So far they had made a good progress on their quests. Having some insight on wolves attack patterns, patry managed to survive their encounters far better, still taking minor damage here and there, but no major wounds had been taken. After each group they killed, Mark took his time severing the hide from the corpse, and cutting best slices of meat, stuffing it in his spacial pouch. They piled the hides up in neat stacks to be collected on their way back. The party was making reasonably good exp and with each victory, their spirits grew higher.

With every new wolfpack they faced, Leo tried to calm the animals in an attempt to gain a taming related skill, but so far, he hadn't seen any results.

After his attempt had failed, Stonks charged the pack, drawing their attention. With his thick gambeson and numbing he received from alcohol, the brawler was able to tank most of the damage without a trouble, while the DPS trio one by one slaughtered their foes.

After few hours of wolf hunting, Mark proclaimed gladly that his bag was full, two hundred pounds of best wolf meat safely stored in. He looked at his team proudly and asked if they wanted to go back.

No. I don't know about Stonk's quest, but there is still my manhunt to be completed. ” Leo protested when he saw Jehmaan nodding at Mark.

Mark looked at him, troubled and voiced his concerns ”Do we even know where to look? This place is massive, and if we don't have a way to track him..”

Leo looked at his friend, confused ”What are you talking about? Open the quest information, and select 'Track target'”

They seemed to be shocked by this information and it was Jehmaan who first made a comment about this fact ”I don't see an option like this in my other quests.”

Yeah, i noticed that too. I think this has one is due to the nature of this quest.” Leo speculated ”It is a PvP quest after all.”

When no better explanation was available, they all agreed on the given one and checked the 'Track target' icon. A faint arrow appeared in their field of vision, directing them deeper inside the forest. The group slowly started walking towards it.

It didn't take long for the target to appear. A tall, man in bulky suit of armor was wielding a massive greatsword that had a red aura, marking the item as stolen. The man was swinging it around effortlessly, fending off against a pack of wolves and.. from the looks of it, a werewolf. No, that's not right. That must've been a wolfman, a sentient enemy race in Eternium. Leo had seen quests to hunt them down, but only players level five or higher could accept them.

They crouched down and observed the ongoing battle.

The man, their target, used his stolen sword with master's touch, not letting the size to overwhelm him and dealing deadly blows to his attackers left and right. The wolfman, who from the looks of it was commanding the pack of regular wolves, shot arrows at him from a strong looking shortbow. The projectiles however were easily deflected.

”This man must have massive skill level with his weapon” Leo whispered and the others nodded. ”Should we join in? He is distracted after all”

The group looked hesitant, but when finally the last of the normal wolves fell, Leo had seen enough. This was as good of a moment to strike as he would get. He conjured two swords and ran towards the human.

Sudden appearance of Leo startled the man, letting the wolfman deliver an arrow to his shoulder thanks to it. The man nodded at Leo, thinking he was here to help and turned around to face the giant bipedal wolf.

Leo jumped, lashing out with his twin swords, hitting the guy in the back.

Two small '5's popped up at the point of impact, and Leo winced. His attacks dealt only five damage each? He had to be wearing some serious armor for it to reduce his potential damage of 40 by that much. He had even attacked him in the back and by surprise.

Had he made a mistake by pursuing this quest? Welp, too late to turn back now. The man turned his head, face red with anger and only thanks to his 'Battle instincts' screaming at him, Leo was able to dodge a swing from the greatsword. ”What are ye doing?!” the man bellowed ”Filthy race traitor! Planning to go out with the wolfmen? Well prepare to die like one then!”

Leo jumped back as another blow threatened to take his head off. ”Cleave!” the attacker shouted and a line of white energy impacted Leo. It drained solid 40 points of his health, which scared him a bit. If his enemy's cleave was at beginner rank 0, that blow would've dealt two hundred damage, instantly killing him thanks to his earlier health loss with normal wolves. His team had emerged from their hiding spot and were now surrounding the man in wide half circle.

