Bladevoker's Prerequisites

by Crimson_Icarus

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Leo, a former pro gamer and a member of dev team, working on a game Eternium gets his chance to join in himself.
            After surviving the pregame trials Leo unlocks a rare class: Bladecaller. A mix between fighter and weapon conjuring wizard. With his past coworkers, Leo sets his goal to become single best swordsman in game.

This fanfiction is set in Dakota Krout's 'Completionist Chronicles' universe. I dont have any rights to the world and this is non profit fanfiction. Please support the official series.

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A faithful fanfic.

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

Title says it all basically. It follows the rules of CC (Completionist Chronicles) and the world of Eternium nicely, and the new stuff introduced isn't too far-fetched to not appear in the official book. The grammar is alright, and the characters are okay as well. If you are a fan of CC, definetely check this out.

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Back to the world of Eternium we go!

Reviewed at: Chapter 2

A fun romp through the world of Eternium with a group of players that already know each other. While the pacing could be a bit better the fights are action packed and fun and the group has a diverse set of skills that make me want to keep coming back to learn more about them! And don't be worried if you haven't read the Completionist Chronicles, this stand alone book dives into enough details so you aren't left behind!