As the next daylight begins to shines down on Sunrise city, rays of light begins to slowly fall down.


In the Yao complex, a few ray of lights shines down through the windows upon a little girl. Where a warm light begins to shone on her closed eye lid.


The little girl Yao Zi begins to stir awake, with the first thing she see is the ever so familiar ceiling in her room. A moment that has become both a relief and nightmare to her. Relieved that she was able to hold on another day and not waste the medicine her family had given her to help, yet scared because the gnawing pain would always creep up back to her body. A pain that had also started to ache on her face.


Tears starts to build up on her eyes as she realized another day had past. Sadden by the words she heard last night as she able to stay awake. Placing all the blame herself that her mother and family is feeling sad. That maybe if she was gone, the sad face on mommy, grandpa, and grandma would disappear.


The tears rolled down on her face, as she began to close her eyes again.


"GUUuoooood MORning little missy" A high pitch peppy voice sounded in Yao Zi's head, causing her to open her eyes wide in surprise. She quickly turn her head to the left side.


"Bu buu, wrong side, try again." The high pitch voice began to tease her.


Yao Zi quickly turn her eyes to her right side, and saw a weird looking transparent green blob with two thin horizontal lines. The green blob was slightly bigger than the meat bun her mom would use to make for her.


"Yo, little missy" The green blob greeted the little girl again jumping up and down a few times.


"Are you here to take Yao Zi away?" The little girl slightly tilt her head while still laying down on a pillow.


"Eh? What makes you think that little miss?" It was the green blob's turn to tilt slightly in confusing.


"I heard from mommy that bad children will be taken away from bad demons." repeating a phrase her mother would tell her when she needed to listen.


"Er… well I don't think I'm a demon. More like a lost traveler." The green blob tried to explain while leaning to one side then another. "But I'm very weak right now and can't move on my own."


"But how did you get here if you can't move?" Curiosity begins to set in her eyes, distracting her from her daily pain she stare at the foreign looking living thing.


"Hmm, long story short. An old guy picked my house, I was inside ,up and brought it home. Then gave it to a lady with long back hair wearing a red and white robe with a flame symbol on it. Who then brought me to this room."


"Mommy did?" Confusion begins cloud her mind, why she would bring a weird talking animal to her room. Then she redirect her thoughts to all the herbs and spirit stones she would normally bring to help cure her. "Then can you help Yao Zi get better?" A glimmer of hope began to taken hold of her heart, as she stare straight at the green blob.


Two black dots begins to appear on the green blob, as it stood still for a while.


"Is no good?" Losing luster in her eyes, as maybe this would not work either.


[Acquired [Decay Resistance(Low) Level 1 ] ]


Her expression full of surprise as a part of body did not feel so painful anymore.


"Well, it looks like I can help you little missy, but I won't do it for free." The two block dots reverted back to the two thin lines again while shaking its body left to right causing it to jiggle at the end. "I'll help you if you help me."


"Umm. How can I help you?" Yao Zi wonder how she could help this mysterious being while her body was still suffering a terrible condition. She thought maybe it wanted to ask her family for help through her, because her family would always try to get something for her when she ask for it.


"Easy, just give me your body." The two thin lines on the green blob bend upward.


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