Be careful guys!” Leo shouted a warning ”He deals some serious damage! Potentially over two hundred!” the guys winced, taking a hesitant step back.

The wolfman archer, who at first looked worried about the new arrivals, seemed to understand that they were not here for him. He nocked another arrow and drew the string out.

The bulky man was pacing back and forth, measuring his new opponents.

Stonks drew a bottle, filled with clear liquid and drank half its contents in one go.

Jehmaan was holding out his glaive in front of him.

Mark tried to circle behind his opponent, heavy duty cleaver ready to go in one hand.

And finally Leo standing in wide stance, transparent falchion in each hand.

The staring contest broke when everyone acted at the same time.

Wolfman released his arrow that soared through the air in dangerous speed. The man sidestepped it, cutting the arrow in half mid-flight with his sword. Stonks rushed forwards, tackling him while Jehmaan poked his side with the glaive, keeping his distance. Leo dashed closer, keeping his body low while he ducked under a wild swing from the greatsword. He aimed for his opponent's legs, managing to deliver three blows that connected to an armour while Mark threw his cleaver. It hit the man on the arm, slowing him down just enough for Jehmaan to draw his glaive away from a swing, that would've cut the polearm clean in half. Arrows were flying through the air as the wolfman released his bowstring yet again in rabid speeds. Their opponent punched Stonks with his offhand straight to his face, dazing him for a second and swung his sword, cutting Stonks in his abdomen. The blade sliced straight through the tough gambeson, and Stonks screamed in pain. He broke his bottle against the man's head in anguish. A recognisable scent of vodka spread through the air when the potent liquid flowed into the man's armor.

Leo had a flash of inspiration. Stonks was not smart enough to plan his moves, so he knew he had done this by accident. A reaction caused by pain.

Mark! Fire!” Leo shouted and a joyful glee lit up in Mark's face.

He withdrew from the fight, searching his pockets before he pulled out a flint and steel.

The man caught what they were attempting and moved to kill Mark before he could light him on fire, but Leo moved in with Jehmaan to block his advancement.

Together they were able to hold the man at bay, giving Mark enough time to light a stick on fire. He threw the improvised torch at Leo and he caught it successfully, letting his other falchion drop to the ground. Leo glanced at Stonks, he was holding his wound, but was still alive. ”Stonks! Break more bottles at him!” Leo commanded as he poked the man with the flaming end of the stick.

Alcohol soaked in his clothes caught on fire immediately, making the man scream in pain. One more bottle of booze broke off against his head, making the fire explode as it found a new source of fuel. Stonks charged at the man once more, tackling him and making him fall to the ground face first as he was cooked alive in his metal suit. He trashed around for a moment, managing to knock stonks off on top of him.

As Jehmaan delivered another set of fast jabs, the man got to his knees, grabbed his sword and decapitated now prone Stonks.

'Seriously?! After all that?! This man is hardcore!' Leo thought as he took his fallen blade and retreated.

The armored man looked to be in pain. He stood up growling and gripped the massive blade with two hands as he readied himself for another round.

Leo looked around. Jehmaan seemed to be in good condition, Mark hadn't taken a single hit. The wolfman had ran out of arrows and was now holding a nasty looking shortsword that he had taken a file to. It had saw-like blade and was glistening in thick green liquid. Poison maybe?

Just give up! We outnumber you!” Leo shouted, trying to intimidate the man into submission.

Charisma check failed. Intimidation attempt resisted.

Well that didn't work. Leo sighed, and took an offensive stance. ”Have it your way then” he stated, trying to keep his voice calm. He really doubted his ability to win, but giving up now would help no one. If there was one thing he had learned from his endless hours spent in games, it was that planning for losing would never lead you to victory. He may lose, true. The man was clearly much higher level than him and he had a rare and powerful weapon at his disposal, but Leo was going to try nonetheless. It was time to play smart, not hard.

