Malve pulled away from her friends. In truth, they all pulled away from each other. Clyden and Servan fought with each other constantly. Mainly due to Clyden’s relentless search for how to bring Varoosh back. Servan wanted to move on and forget Varoosh, while Clyden was annoyingly in search of him and continuously beseeching the other magi for help. When they all gave up, Clyden never did. It was painful to be around Clyden and his obsessive quest to bring Varoosh home. Varoosh, Clyden found you, he looked for you for 110 years and found you, Malve thought to herself guiltily for giving up. Malve silently thanked Clyden in her head for returning hope to them. They were all going to be a family again.

“Exactly as shown, Malve. No mistakes,” Lizbeth said.

“It will be as you say, I have done this before,” Malve retorted. Now the room was cleared of obstructions Malve had enough room to work. Malve visualized the outline of the larger circle in her mind, and it slowly began to appear. One could conjure something as complex as a dragon instantly in the Fade, but when it came to powerful magical rituals, it could take hours just to lay a diagram. After a while, she finished the large circle.

Malve looked at the parchment to get the locations of the smaller circles attached along the edge of the larger circle. The smaller circles would have rested at the north, south, east, and west points on a compass. They appeared in tandem one after the other until all four circles were perfectly spaced. With a fifth small circled centered in the middle of the larger circle. Next, the lines connecting three smaller circles on the outside to the inner circle except for the northern circle were drawn. Below the northern circle on the parchment were summoning runes drawn, covering half of the circle.

The runes began to appear on the floor. Malve worked diligently, making sure it was correct. When she was satisfied, she descended the winding staircase down the column. She walked over to the chaise lounge and moved Lizbeth’s legs. She sat down, sighing, “Finished.”

“Took you long enough,” Lizbeth said sternly.

“Well, you could have done all this before you projected yourself out the first time you know,” Malve said back. A person physically entering the Fade could not manipulate things on a whim as someone projected in. They would have to wait several days before they could project themselves back in. Malve was the only one left projected in so she would wait until the last moments to enter physically in case they needed anything else conjured.

“I did not think about that. Besides, I had to do important research,” Lizbeth said, her voice briefly sounded with a hint of suspicion.

“Research?” Malve asked. There was something in the way Lizbeth had said ‘important research’ that raised flags inside her. Malve looked at the night shroud cloth and a moment of clarity registered in her. “You book rat, you have been using the shroud to cover up the light as you switch from person to person in the book,” Malve accused Lizbeth as she leaned over to try and see the page Lizbeth was reading. Lizbeth closed the book with her finger still marking the page. “What are you up?” she demanded.

“Book rat!” Lizbeth said, trying to sound indignant. “It is research!” hiding her face behind the book.



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