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When Lake wakes up in hell, he's a little upset.  Those horrifying demons outside aren't helping, and neither is the fact that he has no food and water.   At least he has a game UI to help him out!  Hopefully the situation doesn't get worse from here...

Hellspawn is about a guy in an already bad situation getting thrown into an environment where everything is trying to kill him.  It's a story that takes classic survival LitRPG tropes to their absolute limits while attempting to remain somewhat realistic.  Lake's going to be tested in all sorts of ways, and even if he doesn't manage to escape, he's not about to let Hell stop him from having a good time trying.  


I'm a novice writer.  I'm going to make mistakes, and this story is still a bit of a work in progress.  I'll probably go back and edit certain things in old chapters that I notice either from comments or from re-reading.  Things like skill names, descriptions of enemies, or times and dates.  If you're reading a recent chapter and are confused by some small detail you don't remember hearing about, that's probably the reason.  

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The opening chapters were excellent, I was really into the story.  Like I'd have given four and half stars at end of chapter three.   Then the MC is on a timer for skill acquistion (about 4 hours), and I'm thinking 'great, it means he won't be overpowerd and will have to use his brain'.   

MC proceeds to fight through an entire level 1 instance, including repeatedly getting into encounters at 5hp or less when he knows resting will restore hp.  Okay, not that cautious.  I can sort of buy it, at least until he keeps rushing in to die but the plot armor won't let him!

Then outside, to the same place which melted his face earlier.  No big deal he just levels heat resistance.  It takes longer for higher skill levels, so the clock naturally only ticks down 15 minutes and he can explore outside as much as he wants without melting, sweating or getting debilitated from low stamina (or from that red dust mentioned early) and he still has plenty of time to explore the local area, hide from monsters, get in more fights, etc...   Yeah, no.

Fights he picks should have killed him.  Stealth level one should not have hid him.  Not like demons have a tremorsense, or sense of smell, or any perception skills at all, right?  As the story developed more, I realized I wanted it to be good so much!  I love these types of stories and this was a unique setting idea I had not seen done before, so style points.

It's a shame the encounter balances and skill balances are done so badly, that I am not interested in the story.  Character score low as MC's not rational/smart, despite spending the first few chapters acting like he has metagame knowledge of RPGs.  Grammar score average as I found a few mistakes but they didn't make a big difference in story flow.  If the battles, skill usage, and timing were done better I'd love this thing, but sadly that was not the case.  

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You wake up with a system in another world. Only this time this isn't some fantasy world, but hell. Have fun surviving.

As far as I can tell this is basically the typcial solo survival litrpg on crack. Instead of spawning in some dungeon, our protagonist spawns in hell itself and has three hours to aquire all the skills he'll get for his stay. This is one of the interesting quirks of this story. The beginning starts like every other LitRPG, but the way it is set up promises that power leveling will get a lot harder later on.

That said the protagonist has a boatload of cheats, so it'll still be a power leveling story, I think.

The only thing that's been bugging me about this is that this is pure solo action. I'm 17 chapters in and the protag hasn't talked to anyone but himself yet. The power leveling might get boring after some time. But at least he doesn't have a crafting ability, so that standard source of boredom is missing at least.

Overall very interesting story so far. Definitely worth a read if you like the mentioned genres.

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I recommmend this, it's light and fun so far.

Tthough the MC is an idiot. No two ways about it, he just doesn't make good choices. That being said the system seems fine, the introduction was decent and the plot - still nonexistent past the MC surviving. However, it does feel like the author has put some thought into it and I am definitely going to keep reading this as it's released. 

Give it a go and see for yourself I guess, not everything I read needs to be the worlds greatest for me to enjoy.