Looking at his health bar, he saw that only a third was missing. If he could manage to dodge the man's attacks, he should be good. Remembering his mage armor, he dumped sixty points of mana into it. Since 10%, or six points of mana was reserved to keep the armor active, he should have enough mana available to resummon his weapons if they ran out of duration.

He would aim for weak points: Neck, face, thighs and armpits, since they were either not covered by armor, or in case of neck, were such a weak point that a good blow could break it in theory.

Jeh! Cover me!” He shouted and ran in. A blade from the greatsword was coming at him, so Leo ducked and fainted a blow on his opponent's neck. He took the bait, raising his sword to block the incoming attack, so Leo spun around, and with his other hand aimed a thrust to his thigh. The hit connected, but Leo had no time to celebrate, choosing to jump back instead as the sword hit the ground right where he was standing just a heartbeat ago. A slice from Jehmaan's glaive hit their opponent at his shoulder and a fillet knife slit itself between the armor plates, aided by Mark's precision cuts. Blood flowed through the metal and the man growled in anger and pain. Leo skipped few steps back and found himself next to the wolfman, who hadn't moved in this round of combat.

A little help please” Leo snarled, and the beastman gave him a dirty look.

Deciding not to rely on him, Leo rushed forwards again. The man moved slower than before, so Leo judged that he either was running low on stamina or was in so much pain that he needed to be careful with his movements.

After another exchange of blows they had managed to widdle the man's hp down considerably, and a tinge of panic now was apparent on his face. That fact boosted Leo's confidence. The wolfman too had noticed this, and now again stood next to Leo, sword ready to finish the man off. Taking a deep breath, Leo closed in, dodging the dangerous attacks, his opponent threw around. With a strong swing of his falchion, Leo severed the arm that was holding the greatsword. A scream of pain and rage filled the air and the man tried to dive under his opponent to reach for his weapon, but Leo kicked him to his face, making him double over.

Jehmaan came to his side, picking the massive sword up and stared the now sitting man, holding his stump of an arm.

Just kill me!” He snarled, spitting at their feet. ”I lose no experience over player versus player kills, and I'll be back to finish you off! No one messes with the hardcores!”

Leo looked at the man, raising his weapon, about to grant him his wish, when the wolfman stepped in. In broken english, the beast spoke: ”Me rrrr take man prrrisonerrh!”

The man, managed to pale through his red faced anger as the wolfman countinued.

Thiss one rrr kills many wolfrr.. We bind him to usss! He never botherrr anyone everr again!”

Leo glared at the man and a new prompt appeared in his vision


Crossroad ahead. You have a choice to make that will affect player's life.

Option 1: Kill the man, allowing him to rally his allies and come hunt you down in the future. Reward for choosing this path: a title: Bounty hunter

Option 2: Let the man live and be captured by wolfman scout. Who knows what terrible things will be done to him. Reward for choosing this path: a title: Cruel bounty hunter. -5 karmic luck

Option 3: Kill the wolfman and take the player back to Ardania to be tried and judged for his actions. Reward for choosing this path: a title: Righteous bounty hunter. +5 karmic luck


Leo looked at the notification. He was angry. He wanted the player to suffer, but killing him was no option. He could try to take down the wolfman, and bring the man to justice, but looking at the snarling beast who was in full health.. No. He couldn't take it down easily. Leo looked at his friends, who also had gained the notification. They seemed to come to the same conclusion. ”Take him.” Leo said in a cold voice. Hearing this, the man started to beg for Leo to kill him and the wolfman's tail wagged.


Title gained: Cruel bounty hunter.

You don't leave things in half measures. Bounty hunter title allows you to gain experience from killing players who had a bounty on them.

Additional effect: Cruel. You can turn your bounties in at the wolfman faction. If the bounty is placed on by a citizen of kingdom of Ardania, the bounty will not disappear this way, allowing you to keep getting experience with each of your bounty's deaths. -2 Karmic luck for each person you turn over to wolfmen side.


