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Ein found himself walking toward building D to meet up with Matthew. He pondered why the professor had called for him when they mutually agreed to be discreet on campus.

'Hmm… as far as I know, I don't think I'm failing or passing his class, my scores were fine in his last test. Why was he calling for me then? Did I do something wrong during our date last week?'' Ein contemplated as he walked into the elevator lobby. 'Monique was also strange earlier… Why would she say such a thing?'

Ein felt anxious after talking with Monique earlier, he then brought out his mobile phone and keyed in a text message for her.

{Fetch Me 12N}

"Just like how the rumours say, you're always early or always on time, Ein Schmidt." A man pressed the button to hail the lift.

Ein was startled as he heard a man's voice behind him, he tucked his phone onto his pocket and quickly turned around and saw Matthew who was behind him.

"P-professor Briar, uh… I was just on my way up to meet you."

"Would you like to join me for lunch, Ein?" Matthew showed Ein a box of sandwiches on his left hand. "I think I bought too much, want to share it with me?" A gentle smile appeared on Matthew's face.

"S-sure! I'll join you for lunch since it's your treat, professor. Haha!" Ein scratched his head and smiled coquettishly at Matthew.

"By the way, I only have lemon juice or tea upstairs, you don't mind any of those right?"

"I'm fine with either, professor."


The lift had arrived, and the doors opened in front of us.

"Alright, glad to know, shall we head up then?" Matthew then boarded the elevator and held the door for Ein.

Ein nodded and went inside the lift, he then pressed the button for the 6th floor where their destination was.

"Oh, by the way, I received some liquorice candies earlier, here have some, Ein. It might take a moment to prepare the drinks, munch on these for the meantime." Matthew then handed out the candies to Ein.

"Black Jacks? I loved these! Thank you, professor." Ein unwrapped one and popped it into his mouth.

A dark smile formed on Matthew's lips as he saw Ein munching on the candy. He looked like a hungry wolf who was going in for the kill.


"Monique, over here! I saved you a seat beside me!" Diether waved happily at his girlfriend when she arrived in the study hall."

"...Am I late? Where's the professor?! Ahhh, Haaaah…" Monique ran as fast as she could and she was out of breath.

"Prof's running late too, he said He'll arrive in two minutes so… you're just in time. Quickly! Take a seat here!"

"Yes! Thank goodness!" Monique sighed in relief as she sat beside Diether. She then fixed her bag and wiped her sweat with her handkerchief. She suddenly heard her flip phone beep and checked the text message.

{Fetch Me 12N: Ein 11:30}

Monique smiled as she saw Ein's message and Diether saw her face glow.

"Who is it?" Diether looked at Monique with a puzzled face.

"It's Ein. He just confirmed that he'll meet us for lunch later."

"Did you tell him by any chance…? About our Engagement?"

"Nope, not yet! I just invited him so we can tell him together." Monique hugged Diether who sat beside her.

"Hee hee! I can't wait to tell him the good news soon! I wonder what would his face look like… Will he cry for joy like a clingy little sister or a bawl like a brother?" Monique giggled as she stowed away the phone back into her bag.


"The drug should be in effect now."




Only the intense slapping of flesh echoed through the darkened study room. At the centre of it, was a desk where a man sprawled in the nude. Ein had been gagged with a silk tie over his mouth, his eyes had been covered up with a blindfold and were stained with his tears, Ein's arms were tightly bound to his back with a rope.

Matthew Briar, who stood before the restrained Ein, had been steadily stroking and pumping Ein's shaft with his right hand.

Ein's legs were stretched wide open and were tied by ropes that were fastened to the corners of the desk. His vulnerable position exposed his intimates, Ein's half-erect cock, was slick with thick precum and his hole was sufficiently stuffed with a myriad of sex toys. The desk shook as Ein struggled and wriggled from his restraints.

