You have reached level five. Your profession is now unlocked. You may choose one profession at the fifth level, and another at level ten. It is recommended that you choose a gathering profession first to gain the materials needed for the next profession you choose. Not all possible professions are shown here, only those you currently qualify for. Seek out a teacher or meet the requirements in order to unlock more options!

Swordsman: While they were drinking, you studied the blade. While they were working, you studied the blade. When they were having reckless relationships, you studied the blade. You have shown your dedication to edged arts and are proud to showcase your skills. Just keep that edge in check.

Profession benefits at first level: Training sword related skills is now 50% faster. You have 1n% chance to learn new sword skill only by seeing it (where n = Sword Mastery Skill level)


Bounty hunter: Did someone skip court? Or did he just piss off a wrong person. That doesn’t matter to you. What matters is that that person has a bounty on his head and you are going to have a pay day.

Profession benefits at first level: Gain access to more Bounty hunter quests. You gain 50% experience the bounty lost if killed, or monetary reward if turned in. You are able to track players 20% more efficiently. Gain access to ‘Bounty hunters guild’ without class ‘Bounty hunter’


Tracker: Steadily moving and searching for the target, trackers use their high perception of the world to great effect. Hunters, trappers, bounty hunters, and investigators rarely lose their quarry, and this job offers them the best starting benefits of any option.

Profession benefits at first level: Grants the skill ‘tunnel vision’, which allows the tracker to see anything in the area that relates to their target 80% more effectively. Trackers move through rough terrain 50% easier than others.


Leo thought about his options as he traversed back to guard’s training area. He didn’t know what he wanted yet, so he postponed his profession selection for now. Bounty hunter seemed tempting, but in other MMORPG games, PvP wasn’t really his thing. Although access to bounty hunter guild could offer him some great quest lines and useful skills in the long run. He closed the window and reported for training.


Like before, Leo started his session with characteristic training, earning him a point in constitution and strength, followed by combat forms and general skill training. He gained few new skill points to his sword mastery, dual wielding and stance of relentless.

His dual wielding actually crossed the beginner rank barrier, earning him a new effect to the skill

Skill increased: Dual Wielding (Beginner II). Additional bonus added based on previous usage: Feinting blow. You now have 8% chance to successfully feint an attack, drawing your opponent’s guard elsewhere.


Leo was pleased with the added benefit. Overall, he was happy to see his skills increasing in good speed.

Murray let Leo go far earlier than last night, him having a night patrols to get to, so Leo went on his way. While crossing the path to his main tavern, The Golden Ball, a cunning thought came to his mind. He had purchased skill training up to Apprentice ranks. So.. If he combined the skills before they could reach to that point, Leo could potentially get double the training for free. A sly grin stretched to his face. Now he really wanted to get the taming skill and attempt soul forging. Now that he thought about it.. Leo changed his destination and headed to nearest pet store.

He was greeted by an young woman, probably in her early teens. What was she? owner’s daughter? an intern? She had a red bandana covering her head, and long brown hair flowed from the back. “Ah! Hello good sir!” She greeted Leo with typical customer service voice. “We were planning on closing soon, so make your business fast if you will” Her voice was almost demanding.

“Is the place owner here?” Leo queried, amused by her attitude.

“No! Father is out, but i am as capable as he is in handling these animals, so if there is anything you need, you may as well ask me!”

“Well okay then.” Leo have the girl a half smile and asked “Can you teach me a taming skill? I’ve been trying to do it on my own, but so far no luck”

“A skill training?” She gave Leo a funny look. “Planning on becoming a trapper? Run us out of business?”

“No no! Nothing like that!” Leo exclaimed, defensively. “I need the skill for my soul forging combination. “

“Oh?” She had a distrustful face on her “What kind of combination?” The girl demanded.

“Well.. I am attempting to create sentient weapons, and i hoped that adding taming would help in that.” Leo explained carefully.

She remained silent for a long moment. “Well.. If you promise that you aren’t trying to make your own pet shop to compete with us.. I guess i can do that. Follow me to the back. We have few fresh bunnies that you could practice on.”

“I promise” Leo chuckled and a system notification appeared. Promise made. You have made a binding promise to someone. terms. You may not try to compete with ‘Liljavin Pet store’ by establishing your own pet selling business. Breaking this promise will lead to mandatory negative title: Warlock

As this is the first the first time you have made a binding oath to a mortal, you have been notified as courtesy. You will receive no further information of promises you’ve made. Be careful.