Title gained: _Big game _. You have defeated a player over three times your level. Did you do it alone? Or were you in a group? Who cares! The important thing is that you survived the encounter.

Effect: +20% increased damage against players. -5% damage taken from players.


He read through the title description many times, only now realising what horror he had subjected the player to. And for what? Killing his friend in self defense? In a game! The look on his friends' faces portrayed the same feeling of nausea he had.

Did.. did we just make a huge mistake?” Jehmaan asked as they watched the man being dragged off, tied up with ropes and screaming profanities at them.

Yup” Leo said in monotone

No doubt.” Mark finished.


They looted the wolf corpses in gloomy silence. Leo had strapped the quest weapon to his back after trying to inspect it. Perception check failed. Knowledge check failed. Overruled. Quest item. Mithril greatsword of house Callor. (Conditionally Unique) No wonder the thief wanted to keep it. Mythril was supposed to be incredibly rare metal. Leo suspected that an item like this would cost a fortune. He opened his notifications tab and dismissed the combat logs for now, focusing only on his recent skill gains.

Skill increased: Dodge (Novice VIII)


Skill increased: Counterattack (Novice III)


Skill increased: Sword mastery (Beginner V)


Skill increased: Battle instincts (Novice VII)


Skill increased: Conjure weapons (Novice VI)


Great. Now the mana cost was too high for him to summon two weapons at once. He should really start boosting his intelligence.

They made an improv sledge with the wolf pelts, and took a path that lead to Ardania. It took them longer than it should've to clear the forest, since they went around their previous kills and gathered any remaining pelts that were not looted. Over all, they had gained twenty six of them. More than enough to finish Jehmaan's quest.

Sun was still high when they crossed the city walls. They group deposited the meat, hides and finally, after asking around a bit, the group was standing in front of a mansion.

Great iron gate blocked their path. Through it Leo could see a neatly trimmed garden with two fountains spraying water in surrounding ponds. Gardeners were working on trimming bushes and other various servants were going on their business. Leo knocked on the gate and soon a butler walked up to them.

He was an older gentleman, mostly bald with few silver strands going over his head.

Now how may i help you good sires?” He asked in polite, but stern voice, as if he didnt have time for 'commoners' but had to maintain a good working ethic.

Leo turned around, showing the weapon on him and the butler's eyes grew larger.

I take it you are here to return Shadowsteel to us? My underling informed me that a group of travellers were tasked to find it”

Leo cringed at the name, but managed to reply with a straight face ”Yes. We hunted down the thief and managed to obtain it.”

The butler seemed pleased and opened the gates ”Right this way, good sirs”

He lead the group through the garden, into the mansion proper. They entered in a large atrium. Walls were covered with ornate tapestries, picturing great battlefields, wars between humanity and wolfman-kind and various past members of this royal house. The ceiling had a large dome window, Three doorways left from the entrance hall and a pair of stairs that led to second floor. The butler opened a door on their left and the trio followed the man through it.

They ended up in a small office space, with a round table, covered in various paperwork. The butler cleared the table and left the room, soon returning, carrying three stools that he placed around the table. He sat on his own working chair and placed his hands on the table, fingers crossed.

“So. Please let be be the first to thank you for returning the weapon” He said in a somber voice. “It would’ve been devastating blow to my master if the sword got lost to some unruly lawbreaker.”

“Happy to help” Leo answered

“As i'm told, the reward offered on this quest was experience and a rare item for your class. Am i correct?” The butler continued, getting to business.

Leo nodded.

“Well then. Hand the weapon over and we will call this quest completed.” he almost demanded, offering his hand.

Leo hesitated. He didn’t like the butler’s attitude, but.. it was a expensive sword in some unknown traveller’s hands. Leo undid the strap, passing the blade, handle first, to the butler.

Quest completed! Stolen heirloom. experience +400. reputation with house Callor increased by 200.