"Mmmpphhh! Hhhmmpphh!" Ein's body tensed up as he tried to free himself from the binding. He was tied up tightly and the ropes marked his skin red.

"Relax for me, Ein…"




Hmph! Hmmphh!" Ein writhed as he felt Matthew's rough hand, play with his delicate front.

"You're doing well so far Ein...."

A sinister smile formed on Matthew's face. He then leaned and lapped down on Ein's wet cock from the base to the tip, his tongue flicks at the edge and sucks on the head like a lollipop. He repeated it until he saw more of Ein's shaft standing tall and his precum trickling down on its length.

"Your dick seems eager for release… are you taking care of it properly?" Matthew's hand gripped on Ein's base tightly as if to suppress the precome from flowing out.


Ein winced in pain as Matthew kept a tight grip on his shaft. Ein shivered when he felt a cold and wet sensation trickle down on his sensitive entrance.

"Relax, I just added more lube so it will be easier…" He then spilt and emptied the small bottle of lubricant onto Ein's trembling hole and inserted his index and middle finger into the tight flesh. His fingers twisted inside to disperse the cold lube deeper. Ein moaned and shook, the pleasure on his crotch heightened as the fingers assaulted his prostate.

"Hmm, you liked that?" Matthew grinned and added two more fingers into Ein's wet hole stretching his entryway, the fingers reached deep and pressed the two vibrating love eggs, a prostate massager and the anal beads that were already packed inside. The throbbing sensations and the fingers made Ein's body shudder with pleasure.


Ein was about to discharge his load when Matthew suddenly stopped and took out his fingers, Ein's cock twinged painfully as Matthew tightened his grip thwarting his release.

"Don't come with my fingers you slut…" He then inspected Ein's entrance, it had become swollen red and had expanded due to the toys that were left inside, Matthew looked satisfied as he saw Ein's hole spasm and gape in earnest.

"Such a ripe colour, Ein… your ass really enjoys being smashed to the brim." He then pulled out the massager and tugged the handle of the anal beads.

"HHmmmpphh!" Ein jerked as one of the toys got pulled out.

"I'll replace some of them with something better, don't clamp down and just relax." The man licked his lips as he pulled out the beads one by one.

"Mmmph! Hhmmp! Uummmph!"

As the beads were slowly pulled out from his insides, Ein's consciousness drifted, the sensations he felt ran like electricity through his body. Whenever a bead was freed from his hole, Ein felt an intense wave of pleasure and emptiness, the feeling of being stuffed full slowly diminished and Ein moaned as each bead popped out from his ass.

"We should pick up the pace, I can't wait to get inside you, Ein."

The man released his grip from Ein's base and yanked the beads out with one vigorous move, retrieving the large six beads that were deep inside Ein's ass.


Ein finally met relief, his cock jerked and released a full load, leaving his shaft and his abdomen drenched on his own milky cum. Ein's nether regions looked totally debauched, his wet hole shared the same red hue as his dick and became soft, his entrance gaped open after Mathew pulled out the largest beads forcefully.

"Your body really is beautiful Ein… this pale, supple skin…" Matthew sucked on Ein's right nipple while his left hand fondled and pinched the other.

"Hhmmph! Mmpphh! Ein shook as Matthew's sucking intensified to bites, leaving teeth marks on his chest.

"It's really prone to marks." Matthew smiled, his mouth descended onto Ein's body leaving a trail of hickeys and bite marks from his chest down to his crotch. He then went back to Ein's limping cock, and stroked it vigorously with his hand to coax it to an erection. "We're not yet done, don't go soft on me."


Ein trembled as he felt Matthew's four fingers invade his insides again. This time, Matthew also adjusted the love egg's vibrations to its highest setting. Tears started to stain Ein's blindfold once again and his body trembled violently from the pleasure. His shaft stood up in earnest once more.

"You will be mine today."

A twisted smile formed on Matthew's face as he swiftly unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants.


To Be Continued.


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