Anime Girls From Another World

by MajorKerina

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

Nine years ago, beings who look like anime girls seemingly started appearing in the world. Known as the "Kinrae", they live among us, quietly and peacefully.

Sean Kurtz, a young man with a past he'd rather forget, has idolized the Kinrae since they first arrived. He eagerly enrolls in an anthropology class that studies the Kinrae through the use of strange devices allowing human beings to emulate their appearance. His experiences with these devices will change the way he sees those around him, how they see him, and enable a future for Sean far different than his past.

Author's note - Story is set in 2013. Full cover art by Alexis Rillera (anirhapsodist) on Deviantart.

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The Manga God

Not What I Expected but at the Same Time It Is

Reviewed at: Epilogue

So we have the story of Sean and how he falls for a trap/reverse trap. Along the way we get a feel for the universe and how the "kinrae" fit into it. I'm still curious as to how fluff would feel with and/or as an anime girl though.


The style is simplistic but works well with the narrative and the grammar is fairly spot on with a few minor errors although not enough to mark it too off too much. Where this story shines however is the characters, I absolutely love the entire main cast and the anime girls are so freaking wholesome like holy Hannah! 


Anyway I went into this with preconceived notions on how the story would turn out and was mildly surprised by what actually happened, but in a good way. The story does a good job of not letting on where exactly you're headed even if you know the general direction. Simply put it was well written if a bit unrealistic at parts.


The Animegirl mystery

Reviewed at: Epilogue

This story is a story of Sean, the protagonist. Allison his very queer flatmate. And Lissa his best friend who is a girl.

Both Sean and Lissa participate in an anthropology course about the weird anime girls that have appeared ten years ago. Part of this course is a device that turns the student into one of the Anime girls to experience the world from their perspective.

The story starts out slow, introducing the protagonists. This is in my opinion the weakest part of the story since the plot hasn't really started yet and it's pretty long. I can only recommend other readers to persist through it, because once the plot gets started this story becomes truly gripping.

The transformation device doesn't work quite right for the protagonist, has interesting side effects on other characters. What's up with their Anime Girl stalker who talks in riddles? And what's actually up with the Anime Girls as a whole?!

The story slowly unravels the mysteries until it finds its happy end.