Leo looked at the information. The item was missing. He was about to comment on that, when the butler stood up “Follow me to the treasury. You can pick your item reward, within reason, from there”

The group shared excited looks and followed the butler through various hallways and rooms.

At the treasure room door, Mark opened his mouth “Umm.. Sir! We actually lost one of our members during the battle. Is it okay if we claim his reward and pass it on to him, or does he have to come and claim it himself?”

The butler thought about it as he fished a key ring from his pocket. “I see.. I suppose it is fine.” he selected the right key and opened the lock. “Now remember. One item for each of you, Within reason! “ He pushed the door open and Leo’s jaw dropped.


The room was huge! And it was filled with.. everything! Armour, weapons, trinkets, trade goods. A treasury in truest sense of the word indeed.

He walked between rows of different kinds of swords, hangers with coats that radiated magical energy and armor stands with enchanted gear. He salivated over the sheer number of goods filled in this room alone. An appreciative smile was present on the butler’s face. This room was indeed a pride of house Callor.

Jehmaan was weighing different lances and spears, while Mark on the other hand was studying dimensional bags. Leo had no idea what he wanted. There were too many options. He had a great set of armor, he didn’t need, or couldn’t even use weapons properly and there were no magical books to be seen. He walked up to the butler and asked “Is there anything that would boost my mana, or grant me higher intelligence?”

A shocked expression flashed on the butler’s face, before a cool professionalism took over. “A licensed mage huh? Right this way good sir”

Leo was confused. What in the abyss did that mean? Did you need a license to be a mage? He decided not to comment on that. He followed the butler to a shelf with different kinds of headgear presented. “Now technically this is not a ‘rare’ class item, but rather ‘Special rare’.” He explained, while pulling a headband with embedded sapphire in the middle. “But, since you are practising mage, i feel my master will understand. He is himself a big name in the college and always willing to help out young mages”

He offered the headband to Leo, who took it. He wanted to tell the butler that he wasn’t in fact from the college, but.. then again he was getting a better reward for it so.. Yup! His mind made, he tried to inspect the item.

Inspecting item. Perception check failed. Knowledge check failed. Overruled. potential quest reward: Headband of the Focused (special rare). Wearing this stylish headband will clear your mind from stray thoughts, making spell casting far easier.

Effect: +10% spell stability. +5 Intelligence. +5% casting speed.

Well that looked promising. But.. he didn’t really need casting speed.. or spell stability. Leo wasn’t even sure what it did.

“This looks good.. but..”

“But you’re still not satisfied” A smile played on the butler’s lips. “No worries, No worries young master. It’s always the same with you spell casters. Everything has to be in your liking. Now tell me, what kind of magic do you practise?”

“Umm..” Leo tried to think how to answer, without giving too much away. “I use combat magic. Conjuration. I summon weapons for myself”

“Ah! That explains your appearance. Summoning weapons.. hmm..” He continued to browse through the magical headgear. Deciding that what he was looking for was not in this section, the butler moved onto other magical gear. He went through boots, capes and belts before settling on a pair of bracelets.

“Now these should be suitable for you” he said, and offered a pair of black wristguard. They had beautiful feather carvings on what Leo assumed was some type of leather. He looked at them and a notification appeared

Inspecting items. Perception check failed. Knowledge check failed. Overruled. Potential quest rewards. Vambraces of the Corvus (Special rare)

These arm guards offer little in the way of protection, but are still so much more than a fashion choice. Effect: +5 Intelligence. +2 Dexterity. Keen strike: adds 20% accuracy to your attacks with finesse weapons

Now that was more like it. Flat twenty percent accuracy boost, and almost a full third more intelligence. Dexterity gain was also nice, but overlooked due to his desperate need to gain more int.

“These are great!” Leo said joyfully, but still wanted to push his luck a bit. “But.. the thing is. I am wearing a set armor. I would hate to break the set, so is there any other item with similar effects?”