Leo dismissed the notification. He had no plans to become a shopkeeper, let alone pet shopkeeper. He went after the girl to the back room. Leo stood there pretty uncomfortably, the room was absolutely tiny and filled to the brim with cages that were secured to walls with wooden poles. In those cages were small angry rabbits. First mobs he had encountered.

“We offer capture quests to fresh trappers and hunters. When these are tame, they are so adorable pets!” The girl explained, walking up to nearest cage, trying to pet one rabbit with her finger. The animal leaped and rammed it’s horned head against the cage. Girl withdrew her hand right as the rabbit showed slightest hint of aggression. It was apparent that she had done this before. “Help me carry one of those cages to the storefront.” she demanded and Leo grabbed a leather handle that was strapped on top of the cage. When he lifted it, the rabbit went nuts, leaping and bashing its head against the cage, denting it heavily in couple spots.

“You better move fast!” She said when he noticed the rabbit’s actions. “We could have a problem if it breaks out. Much more difficult to tame”

Leo held the animal at arm’s length, carried it out and placed it on the wooden floor. He squatted next to the cage and for the first time had a good look at the rabbit. He couldn’t believe that this kind of small ball of floof had given him so much trouble when he had first joined the game.

The girl sat next to him, beginning to explain how taming skill worked.

“So first, you need to establish a contact with the animal. Here, move your finger around and see if it notices” Leo did so and after few passes the bunny started following Leo’s finger. “That’s great! Now, move your finger to your eye level and try make an eye connection. It is really important that the bunny looks at your eyes, not your finger”

It took few tries, but finally Leo was having a staring contest with the animal. He gazed in its deep brown eyes, feeling like an idiot. “What do i do now?” He asked in a low tone, trying not to break his concertation.

“Now you try to will it under your control. It is kinda sub skill of Taming. Called ‘battle of wills’” She explained, rather unhelpfully. Leo tried to follow her instructions, but for the life of him, he couldn’t figure out what he was doing wrong.

“That’s really helpful and all, but how do i activate it?” he mumbled, staring at the animal.

“Right. You don’t know. Umm.. Imagine having a mental battle with it. Focus on that thought, how you would move as it came at you, how it would move. Try to envision the battle in your head, and.. this is kinda tricky.. Try to will the outcome at the animal. Show it mentally that you could and would beat it in a fight.”

This time as Leo tried it, he felt something changing. He was fully focused on the rabbit. He thought about how it moved in combat, how he had trained against them, learning their weaknesses and predictable attack patterns. But he didn’t see the tiny creature anymore. Instead he saw an awfully familiar patch of grass land that surrounded Ardania’s walls. The colours were muted as if someone had put on a grey filter on everything. Nothing was moving at first, but then he saw the rabbit. It was staring at him, angrily. It took few long jumps before finally leaping at Leo. He easily sidestepped the creature, kicking it as it flew by. He tried to conjure his weapons, and was surprised that he could. Thin blades materialised in his hands and as the rabbit dashed towards him, Leo swung his blades, cutting the animal in half. The vision vanished and a notification waited for Leo when as he found himself squatting at the pet store, staring the animal down.

Taming attempt success!

Skill gained: Taming (Novice IV). A group? Who needs that? You can tame wild animals to do your bidding now! You may attempt to tame an animal or monster that is no more than five levels higher than you. Success is dependent upon knowledge of the creature you are taming, your mental fortitude, and your target’s mental fortitude, as well as your own wisdom score! Weakening the creature may help with taming it. Beware, using this skill on other humans is considered a crime!

Stamina Cost: 20. Takes 1 second to cast and the Battle of Wills may last up to five seconds.

Battle of wills: You have skill rank * 3 attempts to tame an animal. If all attempts fail, you are unable to tame that creature for twenty four hours. (Note. Skill rank does not equal skill level. Skill ranks are: Novice, beginner, apprentice, student, journeyman, expert, master, grandmaster, sage. In the novice ranks you can cast this skill three times. In beginner ranks, six and so on.)

“Yes!” Leo exclaimed! “I got it!”

“Good job!” the girl said. Her tone was mostly happy, but a hint of condescension was present. “It took forever though. After five minutes I was half expecting you to start making out!” She giggled.

“After how long?” Leo was shocked! It had felt like only few seconds. Ten at most.

“You were at it almost fifteen minutes!” she bursted laughing out loud at Leo’s stricken face. “haha! Anyway! heh! What should you name her?” she asked waving at the now calm rabbit. So it was female, huh.. Leo thought about it. What silly name he could give to the tiny beast. Nothing clever came to mind so he just said “Mrs. Bouncy”.


