instantly made a decision. Sadly, I don’t know if this is going to be a relationship that can turn into something happy for me or if I am going to end up like you. Complaining all the time about how distant my husband is.”

Princess Jingyi laughed harder and snatched a goblet off a tray.

“If we only had more time, then we could have chosen our own destinies. I guess we should toast to us, women to be pitied.”

Long Yun took a goblet and knocked it against Jingyi.


“Brother Hanyin, congrats on finding such a talented young dragonling. I guess you really did feel pressure when I found myself such an impressive son-in-law.” Emperor Li jested.

Emperor Long chuckled and glanced at the young talent off to the side.

“Mm, if you felt the need to nurture such a talent then I had to compete. Sadly, all those within my own dynasty are lacking. Forcing me to take them on a round of challenges. I just so happen to find this kid during the beginning of the journey.”

Emperor Li nodded, his eyes drifting down to the arenas where people were fighting for the position of Butler and Maids.

“Well, you found a rare diamond but let's talk about this upcoming trial. I think our teams should cooperate like we did. Only way for us to ensure that our youths pick up again, otherwise, those youths from the upper level will hog all the major resources.” Emperor Li shifted in his chair, leaning over the armrest.

Emperor Long nodded, “I naturally agree but this young man..” The Emperor sighed as he looked towards the library at a kid who was studying cultivation scriptures.

“How do I say it? He has too high standards for his teammates. He apparently achieved high merits with the humans. They gave him the title of General Dragon Lord and his team had six void realm experts. All from the lower realms with a very diligent track record of waking up at sunrise to train, meditating at sunset. Even when I brought this guy over, he was comprehending the great void through the transmission array. Literally woke up three days later and started practicing some kind of movement technique.”

Emperor Li's eyes glittered and he looked over at his son-in-law.

“I can see your point. Our prodigies aren’t prudent enough. However, if you say he should watch out for these lads. Then at worse, what they gain depends on their mindset. Which should at least allow our less talented and hardworking to make achievements.”

Emperor Long glanced at his daughter before sighing in defeat.

“He will probably be in the top five but I can’t make him focus on defending our dumbasses but both our daughters are friends. Their husbands are the best of their generation. Even if they don’t stay with the large group, neither will want to lose reputation by allowing someone to bully their wives. So we don’t have to push either of them into wasting time with the group.”

Emperor Li sat back and nodded.

“You are right. I forgot how prideful young people can be. Have you organized the youths going in yet?”

Emperor Long let out a self-deprecating laugh.

“I did and he beat them with one move. Now, I’m worried if I made a mistake somewhere. We still have four months until it opens. I’ll host another competition.”

Emperor Li turned to his son-in-law. “When we got back, we picked out three servants as well. You can’t be any worse than that young man.”

The black hair youth nodded, a strange twinkle shining in his eyes.

“You might as well make him learn from your best techniques and scriptures as well. Haha, my son-in-law creates his own skills and by the feel of it. He’s trying to create a unique cultivation scripture based on the laws of the void. When the great Forum opened up. I think I’m going to roll around in happiness.” Emperor Long stretched back, kicking up his feet on a blue stool while his arm curved behind his head.

Emperor Li rolled his eyes but also made the decision to personally teach his son-in-law when they get back.


I rubbed my forehead and stared down at my finish project. An artificial garden that replicates the landscape of the lake island. The only slight difference is I modified it just a tad bit after much trial and error. Instead of transforming the world essences into True Qi which is powerful and several realms ahead of me. To stellar Qi which contains the laws of the galaxy, something that is also powerful and hard to come by.

I turned to the old crew and three new editions. I took off the outer robe and passed it to maid one, an outstanding beauty with amazing guiqin skills.

“I want this area ready for planting seeds.” I formed a hoe out of red qi and began churning the land. My team took off their outer gear and hung it on the fence before getting to work. The Butler took a minute to determine if this meant him or not, before he dropped his outer garb and started working.

We worked from sunup to sun down, so quickly a week past. Yet, as we worked, our bodies absorbed the sparse stellar energies and I could begin to experiment with a scripture that will benefit me the most without the limitation set by people with sights set further than my own.

I stood on the bridge leading to the palace in the middle of the lake. Well, the lake just began filling up from liquify spiritual essences of the great void. I looked at all nine of my people with smiles.

