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I woke up surrounded by darkness, I felt the cold as my skin was exposed and my body felt heavy. A dull pain lingered on my head and my mouth was stiff, someone had tied it shut.


"Mmmpphhh! Hhhmmpp!" 


I tried to scream and make noises but I could only hear the creaking noises of wood. My back and arms felt painful as I laid on a hard surface and my bare skin rubbed against it.


"Hmm… looks like the dosage on the candies was off, you woke up rather fast."


'This voice… Matthew? What is happening?'


I suddenly felt a warm hand reach for my crotch, the hand was rough, he grabbed onto my dick and he played with it like a rattle. I trembled as I felt his hand stroking my shaft slowly, then intensified into a faster pace.


"Let's get you ready."


'No! Matthew, I don't want this! I'm scared! Stop! Please! Don't do this!' I shook and wailed with all my might but my struggles were suppressed by the ropes and my muffled cries fell on deaf ears.


Matthew's rough fingers fiddled my hole, his fingers were wet and something cold trickled down from it and it made me shiver, I whimpered and tried to free my hands, but the rope was too tight.


"Be patient Ein, you'll enjoy this soon…"


I felt the first finger enter, the rough finger wriggled inside and kept on poking around, my waist felt strange as it hit my prostate. I tried to move and get the finger out of my ass but the tight rope wrapping around my legs hindered me to move my waist. Matthew also plunged his finger deeper whenever I try to breathe out.


"Mmmppph! Ummmpphh!"


"Hey now, don't tighten, you'll just make it harder later on."


Another of his fingers slid in, and my hole started to ache, I tried to resist his prodding, but Matthew started to twirl his fingers inside in retaliation, it hurt at first but whenever he twisted his fingers at a certain angle, the pain would go away and I felt pleasure after.


"I said relax, you slut!" 


I heard Matthew click his tongue and I felt his knuckles reach the edge of my hole. It was too deep and I felt pain inside.


"Haahh… this won't work then. Let's use something else to loosen you up."


I found relief when he pulled out his fingers from my ass. I then heard Matthew's footsteps, it seems he was going somewhere.




I heard a door open, did Matthew leave? I sobbed as loud as I can and shook the ropes on my leg. I felt the rope on my left leg was becoming loose and the surface I laid on shook violently as I tried to free myself.


"Don't even think about escaping Ein. I'm still here."


I felt Matthew's breath near my right ear. It seems that he didn't leave the room and was gawking over me. I tried crying for help as loud as I can but the tight gag made my wails into faint grunts.


"Let's put this on you first, this will make you feel good in a bit."


Something dull was being pressed against my hole. It was hard, and it felt like a ball was being forced into my small entryway. 


"Open wide, Ein."


I felt Matthew's fingers spread me apart by force and I sensed the ball enter me slowly. Matthew then nudged it deep and I felt a tingling sensation run through my crotch.




'What is this? It feels weird! Something is moving, it's hitting my insides' I felt a dull pressure slowly crawl deep into my ass, it felt like the thing stuffed into me was moving.


"Good! Looks like you're enjoying it Ein, your waist is shaking on its own now."


The pain I felt earlier was fading away, it was now slowly being replaced by pleasure. Matthew's hands kept on invading and jabbing my prostate and it felt horribly good.


"Another should fit in snugly… Relax, Ein."


Matthew shoved another one deep into me without spreading me apart. It hurt at first, but when it reached my insides, the feeling of pleasure slammed into me like a wave of water. 


*Click Click*


The vibrations inside me got stronger, I felt Matthew's fingers press them against my prostate on purpose. It was driving me mad.


"Loosening you up will take hours if we only use those eggs… let's add another one." 


'Eggs? Another one? No! Stop Matthew!' I shook the restraints with all my might and my left leg finally came loose, I tried to kick Matthew but he grabbed onto my leg with his strong arm.


"Hmm, I guess I was too lenient on you."


I felt Matthew grab onto the rope of my loose leg and secured again to the same corner, this time the rope tension was tighter. 


"If only you can see how beautiful you are Ein… Your skin looks nice as the ropes leave their marks." Matthew's warm tongue slithered around my dick, I felt him lap my entire length, and once he reached the tip, he would flick his tongue as if to tease me. My waist would shake on its own, it was begging for more. The toys inside my ass felt good and the pleasure of being attacked on both sides made me weak. It was unbearable and slowly, the pleasure was making me lose my rationality. 


"You're finally opening yourself to me, that's good."


Matthew stopped, I heard his footsteps move away from me and then return shortly after.


"Let's make you feel better… Ein, stay still, you don't want me to prick the wrong vein. Haha…"


An ominous feeling ran through my body.


'Pricking? Vein? No! No! No! I Don't want this! Monique Help! Please, someone, Help!' I jerked my head and my torso to keep Matthew away but his body leaned down on me and pinned me down. 


I felt a needle prick my neck, it was painful, but slowly, my senses started to wither, the last thing I heard was Matthew's words.


"Ein… Relax, we have all the time in the world…"


*Clack Clack Clack*


The doors to the elevator closed, two students who just got out from their class were on their way to meet Ein. It was already 12:17 PM and they were running late on their meet.


"Ugh, I can't believe the professor took his sweet time discussing the lesson." Monique groaned. "He came in class late and then he extended the class by 15 minutes? I mean, where's justice in that?" 


"Says the person who also came late. Haha!" Diether ruffled Monique's ponytail as he mocked her entry in the classroom earlier.


"Hey, at least the professor didn't see me come in late! So technically, I'm just in time." Monique sneered at Diether and smacked him with her satchel.




As they alighted the elevator, Monique pulled out her phone to check for messages. Ein had sent her a text message at 11:30 AM however, there were no further updates from his end.


"That's strange… Ein would usually call or send a text message if he's unable to find us…" Monique's face suddenly darkened.


"What time did you say the meet would be?" Diether was puzzled by Monique's expression.


"It was 12:00 sharp, Building D's Lobby..."


"Yeah, but we're late right? He's probably waiting in the lobby, you know how mobile phones are with their batteries right? He must have turned it off to save its power." Diether then hugged Monique and kissed her forehead.


"Let's hurry to him then, Building D's lobby is just at the next corner." Diether smiled gently at Monique. "Don't worry he should be-"


Monique suddenly had the urge to run, Her intuition was filled with dread. It was not possible for Ein to miss an appointment, especially if they had agreed on it. And the lack of communication on Ein's side had her worried terribly.


'Ein, you arse, why didn't you call or send me a text message! You always ring me up whenever I'm running late!' Monique ran towards the lobby, hoping to find Ein waiting there.


"Wait! M-Monique, slow down! You run too fast!" Diether struggled to follow her.


When both of them reached the lobby, Diether and Monique were out of breath. It looked like they just did the fastest 100-yard sprint in record time.


"Haaah… Haaahh… I never ran hard twice in a day! Goddamnit, Ein where are you?!" Monique shouted through the lobby and other students looked at her like she had gone insane.


Diether collected himself and looked around the lobby. He couldn't spot Ein in the area. Ein was nowhere to be found.



To be Continued.



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