Leo thanked the girl, gave her a gold piece as a tip and left the store. He had everything he needed. But was there anything more he wanted to add?

Leo thought about it. Conjure Weapons, Taming, Battle instinct, Sword mastery, dual wielding, parry and counterattack. He had mage armor now, but that could be used with something else. It offered protection mainly against magical damage. Leo didn’t know how it would affect the outcome, so he left it at that. What was he missing? Leo felt like he was almost there. With this combination, he should get a skill resembling what he wanted. At Least in theory. Yes. The effect was set, but the duration. With his current skill set he estimated that when the skill was activated, it would last a certain amount of time and then vanish, like his current Conjure weapons. But he wanted to toggle the skill on and off. Mage armor could do that. but Leo suspected that it would add a point value. Invest x amount of mana into the skill activation, every action made would drain Y amount, and at the end it would still vanish. That wouldn’t do. It could potentially make the skill even worse, since solid time duration was something he could calculate and plan ahead of time. What to do, what to do!


Then it hit him! His stance of relentless. It was toggleable skill! At Least in theory. He would select his battle stance and it would stay on, until he switched or removed it. If he added that, the blades should work the same way, and could potentially make them even more aggressive. And if it worked as he hoped, Leo himself could focus more on defending himself. In his mind the skill worked like tiny ally riding on his shoulders, attacking enemies while Leo defended himself and the creature. The analogy wasn’t perfect, but made it easier for him to understand.


He reached the Golden Ball and skipped the meal, choosing to retreat back to his room instead. He had work to do. Leo opened his title screen and selected “I have a goal”. He clicked the “edit plan” button and his previous selection came to his view. Leo typed ‘Stance of Relentless’ at the end of it and confirmed his choice. Are you sure you want to edit your combination plan? If yes, you can alter your choices 0 time(s). Yes. No. Leo selected yes and opened his Soul forge. He dragged tiny icons of his skills into an icon of cauldron: Conjure Weapon, Taming, Battle instinct, Sword mastery, Dual Wielding, Parry, Counterattack and finally, Stance of Relentless.

He mashed the ‘Combine’ button twice clicking “activate title effect: i have a goal” on the second press. Two hundred and eighty one gold drained from his bank account and He felt as his most used skills were torn from him, memory on how to best perform his actions just.. gone. But then.. then an information wall started scrolling through his vision:

Title removed: I have a goal.

Skill gained: Skill planner (Novice I). When combining skills, you gain 1n% chance to gain your desired effect, 1n% cost reduction in when combining skills (Max 50% reduction), -1n% time required to finish combining skills (Max 50% reduction) Sages of this skill are rumoured to combine any type of skill and still obtaining their desired result

Title gained: Never satisfied. By gaining access to the Soul Forge before specializing-as well as creating a new skill- you have proven your burning desire to improve! What style, what passion! What a disaster in the making! Still, there are benefits to forging ahead of the competition.

Effect: Gain a permanent +5 to Wisdom. After creating ten skills or three classes, this title will turn into a skill which allows you to gauge skill synergy.

Skill created: Swordbonding (Beginner 0) (Artificially Unique)

So swords in your hands weren’t enough for you? No worries! Now you have swords in chains! Activating this skill creates two magical weapons under your control. They are connected to you with mana chain and cannot be used by any other person. The swords don’t have a mind of their own, but are treated as your additional limbs.

Effect: 10 + 2.5n% ease of control. 6n + 2x magical slashing and piercing damage (where n = skill level and x = sword mastery skill level)

Cost: 10% total mana and 20% total stamina to keep skill activated. toggleable (When untoggled, the blades are withdrawn into your body. When activated they emerge from your body, dealing 4n piercing damage each.)

Forced class change: Bladecaller becomes Blademancer (Artificially Unique).

Class benefits: Blademancer is upgraded version of Bladecaller. All previous benefits remain. Blademancers are the terror of battlefields, having unpredictable and unique fighting style, relying on his two soulbound swords to strike from unconventional angles. Penalties from using normal weapons removed. Following magic schools locked for as long as you have this class: Divination, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, Transmutation. Penalties from using Abjuration, Conjuration and Enchantment magics are removed.

Artificially Unique bonus: Every three levels you gain one spell suited to your class. You are owed 1 spell(s). Choose spell now? Yes. No.