“In front of you is a red pill called Rebirth. It allows you to have a pure body and to practice a new cultivation method from scratch. However, you do not have to worry about the time you lost as your body still remembers what each plane you made it to feels like. Plus my self created scripture enters Saint Great Realm. Many of you, I can tell with a glance that your scriptures merely stop in the Martial Great realm. If you wish to go further with me, then take the red pill.”

I took it off the table and swallowed it. Feeling my hard earned efforts disappear and my body return to the peak of the body temperering stage.

My eyes drifted to my two maids who had picked up the pills without any hesitation. They came from powerful families within the mid realms. Their families lived like kings and could be considered pillars that hold up the Long Dynasty.

For them to make such a decision belied their belief in me. I felt honored for all but a second. Cough, I mostly admired their bodies. I guess I was getting used to slender curvy women.

My butler was the third to make a choice, grabbing the pill. As for the other six, they wavered and finally decided not to. Not that I could blame them, they had goals of their own and belief that they could accomplish their goals without restarting their cultivation.

“Since you made your choice, go and recruit for me. Anybody around my age of fourteen that is in body tempering or core formation stage. Bring them here if they agree.” I wave my hand, not a bit disappointed in their choice.

They each bowed and turned to leave. I was just about to walk across the bridge into the palace when I felt Long Yun breach the barrier, leading a crowd across.

I clicked my tongue and turned to my loyal servants.

“Here is the first part, this will get you to the nascent soul realm. It should only take us three weeks. After that, we can officially begin our training in the Emperium Star Scripture.” I pass over copies of the scripture and they each read the first stage before sitting down and reading it directly.

Long Yun walked onto the bridge after noticing she couldn’t make the crowd with her walk near it. I couldn’t help smiling at the frustration that curved her lips.

“Did you restart your cultivation? We only have three and half months. Can you make it back to the level you were at by then?” She hadn’t even made it close to me when she questioned me like this.

I pointed my finger and the stellar essences converged onto my finger. It spirals towards her like a comet entering Earth’s atmosphere. A trail left behind caused her eyes to unfocused and she was pulled into an illusion of stars shooting across the sky.

When it passed by her cheek, only then did she wake up and fear danced within her heart. I sighed and pointed at the table.

“We are tied together, spirit and soul. You will get the most out of my scripture if you come and join me. With both of us practicing together, we will have more gains than if I practice by myself.” I tried to pull in her soft romanticism.

Long Yun's eyes glittered and I couldn’t read what went through her head but after a few seconds, she took a step forward. Picking up a pill before rolling it between her thumb.

I tossed a booklet onto the table and Yun made the choice to swallow the pill before looking at the booklet.

“Why are you bringing such a large group around?” I questioned her while she flipped through the booklet.

Yun’s head snapped back and she cleared her throat while her cheeks turned slightly pink.

“Oh, father wanted me to introduce you to the team going with us. This is both ours and Li Dynasties brightest. Also the Princess and Prince of Li Dynasty waiting.”

I nodded and began walking down to them. I didn’t need to sit down to temper my body with qi because I already knew the pathways and best route while practicing with a clone. Plus the stellar Qi was so thick inside here that the only issues were controlling it.

Long Yun ran after me and she gestured at the dark -haired lad with a handsome profile, right next to him was an equally beautiful girl.

“This is Li Jingyi and her husband, Li Wei. They will be teaming up with us like our fathers did during their times.”

Li Wei looked at me with a strange look and held out a hand. I grasped his forearm and shook it once before letting go.

“Why did you restart your cultivation?”

I shrugged, “I couldn’t exhibit all the power I wanted to even after creating my own techniques. Most likely, the owner of the scripture I was using left out some things so if someone challenged him, he had something to fall back on.”

Li Wei's face seemed to go through a transition as he clearly pondered on my words. I couldn’t help turning to his wife, she was stunning. I wouldn’t mind being a homewrecker. Haha.

“You guys can set up camp here. Though I would have to ask you to retreat about five miles away from the lake. I am going to start recruiting soon and their families will need places to set up housing.”

Li Jingyi nodded with an odd smile.

“I understand. There is a town not far from here, we will stay there.”

I shrugged and turned to leave, leaving Long Yun to handle the rest.


I rested on my side, watching Long Yun dance through a set of movements, I called the sword of star fall. Each swing emphasizes the arc of a star cutting through the sky. The entire set utilizes nothing but slashing and chopping motions. Each movement builds up the momentum, leading to a strong and impactful final attack. The foot movement or body movement should incorporate the essences of the dust from comet, star, whatever leading behind. For a person, it would be multiple after-images that can confuse a person's sight.