The butler looked like he was expecting this reaction and gave out a deep sigh. “Has to be perfect. I have one more item in mind, but if that is not to your liking, i'm afraid nothing in here will be.” He went on to a section portraying beautiful necklaces. Different jewels were embedded on each one and every single piece of jewelry radiated with magical potential. The butler pulled out a rather plain looking silver chain. It had no gemstones, but held a little pendant with ornate carving. He handed it over to Leo.

Inspecting item. Perception check failed. Knowledge check failed.

Overruled. Potential quest reward. Chain of Nez (Special rare). This item doesn’t have its origins in arcane, but rather in divine. Chain of Nez is an item used by followers of the God of Swords, Ru’nez the blade. Effect: +4 Intelligence. +4 Strength. +2 rankings in ‘Sword Mastery’

Yup. This was it. Leo accepted the chain and wrapped it around his neck.

“Now a word of warning.” the butler said in a serious tone “If you are not an official follower of Ru’Nez, his other followers may come after you for wearing his special gear.”

Leo thanked him, thinking that maybe he should join a religious following. Quests given by gods were always epic and filled with rare rewards in other games. He joined his friends who held very different items in their hands.

Mark had settled on a belt that held eight small spatial pouches. ‘Everyman’s utility belt.’ Each of them had one cubic foot of space, making it very useful item. Only problem with it was that it offered only 70% weight reduction to stored items.

Jehmaan held two items in his hands. His pick for himself was an extending spear. It could potentially double in it’s length, giving him an element of surprise in battles. On his other hand he held an extra thick arming cap, a helmet of sorts made from layered cloth. Jehmaan explained that the had removed head and brain affecting debuffs like concussion, stun or potentially hangover, double the normal rate. It seemed to be perfect item for Stonks, who had been getting hits in the head.. a lot.

The butler approved their picks and sent them on their merry way. The group exploded into wonder filled chatter as soon as they stepped outside the iron gates.

“Can you believe how filthy rich those guys were?!” Jehmaan almost shouted his amazement

“I know right!” Mark proclaimed, envy rich in his voice “Did you see their knife collection! Amazing! simply amazing! I want to be nobleman too!”

“And this was only a baron. Can you imagine what earls or dukes have stored up?”

“Did you see..” They continued their wonderfilled chatter as they traversed through the city.

“What did you get, Leo?” Mark finally asked him and Leo showed him his new necklace. “It’s supposed to be exclusive to some god’s followers. I’m planning on visiting the temple and see if i can join in”

“You probably should!” Jehmaan whispered, conspiratorially. “I hear gods are jealous with their offered items. I wouldn’t be surprised if he would send his paladins after you for wearing that”

“Where did you hear that?” Leo asked, amused by his friend’s serious tone

“Golden ball. I talk with people” Jehmaan said, pretending to be offended.


Their quests turned in, all excluding Stonks’ one, Mark and Jeh headed back to their tavern, while Leo took another direction to the temple.

Finding his way there was easy, the temple being darn massive. Leo climbed the stairs up and after asking directions to shrine of Ru’Nez, he soon found himself staring an altar which had an idyll of twin swords crossed with lightning jumping from one blade to another. Apparently Ru’Nez was considered to be a ‘Good’ god.

Leo kneeled in front of the altar and placed his hand on top of it. He blinked and found himself kneeling on.. sand? Where was he? Leo looked up and around and saw that he had been transported to somewhere else. The place looked like it was on top of a mountain. It resembled the guard’s training area, but was far more ornate and better kept. Racks filled with beautiful swords were lined up around the sparring area, and on the far side from where he was a large throne was standing, looking mighty and powerful by itself.

But it was nothing like the man sitting on it. The man.. umm.. God.. had steely blue eyes and raven black hair cut short. He stared Leo, his gaze penetrating him and making him want to hide. So this was a presence of a god. Super intimidating. Leo stood up and took couple careful steps towards the man. As no objection came, he walked with a bit more confidence in his steps. During his walk to the throne, Leo noticed that on the sparring area, through sand, small grey blades of grass were growing. heh. Of course a god of swordplay would have literal blades of grass. Few feet from the throne, Leo kneeled once more, revealing his neck to the mighty being in front of him. He had picked this detail up in one of his larp games. Offering a neck while kneeling was supposed to show that you were on his mercy.