Skill altered: Mana manipulation (Novice I) Becomes: Mana chain manipulation (Novice I) Your mana pathways have been altered to run through your soulbound swords. All previous effects remain.

New effect: +1n% ease of control (where n= skill level. Maximum 25% benefit)


Hidden quest completed! Something new, Something unique!

By forging an unique class by accident, you have completed this quest!

Yay you!

Reward: 2000 exp. +5 Intelligence. New profession unlocked (If you have chosen a profession already, you can change it now. It is marked with * in your available profession menu), One skill related to your class.


Skill gained: Reactive Strike (Novice I)

Did you really mean to attack your target? No? Too bad. This skill makes your soulbound blades react to any hostile threat.

Effect: 10 + 1n% chance for your weapons to attack without direct command. (where n = skill level)


Skill gained: Sword mastery (Novice I) Blademancer instinctively knows how to wield a sword. Adds 1n% attack damage with swords and sword like weapons. (Note. As blademancer, you are unable to combine this skill or lose it in any way)


“Celestial feces!” Leo exclaimed out loud as the changes hit him. New information on how to use his new skills filled his mind and he felt how new magical nerves were formed inside his body. This was better than he was hoping for! Instead of getting a goblin swinging swords for him, he had gained new sword arms. It would take tons of practice to master his new.. limbs? But now blades were literally extensions of his own body! He wanted to try them out, see the benefits of his new class in action. Leo scrolled through the information wall until he found the option to gain new spell. He selected yes and another prompt appeared on the top of the previous text block:

Choose what type of spell you would like to have:

Available options: Abjuration, Conjuration, Enchantment

Leo selected ‘Enchantment’ and a after confirming his decision, a list came to view:

Spell options available for Enchantment: Honed blade. Flesh wound. Blood drain.

No other information about the skills came. Leo thought about them. Honed blade was pretty self explanatory; more potential damage. Solid choice, but not that interesting. Flesh wound was tricky to decipher. It either could deal additional bleeding damage, ignore the armor or something else entirely. Blood drain however intrigued Leo the most. Would it be a life steal ability? gain a percentage of dealt damage as health? He had to know. He had to try it. Leo selected the third option and information about the spell flowed to him.

Skill gained: Blood Drain (Novice I) No! I’m not a vampire! how could you say that! It’s the item that is collecting blood, not me!

Effect: whenever the enchanted item touches blood, it absorbs it. Holding the enchanted item will pass the collected blood to you, healing you by 1n health and 0.5n stamina per fluid ounce of blood drained. When holding the enchanted item, effect ‘bleeding’ is negated.

Cost: 20n mana. takes ten seconds to cast(hand motions required).

Duration: 2n minutes (Where n= skill level)

Leo had been right. It was vampirism style spell. That meant he could last way longer in battles without needing to rest or heal up. Super useful skill, since healing in this game was either unbearably slow or dreadfully expensive.


Deciding not to test his new abilities out just yet, Leo headed to bed. Next day, he would start planning on his rescue mission.

Morning came and Leo met up with his team in tavern’s dining area. They were at their usual booth and Stonks was testing his new helmet. Leo hugged his friend and asked how he felt.

“It sucked!” Was Stonks’ short reply. “Got a short respawn time due to PvP and lost no experience. But.. I dont want to do that again.”

“Hopefully you don’t have to.” Leo comforted the big brawler. Leo, Mark and Jehmaan all jumped at the same time as a notification popped to their face.

Cruel Bounty Hunter effect activated: Experience gained. 2400. 50% of experience lost by xXKillMongerXx due to ritual sacrifice


Leo winced after reading the message. The exp gain was great, but.. a man had just died. And it was because of his action. What horror the man must’ve gone through. His mind steeled on the quest given by Ru’Nez. He would save the man with edgy screen name. And he would most likely also die trying.

“guys..” Leo said, testing the waters. Similar thoughts must have gone through his friends’ heads, judging by their expressions. “Last night i visited the temple and managed to speak with the sword god, Ru’Nez. In order to join his followers, he gave me a quest to save that guy we handed over.” He paused, letting the team consider his words. “I’m going for it. And I really need help in it. Can i count on you?”

Stonks didn’t understand what was happening, but said “You have my booze!”

“And my knives” Mark continued, happy for the chance to correct his mistake.

“And my spear” Jehmaan finished the ritual, grinning at their joke.

“Great!” Leo felt good. He had known that his friends would help him, but hearing their willingness to go on a dangerous mission to Ru’Nez knows where, lifted his spirit. “If we are gonna do this, we need a plan.”