Yun’s has an exceptional understanding of this and it makes me wonder, why she was so weak before. It didn’t make much sense.

I could only toss aside the thought and grabbed another slice of fruit. Enjoying the tangy bitter flavor that teased me after it was gone. Like a lover stirring you up before falling asleep, this fruit was a perfect representation. No wonder, many people nickname it the Lover’s Fruit.

Yun came to a stop and whipped the loose strands of her hair out of her face. Accepting a towel from one of her servants, she wiped her face and tossed it back. Walking to me with her red lips parted and cheeks flush. Her bright eyes filled with excitement from the powerful feeling she managed to encapsulate.

I gave her a brief smile as I sat up, pulling the sword out of her hand and sheathing it with the same movement. My other hand grabbing her hand, my fingers dancing over the fatty part of her palm and neck of her wrist.

Her face seemed to brighten and smile tugged at her lips as she stepped into my personal space.

“What do you think? Ten stars is pretty good, huh?” she couldn’t keep the pride out of her voice.

“Of course, you have an amazing teacher and an amazing creator who came up with such a perfect style to emulate the beauty I already know you possess.” I tugged her until she bent like a spear. Pulling her hips against me, just so I could.. Cough.. Grope her fleshy backside.

Yun rolled her eyes and gripped the bun on the back of my head, forcing my head backwards as her red lips puckered.

“So you're going to take all the credit for that, huh?” she said it teasingly but for some reason, I felt myself jerk in arousal.

My lips rose up to meet hers, I could taste the hot breath and excitement. Her fingers loosen their grip on the hairbun and dug into my scalp as we leaned back in an embrace. Though I bet she was more hungry to taste the Lover’s fruit than excited about me giving her attention.

Tsk, spoil a bish and they think this shit is normal. The standard of how every day is supposed to go. Ah, it is so troublesome being this awesome.

Someone cleared their throat and Yun broke off the kiss but didn’t leave my grasp.

“So, I come for a visit and you love birds showing off.” Yun’s best friend spoke in a jealous tone.

Li Jingyi dropped down onto the bench and snatched the last fruit out of the bowl. She waved her hand at the garden view that looked like a nature picture someone caught by accident after falling off a cliff or something.

“What is this all about? How is such a beautiful scenery conducive to training? Looks to me like you too are on a date, rather than trying to recover to your old realms.” she lectured with an air of an older sister but there was this look in her eyes when she turned to me.

I, of course, ignored it as I could understand why people felt jealous of the woman I am with. I’m amazing in every way. Cough, plus her husband has this issue called small dick syndrome. It’s not that he is completely non-existent down there but that a lot of men focus on one thing. Their pleasure and that’s all they needed to know.

You go in, you pound, then retreat and down. If the other person managed to have an orgasm during that, good for them. But eight out of ten, most people I have met didn’t care. I heard too much gossip about such things.

I could only say, Earth’s theology on sex has save me from being one of those men being diss behind their backs to every woman within ear’s reach. Ah, what a blessing.

Yun giggled, “I just mastered a sword technique. So I took a moment to celebrate.” She turned to one of her maids. “Bring more star fruit.”

Li Jingyi sighed loudly, “You brought out the competitive nature of my husband and he went back to attempt the same thing. My father was so happy at first but now he’s worried.”

Yun tilted her head and showed a prideful smirk. “Even if he isn’t as talented as my man, he should not be that far behind, right? Plus he had been practicing slaughter scripture before. So anything he creates should be near that right?”

Li Jingyi frowned and poured herself a glass of starfruit wine.

“That’s the problem. The Slaughter scripture is something my ancestor created based on the law of slaughter but how can someone in the entry level improve on it himself? Even if he can, he won’t achieve much and this is the problem. He didn’t achieve much and it isn’t even as great as the original scripture. If my father and grandfather hadn’t helped him, he might have ruined his future.”

Yun laughed then covered her mouth as Jingyi glared at her.

They both turned to me with the same question, at the same damn time.

“How did you achieve it?”

I pinched Yun’s butt and shrugged.

“I don’t know what he did to tell you why he failed. As for why I succeeded, my perception is just stronger than his to begin with.”

Jingyi huffed and I laughed, pushing Yun back a step I grabbed my sword.

“I’m going to practice. You two enjoy your break.”


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