Leo felt a sense of approval coming from the deity, but he kept his head lowered. “Rise, traveller!” the god said and Leo obeyed.

“Why have you come to this place, wearing a pendant that does not belong to you?” Deity asked, not harshly but Leo knew his answer was better to please him.

“I have come for that exact reason” Leo proclaimed in overly formal manner. Darn. His roleplaying senses were kicking in a high gear. “I acquired this necklace as a quest reward, and feared your retribution if i were to wear this without offering you my services!”

The deity gave him a questioning look. “So. What are you offering?” He asked. His voice sounded.. amused? As if he wasn't accustomed to this form of speech.

“I humbly ask, to become your follower. To aid you in your goals and spread your evangelion!” Leo continued in the same manner.

“Now. Enough of that! Please! You’re just making a fool of yourself!” He said, a smirk threatening his face. “Speak to me as you would to any other. I appreciate straightforwardness”

“I’m.. sorry? I’ve never spoken to a god before, and wanted to showcase my respect” Leo was taken aback for a small amount. “But I meant what i said. I wish to become your follower”

“My apologies, but that is currently impossible” The god said. “You see, I am a god on the side of good. And as much as i would like to accept your offer, your negative karmic luck makes it impossible for me to do so.”

So that’s what karmic luck did. At Least that was one thing it affected.

“What can i do to fix the situation?” Leo asked, regretting already his choice on letting the wolfman take the man who had stolen the sword.

“Do you really want to become my follower?” the god asked, his voice serious and in Leo’s opinion, a bit judgemental. Leo nodded.

“Then you can correct your mistakes. I’ve reviewed your recent history and titles. I cannot blame you for letting the wolfman take your target in anger, but you must have known it was wrong. He will be sacrificed for the beast god over and over again for the rest of his life. A terrible faith for anyone, no matter what wrong the man may have done in his past.” there was definitely judgement in his voice now. Leo was sure of it. “To rectify this, I can offer you a quest.” Ru’nez proclaimed and Leo looked up hopefully.

Quest gained: Rescuing a lost soul

Ru’Nez the blade has offered you a chance to redeem yourself. Rescue the player ‘xXKillMongerXx’ from the grasps of wolfmen and bring him to Ardania to face justice on his actions.

Reward: +6 karmic luck. +1000 favor with god ‘Ru’Nez the Blade’ Title alteration: Cruel bounty hunter becomes Righteous bounty hunter. A skill or spell suited to your class.

Failure: No reward. -2 Karmic luck. -1000 favor with god ‘Ru’Nez the Blade’. Divine bounty placed upon you while wearing item ‘Chain of Nez’

Accept quest? Yes. No.

Leo happily accepted the quest and Ru’Nez smiled. “Now you must go. Finish the mission you’ve been given and we may speak once more”

Leo blinked and he was once again standing in front of the altar. “I won’t fail you” He promised and opened his character sheet.


Name: Leo - I am the Alpha now

Class: Bladecaller (artificially rare)

Profession: (unlocked)

Level: 5

Exp:10 238

Exp to next level: 4762

Hit points: 290/290 (50+10 points for each point in constitution

Mana: 150,8/150,8 (12.5 per point of intelligence)

Mana regen: 2,75 (0.25 per point of wisdom)

Stamina: 285/285 (50+5 points for each point in strength and constitution


Characteristic: Raw score (modifier)


Strength: 19 +4 (1.23)

Dexterity: 16(1.16)

Constitution: 24 (1.24)

Intelligence: 13+4 (1.17)

Wisdom: 13 (1.13)

Charisma: 10 (1)

Perception: 12 (1.12)

Luck: 11 (1.11)

Karmic Luck: -3


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