They skipped their daily monster hunting in order to craft a strategy. First off, they needed to scout the area. Since none of them had skills for it, the group settled on the idea of hiring a group of trackers. Shouldn’t be too hard. Notice boards in taverns were filled with group applications, parties looking for jobs and guild invites. Second, they needed another group to distract the camp or outpost where the man was bound to. This would be much more difficult, and they needed strong people to do so. Possibly even a raid party. They could find a group to do so. It was a game after all, and this type of mission would grant some great rewards. Only problem was that Leo and his team was the group that should offer up those rewards, and Leo didn’t know if they had the funds to do so. Did banks offer loans to players? Something to look into.

And finally Leo and his team would go all out on the wolfman outpost, killing any who remained to guard the camp. This part of the mission Leo couldn’t trust to another player. It was his quest after all to rescue the thieving edgelord. Potentially he could hire a mercenary for his team, but he wanted to do it right. Without help from outside.

There was also the factor of timing. They needed to wait few days for KillMonger to die couple more times, so they could calculate his respawn time and estimate how long they kept him alive before sacrificing him once more.

The group went through different ideas on how the quest could be completed with maximum efficiency. All but Mark used to be pro gamers and somewhat known in e-sport scene. Jehmaan was team captain in Defence of the Mythicals, winning few major tournaments back in the day. Stonks had been a shiver streamer, playing various MMOs always as a tank, so the role was engraved in his being. Leo instead was least known of the trio, but very influential in his own way. He had dabbled in various games, mostly focusing on MMOs and single player games. In MMO games he usually took the role of main DPS and posted his raid strategies and shortcuts he had found in forums.

Few things on the mission’s success were certain. They needed to get stronger. Higher levels, higher stats and higher skills. Leo peeked his character sheet. He had ten free skill points and two characteristic points to spend. He also needed only 362 points of experience to level up to character level six. This would give him another three free skill points, two free characteristic points and a new spell to be used. He wouldn’t even need to do anything to get the experience, simply had to wait for KillMonger to die again. It was sad and somewhat cruel thought, but his deaths would aid him in his rescue.

All planning done for the day, they went off to train. Mark promised to ask around rogue’s area, if there were any groups looking for fast cash.

Leo, Jehmaan and Stonks headed to guard’s camp. Stonks and Jeh paid for some courses and followed Leo, Murray and two other guards to the training area.

Leo started his training as always. Stat training. He put the heavy suit of armor on, grabbed a lead filled wooden training sword and got to ready position. He wouldn’t use his ‘Swordbonding’ skill during this fight.

As always, Murray beat leo to an inch of his life during the training. Leo tried his best to fend off against his opponent, but Murray’s sword almost always found a new way through Leo’s defences and landed a heavy blow to his body. After an hour had passed, and Leo had gained the notice of his stat increasing, they begun his skill training. Leo took another training sword in his left hand. It felt clumsier than before. Must’ve been because he had lost ‘Dual wielding’. Murray took notice on Leo’s decreased skill level.

“You seem clumsier than yesterday. Rough night at the tavern?” He asked after couple rounds of combat.

“Not exactly.” Leo answered, wiping his forehead with a ragged cloth. “I tested out Soul Forging, and put few of my combat abilities in.” He explained.

“Oh you did? What kind of skill did you get from that?” Murray questioned Leo.

He gave the guard a cunning smirk. This was as good of a time to test his new ability as any. Leo focused on his swordbonding skill, willing it to activate. He doubled over as he felt two swords piercing through his skin from the inside. Abyss it hurt! Two pointed ends of falchions emerged from his sides, followed by the rest of the blade and.. “AAARRGH!” Leo screamed as the handle squeezed itself through the wound. He felt blood trickling down his sides and saw through tear filled eyes Jehmaan and Stonks rushing towards him. Leo managed to wave them off. Finally the swords were out. They floated in midair, connected to Leo by two mana chains that went through his open wounds into his.. where did they go? Leo focused his mind inwards. The mana chains went through his body in twisted patterns, finally connecting to a small steely blue glowing orb in his centre. his.. soul? core? the very centre of his being.

Leo panted on the ground. He had taken damage before, but this hurt him in more personal level. It was self inflicted, and ran deep. Suddenly Leo liked his spell far less. He would have to either keep the blades hidden, or have them active at all times. He didn’t want to go through this experience in the future.

