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Ein remembered his first boyfriend in college, he was an associate professor of Literature who was an openly gay man. He had an affinity for mixed-blood Asians, and Ein's overall appearance piqued his tastes. The man's name was Matthew Briar.

During Freshman Week back in college, Matthew saw the youthful Ein attend a Literature conference, He was a speaker on that event and Matthew fell in love at first sight.

Eventually, Matthew started to woo Ein. They saw each other off-campus and dated a couple of weeks after. Due to the nature of their relationship, they mutually agreed to act appropriately at school.

The unfortunate thing was, Ein was oblivious to the predatory nature of the man he was seeing. And the gentle and respectful front that Matthew showed him was just a farce. The professor had a thirst and a burning hunger for Ein's flesh.


"Thank you for attending the class, See you all next week. You all may go." A brown-haired man who was wearing a gray casual suit fixed his belongings as he dismissed the class.

"By the way, Ein Schmidt, please see me at lunch break in Building D's 6th-floor study room. I need to speak to you regarding your performance this semester." He then gazed at Ein who was stowing away his notebooks into his bag.

"U-understood, Mr Briars! I'll be there by 11:30 sharp." Ein nodded then quickly marked his planner with the appointed time and darted off to his next class.

"Hmm… looking forward to it." A smile formed on Matthew's face. His brown eyes glinted with greed as he watched Ein leave the classroom.

'Looks like I'll have a delicious meal later.' The man chuckled as he thought of various perverted ways to claim his body.


It was 11:00 AM and classes had ended for Ein, he was waiting in the campus gardens for Monique. They had agreed to meet up for lunch plans that morning, as Ein waited on the bench, he heard someone shouting his name from afar.


A young woman had called out to him, Ein recognized the red hue of her hair. It was Monique, she wore a casual spring dress and leather mules, and her hair was tied up in a neat ponytail.

"Did you wait that long Ein?" Monique sat beside Ein on the bench.

"I just got here. How about you? Are your classes done?

"Yup! hopefully, we'll be able to take some of the classes together next semester! I applied for a double degree next term." Monique clung onto Ein's arm.

"Wow, how studious of you, Monique. I thought you wanted to graduate as fast as you can?" Ein sneered at Monique and his mouth curved up, forming a mocking grin.

Monique felt annoyed by Ein's words and she pinched his shoulder. "Shut that condescending crap, Ein! I'm doing this because I want to be a proper heiress to the company."

"Ouch! Alright! Alright! Ms Moss, may you be a CEO by graduation." Ein groaned sarcastically.

"You're such an arse!!" Monique pouted and resumed pinching on Ein's arm.

Monique then noticed Matthew observing them from a nearby window. Monique smiled at him but Matthew didn't even bother waving back and ignored her. He then walked away after seeing the two of them act chummy.

"Uh… Ein, I think you should tone down from seeing that man." Monique reached out and grabbed Ein's jacket. "Seriously, I don't feel good whenever I see Professor Briar looking at us like that." Monique gazed at Ein with a worried expression.

"What do you mean by that, Monique? He's a pretty decent guy to me, he hasn't done anything shady or-"

"Oh come on Ein, please stop being so oblivious!" Monique smacked Ein repeatedly with her leather satchel.

"That man clearly just wants to go under your pants! Can you not see the filthy looks he's giving you in class?! I saw it the other day and also this morning during his lecture. Are you not creeped out?" Monique's deep blue eyes reflected anxiousness.

"Ouch! That hurt… Wait, does he?" Ein pondered for a bit and recalled the weekend dates for the past month he had with the professor.

"All we did on our dates was to watch soccer games or watch theatre, screening movies, lunch outs and dinners. No hanky-panky stuff! And he's a gentleman so far… all he did was kisses at most." Ein face flushed red like a tomato. "And… if I say no to his advances he backs down too."

"Ein you dense arse!" Monique's deep blue eyes raged with anger.

"Have you not thought about how unethical it is to date your own professor? Or the fact that a professor laid his hands on his stud-"

Ein swiftly covered Monique's mouth. "Shh! Monique, please! Keep it down!" Ein snorted and looked around the garden. "You promised me that this is just a secret between us!"

"Fine! I'll let you deal with your own shit since you're a grown man." Monique smacked Ein's leg with her satchel again.

Ein used his duffle bag as a shield against Monique's attacks. "Ouch! Will you stop hitting-"

"Please, be careful Ein. I… don't want to see you get hurt again." She then stopped hitting on Ein. Monique's face had darkened and her mood became gloomy.

"Alright Monique, I'll think about it properly… I'm meeting the professor in thirty minutes… he wanted to see me in the Study rooms at building D, it seems like it's about my class performance. So I might talk to him about it as well." Ein scratched his head, as he wondered if he was doing good in Matthew's classes.

"Alrighty! Then, let's meet by noon and head out for lunch! My treat! I'll fetch you before we go..." Monique paused briefly and then her face suddenly flushed red.

"Me and Diether's class is just across building D too…"

"So basically, you want me to be the 3rd wheel since you'll hang with your boyfriend again… Wow Monique, just wow!" Ein gazed at Monique with indifference and his tone was condescending.

"It's not gonna be a date you dolt!" Monique ruffled Ein's hair in retaliation to his rudeness. "Diether… just wants to meet up you again since he's worried about you. Just like how I worry too with what's happening to your love life."

"Wait. You told him about me, dating!?!" Ein's eyes dilated and raised his voice.

"I didn't! I swear! It's not that Ein, calm down." Monique groaned. "Diether wanted to meet you for a different reason."

"Then what is his reason then? Why did he have a sudden urge to meet me for no apparent reason?" Ein looked at Monique with suspicion in his eyes.

"I'll… tell you later when we meet. Let's meet at the lobby of building D then!" Monique then checked her wristwatch, it was now 11:17 AM.

"Bullocks! I'm late for Economics, I'll see you later Ein! Remember! 12 noon sharp! Call or send me a message if you need something okay?." Monique gave Ein a warm hug then quickly scurried off to her class.

"Yes, yes… see you later Monique!" Ein stood up from the bench and collected his bag.

"I guess... It's time to see Matthew soon."


To be Continued.


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If anyone's wondering, yes there are mobile phones already during 2000-2004's. I remember owning a reliable Nokia phone back then too. Space Invaders and Snake was the bomb.

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