Murray stepped closer, kneeling next to the downed man.

“Are you alright boy?” He asked in worried tone. “Do you need a healer? We know a cleric who would be happy to..” Leo waved him off, pain vanishing in rapid speed. “I’m.. I'm okay.. First time i.. I used this skill.. Wasn’t prepared for it” He explained, panting through the shock. Leo stood up and watched his swords. They hung in the air and Leo tried to move them. His arms moved. Right. They are a new set of limbs. He focused on the mana chains, studying mentally how they connected to his body and what ‘mental muscles’ they had. He tried again and the blades moved. Leo swung them around in wide arches, giving them mental commands to strike and stop. He tested their reach and how fast they were, getting a hang of how he should move them. It was demanding mental work, but increasing his intelligence score would surely help.

Murray studied Leo in amazement. He had never seen anything like this before. Sure he had seen mages summoning swords and that sort but this.. This was something else. The way those swords moved, lashed out and returned next to this young man.. They reminded Murray of dangerous snakes.

“I.. I think I’m getting the hang of this” Leo said, bringing his right side blade down, slicing a training dummy clean in half. He looked back at his trainer, and noticed that he had drawn the attention of everyone currently training. Ooops.

“What.. are those?” Murray asked, taking a step closer to look at the blades better.

“Ah! Right. This is the new skill i gained. Swordbonding.. They.. Are hard to explain. It is artificially unique skill and are treated like another set of hands.. except instead of hands.. you know.. swords” Leo scratched the back of his head, embarrassed for the attention he was getting. “They hurt like hell when i summon them, since apparently they emerge from my soul or something and have to slice their way through my insides.. Wouldn’t recommend the experience”

Leo picked up his fallen practice swords and asked “Do you want to continue? I could really use some practice with these”


Leo had to put safeguard on his weapons. Murray found few scraps of chain mail and with Leo’s help, he covered the edges with them, making the swords relatively safe to use.

He took a ready position, his hands taking a defensive guard, while his swords,-I should really come up with a name for them- Loomed over his head like mantis’ pincers. It was really intimidating to look at. Leo charged, deflecting a sword blow with his left hand and commanded his right blade to attack. It came down trying to pierce Murray, but the experienced guard blocked the assaulting sword, and continued his momentum from deflecting the blow into a savage attack. Leo had barely time to pull his sword between himself and the incoming attack. The blow shook Leo’s arm and he retaliated with three of his weapons. His right blade looped around trying to hit Murray from behind at the same time as his left blade drew his attention from the front with thrust aimed to his heart. Leo did a low sweep with his left hand, leaving his right hand free to protect him. Murray however prove to be his superior, deflecting his left blade with his own training sword while spinning out the way of his right assaulting his back. Murray slammed his other sword against Leo’s sweep aimed to his legs and finally surprised Leo by giving him a shoulder tackle, pushing him on the ground.

“Interesting tactic you got there.” Murray complemented Leo and offered him a hand. Leo took it and was pulled to his feet. “We’ll make a warrior out of you yet!”

They continued their practice over three more hours, Murray wanting to test out Leo’s capabilities and giving him some helpful advice on how he could improve his technique. Leo accepted the tips gratefully and learned much about his new combat form during their time. Murray was an excellent teacher, having gone through many battles against wolfmen himself. He had retired from active guard duty few years ago, focusing on training new arrivals. Leo respected the man more and more every time he came to his tutelage. And after today’s session, Leo finally felt like he had gained some respect back.

After their training session ended, leo opened his recent skill gains and was pleased at the results.


Skill regained: Dual wielding (Beginner 0)


Skill regained: Stance of Relentless (Beginner 0)


Skill increased: Sword mastery (Beginner II +2(boosted by gear))


Skill increased: Cleave (Beginner II)


Skill increased: Swordbonding (Beginner I)


Skill increased: Reactive Strike (Novice III)


Skill gained: _ERROR_ Skill created: Quadrawielding (Novice II)

What is better than two swords? Well four swords obviously, General!

Effect: You are able to use four weapons at once. 5 + 1n% chance to find an opening in your opponent’s defences. -1n% mental strain when using four weapons.


Leo grinned. “Well hello there, quadrawielding.” He ‘sheathed’ his swords, making them hang on his sides not to freak people out with floating blades. It felt like putting his hands in pockets. “Now. Time to find either a good swordsmith, or tSnake so i can get more weapons.”

He marched off from the guard’s area with Stonks and Jehmaan, not noticing watchful eyes following him.


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